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Dante: an Absence Becomes a Presence

On May 14th 1865 a statue of Dante created by a sculptor Enrico Pazzi was placed in the middle of piazza Santa Croce. The king of the recently united Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II, unveiled the sculpture in the presence of the highest dignitaries and township of Florence. 736 more words

Historian's Almanac: January 3, 2015

On this day in 1521 Pope Leo X (Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici) issued the papal bull, Decet Romanum Pontificum, excommunicating the German Monk, … 365 more words

Historian's Almanac

Leo X: The Pope who made the Reformation Possible

On 1st December 1521, Pope Leo X died after a brief illness. He had only been Pontiff since 1513, and yet his reign had seen the first cracks starting to appear in the Roman Catholic Church’s position of primacy in Western European spiritual and political life. 338 more words

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