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Microsoft hopes your Windows PC can replace an Amazon Echo

If rumors are true, Microsoft may be one of the few major consumer tech giants that doesn’t have a smart, voice-guided speaker in the works… but that doesn’t mean it’s sitting on its thumbs. 381 more words


Lenovo ideapad 300 Laptop | 4GB - 500GB HDD - Intel Celeron Dual Core - 14-Inch Windows 10 OS

The Ideapad 300 comes with the Intel Celeron Dual Core processor for optimum performance and easy use.

Ideapad 300

Windows 10

Windows 10 Home is the top mixture of the Windows you previously know, plus lots of great enhancements you will love. 220 more words


Ini Tiga Cara Mudah Amankan Data di Smartphone

Photo by TIMES Indonesia

Smartphone telah menjadi bagian tak terpisah dalam menemani aktivitas sehari-hari. Menjaga dan merawat perangkat mobile ini tentu sudah ‘kewajiban’ demi kelancaran dalam berkomunikasi.


Lenovo Thinkpad 13 + Aer Fit Pack = Perfect

The Aer Fit Pack and the Thinkpad 13 is a perfect combination. The laptop is relatively light, coming at 13 inches and fits snugly into the laptop compartment of my Aer Fit Pack. 141 more words

Self Updates

Apple Sepakat Jalin Kerja Sama dengan Indonesia

Photo by TIMES Indonesia

Raksasa teknologi Apple Inc, diklaim sudah sepakat untuk menjalin kerja sama dengan pemerintah Indonesia, demikian diutarakan Menteri Komunikasi dan Informatika, Rudiantara.


Bang! Moto (360) - Quits. Kapow! Pebble - Out? Chop! TomTom cuts.

It looks like the Lenovo-owned MOTO brand will not be continuing with smartwatches, according to The Verge, although the existing MOTO 360 (2015) may well be updated to AW2.0 in Q1.2017. 133 more words


Motorola isn't making a new smartwatch anytime soon

We might not see a successor to the 2015 Moto 360 in the near future, or even at all. Motorola and its parent company Lenovo have confirmed to The Verge that they’re not working on a new smartwatch to be released in time for Android Wear 2’s launch next year. 143 more words