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Why You Should Watch Playing House

It’s time for another show recommendation at TVexamined. With many shows returning within the next few weeks, perhaps now is not the time to give you all something new to watch. 633 more words


Remember When?: Growing Up on Playing House

WARNING: If this opening sequence makes you cringe, if it’s too sweet for you, you should probably stop reading now.

Playing House (one of USA Network’s surprisingly great shows, along with this summer’s breakout, … 1,400 more words


'Playing House'

Many thanks to the USA Network for bringing this fun comedy back for a second season. The main reason to tune in is the great banter and chemistry between Lennon Parham and Jessica St. 41 more words


"Playing House" Be Bangin'

Playing House, Season 2 is almost here! Let’s celebrate this show home to USA Network.

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS … but just deal with it and read on. 587 more words


A Special Day

Today is a very special day. years ago, Alison was born, and she was fabulous.

Actually, she—like me—was pretty dorky and strange. Proud to let her freak flag fly until middle school—then, unsure how to contextualize her beautiful weirdness in a sea of scary pre-teens. 490 more words


Interview: Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham are Ready to 'WOMP It Up!'

This post originally published April 20, 2015.

Today, the last of four new Earwolf/Wolfpop shows premiered in the form of WOMP it Up!. Jessica St. 3,703 more words


Veep recap: "Tehran"

Things get off to a surprisingly good start in the fourth episode of this season, with Selina knocking it out of the park on her Middle Eastern peace tour. 1,227 more words