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Lens-Artists Challenge #115 – Inspiration

“Just when the Caterpillar thought the world was over,She became a butterfly”! Chuang Tzu

What exactly the Wise Man is trying to convey?

As the caterpillar is reaching the pupa stage, it realizes that it is slowing down and can’t move due to heavy body, thinking that the end is in sight since it is getting surrounded by the envelope gradually and the time has come when its eyes too covered with silk cocoon, and its body undergoing painful transformation and it is sure of impending death. 448 more words

Philosophy Through Photography

Being inspired

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #115: Inspiration

Have a listen to a bit of Aussie music while you have a read

Inspiration. What inspires me? Who inspires me? 237 more words


Empty Space

Last week I reached up onto one of my bookshelves and cracked open a book I’ve had for years and years, have carried from one home to the next, but have yet to really open. 572 more words


What I Am Working On: Creating A Look

Photographers often are particularly opinionated about the camera brand they use. When my Canon 50D started to go, I was in the market to replace it and was looking at the Canon 80D and a comparable Fuji model. 440 more words


Inspirational Light

Lens-Artists photo challenge 115 – Inspiration

What inspires me? Now, there’s a question – a really good question.

How do I know what inspires me? It’s not just something I like – but must be something I actually react to; something that encourages me to take positive action or change the way I think and respond to life’s events. 258 more words


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #115 – Inspiration

The Lens-Artists Challenge is hosted this week by Tina

What is your inspiration?  What is it that never fails to motivate you, to get you going, or make you happy? 6 more words