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Lenormand Recidivism

When it comes to reading the Petit Lenromand, I’m an unabashed throwback to an earlier era. The traditional decks with their simple, spare images are, as a rule, more immediately readable than many of the modern decks and their symbolic revisionism, however skillfully executed. 430 more words


My Tarot and Lenormand Decks

Since I’m offering personal on-line readings here, I thought it would be prudent to list all of the tarot and Lenormand decks I have available. The first six are those I use regularly in face-to-face public readings, the rest are more for private use and study but I will read with any you choose. 237 more words


I Had a Dream There Were Clouds in My Lenormand -logy

I notice that Rana George has a new Lenormand deck (which I ordered) to go with the book she wrote on Lenormand decks (which I don’t have.) 725 more words

Lenormand Oracle

The Perfect Lenormand

This isn’t a recommendation, it’s a lament: I have yet to find my ideal Lenormand deck. When I first started reading the Lenormand cards in 2011, I bought the Piatnik and then Laura Tuan’s very large Lenormand Oracle (which I still use primarily to lay out a “foundation” of houses to spread the reading cards on). 455 more words


Lenormand Five for Health

I am using the human body associations that Sylvie Steinbach uses in her Lenormand book, coupled with additional nuances of meaning from the excellent book from the… 600 more words

Lenormand Oracle