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Art and identity

In a previous post, I criticized Tolstoy’s What is Art? for putting forth an impoverished view of art, impoverished because it forbids any kind of quasi-private communicative role for art. 677 more words

Philosophical Reflections

Take a moment.

Got a minute?

The rush of holidays and year end can be powerful. So much to do. We can’t stop bustling. Something might get dropped. 102 more words

Some Thoughts on the Common Toad - George Orwell

Some Thoughts on the Common Toad is a collection of short essays by the well-known novelist George Orwell. The particular edition which I read was published in 2010, but the 8 essays contained within the volume were published between the years of 1940 and 1947. 790 more words

Papa Panov's Special Christmas*


It was Christmas Eve and although it was still afternoon, lights had begun to appear in the shops and houses of the little Russian village, for the short winter day was nearly over. 1,540 more words

Short Story

5 Ways We Unconsciously Destroy Ourselves (365 Days of Spirited Living — DAY 335)

“Sometimes you hit a point where you either change or self destruct.”
— Sam Stevens

There is a thing commonly called self-sabotage and it is very real even in some of our own lives. 797 more words


Two Powerful Warriors

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” -Leo Tolstoy

"Le bien publique" (The Public Good)

Thought for today, courtesy of Tolstoy:

As long as the world has existed and people have been killing each other, no one man has ever committed a crime upon his own kind without calming himself with this same thought.

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