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Making War on "War and Peace"

There is no less genuinely patriotic crowd in today’s Russia than Putin and his cronies. They have a wild hatred for everything really good about the country, its history, culture, and language: 67 more words


A Secret Love

My last every uni project, this is a really sad post for me. I love my last year of uni so much, everyone had full control over your projects it was designer heaven. 573 more words


Rome Falls

I am making good on my promise to resume the Great Books Project posts. True, I’m doing it about one year later than I had intended, but better late than never. 1,024 more words


Anna Karenina

She smiled at him, and at her own fears.

~Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina


Time-travelling email to Tolstoy re: reminders, in the transition to post-print publishing, of you emancipating your serfs in 19th-century Russia

Zdrastvooytye Leo!

(Privyet! seems too much like hi for such a distinguished stranger)

You’ve had a century and a half to think about founding 13 schools for educating the children of peasants working on your estate, Yasnaia Poliana, in the 1870s, and your enthusiastic marrying of new agricultural technology to your attempts to share land-ownership with your serfs. 1,540 more words

Culture After Gutenberg