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Lenticular Clouds |Toarmina Greek Theater|

The views are just spectacular, a Lenticular cloud stands still (hoovering) above with an omnipresence that shakes the blue sky. Standing in the ‘teatro greco”, one of the most celebrated ruins in Sicily, on account both of its remarkable preservation and of the surpassing beauty. 77 more words

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New on 500px : Sierra wave. by owsley

The Sierra Wave is a type of lenticular cloud created by winds that lift off the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California. Known as lee waves, Sierra Waves form as winds hit the Sierra Nevada and are forced to rise, causing water vapor to condense as it cools and forming lenticular clouds on the leeward side of the mountain range. 36 more words

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Mount Rainier Wearing Her Hat

Yesterday was one of those rare days that our revered Mount Rainier donned one of her stylish hats. They are called “cap clouds.” The scientific name is… 88 more words


New on 500px : Mt. Rainier's Cap by kspics

Christmas day, I was flying home and went right over Mt Rainier. I was so happy to see this rare sight… a Lenticular cloud on Mt. 47 more words

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