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Maud Island

We had the rare opportunity to take a (long) trip out to Maud Island yesterday. There are public tours there a few days out of the year. 846 more words


Lenticular Clouds

I didn’t do a forecast today, but I will instead post a photo this evening.

These are lenticular clouds that I saw in Rio Rancho, NM, on 9/25/16. 14 more words

Local WX

up on top

December 19: up on top

Mt. Rainier shortly after take off and about a half hour after sunrise on Saturday morning. A lenticular cloud “up on top” of our mountain.


Shade Cloud

This image of a lenticular cloud (stationary lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes) on West Spanish Peak, Colorado was captured in 2003 by Mark J. Madigan.


Mount Rainier Shows Off in Grand Fashion

Some days I feel more blessed than others, living here in the Pacific Northwest … like yesterday. It was a very nice morning when I woke up, and I pondered where I should go¬† that pleasant day, it being Saturday. 478 more words


Natural Wonders of Our Planet Earth

There are so many natural wonders on this planet of ours that is impossible to list or picture them in one short blog. There may be several in your area, as these phenomena can occur in more than one area of the world, while others are located in one isolated area and one area alone, as with a few of the exceptional spectacles in Iceland. 265 more words

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