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The Eclipse That Kicks The Hornets Nest Pt. 2: America's Next Natural Disaster

Eclipses are known for their disruptions in the lives of individuals and of countries and their leaders. This second in my series on The Great American Eclipse will consider the possibility of a natural disaster unfolding on American soil in August. 453 more words


🔮Saturday, June 24th, 2017 - Daily Horoscope🔮

♈Aries♈ – Due to the presence of Moon in Cancer, you may feel a little stressed out and pulled in too many directions. These can be coming in both from home or work. 1,271 more words


FCC Grants OneWeb Access to U.S. Market

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved United States satellite market access to OneWeb. Officially known as WorldVu Satellites Limited, OneWeb plans to use that approval to provide broadband services using a network of hundreds of satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO). 439 more words


🔮Friday, June 23rd, 2017 - Daily Horoscope🔮

♈Aries♈ – The New Moon in cozy Cancer will inspire activities that turn your house into a home. Visualizing your ideal home life will clarify how to realize your dream. 1,265 more words


Astro Space Weather: July 2017

The month of July is nothing if not exciting – even if not always exciting for the right reasons. An ongoing grand trine in the fire signs – Uranus in Aries, Mercury, Mars, Sun and North Node in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius – provides enthusiasm and optimism in spades! 1,577 more words