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Lensbaby on the Road

I’ve been keeping my Lensbaby on my camera all the time, trying to get as much practice as possible.  When we are on a long road trip, we almost never stop for photos, so it has become my habit to take photos with my phone through the window as we drive along.  192 more words


A Walk Around the Inn

Thursday night we stayed at a circa 1936 inn in Santa Fe, which had many photo opportunities for the road-weary photographer, eager to get a few photos before the rains came (which they did).  42 more words


Golden Spotlight

The other evening, I glanced over at my entry hall as beautiful light from the setting sun cast a golden glow over my forgotten ranunculus arrangement on the cabinet. 116 more words


The Final Chapter

It was hard to let them go, so I took a few lensbaby shots of my peony petals before saying good-bye.

From above:

A black and white:

With added texture:An abstract: