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I’m a fan of the Resident Evil Modding Forum. A couple of days ago, Leon S. Kennedy (the forum member, not the actual character) released an update on a… 187 more words


Long Beach Expos

Though maybe not as historically noted as Bruce Lee’s exposition, my appearance at Long Beach Comic Expo was fulfilling and super fun. I even taught martial arts to a puppet. 14 more words

Backseat Gaming Resident Evil Part 2

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Follow along with what the Timewasterz are listening to by following our Spotify Playlist: What We Been Listenin To (open.spotify.com/user/22eq7b3byvo…NcOmdfgS78vtFK84) 59 more words


Backseat Gaming: Resident Evil 4 part 1

The Backseat gaming crew continues there look into Halloween horror with Resident Evil 4 a game that’s beloved but everyone but unloved by someone.

Our Podcast! 91 more words


Resident Evil 4 HD Review

Resident Evil 4

Developed by Capcom

Published by Capcom

*Please Note: This Review is for the PlayStation 4 Version*


Resident Evil 4 takes place 6 years after the events of the T-Virus outbreak of Raccoon City….Leon Kennedy now working as a government agent has been assigned to rescue the presidents daughter Ashley Graham, who was kidnapped by a mysterious group and taken to an unknown part of Europe (Most likely Spain), Shortly after Leon arrives in the area where Ashley is believed to be kept, he discovers that the people holding her are not quite normal and are infected with a parasite that takes away there control and forces them to attack outsiders, Leon also discovers that there is a plot brewing to destroy the United States and it is being led by Osmund Saddler; the leader of a religious cult called the Los Illuminados…..Leon must rescue Ashley and take down the cult by any means necessary. 1,317 more words


Trailer for "Biohazard: Vendetta" Released!

Biohazard: Vendetta is an upcoming Japanese CG animated film set in the Biohazard (AKA Resident Evil) universe. It looks like standard game-turned-movie fare: lots of action and very little plot, but the imagery is high-quality so it might be quite entertaining. 117 more words