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The US's most secretive intelligence agency was embarrassingly robbed and mocked by anonymous hackers

  • The National Security Agency, the US’s largest and most secretive intelligence agency, has reportedly been hacked, robbed, mocked, and deeply infiltrated by anonymous hackers.
  • The NSA’s cyberweapons, which cost taxpayers a fortune, are now for sale to the US’s enemies and have already been used in cyber attacks against the public.
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Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace - Review

Worthy Fights: A Memoir of Leadership in War and Peace by Leon Panetta is a thoroughly enjoyable memoir from one of the most distinguished public servants around today. 946 more words


Presidential authority

“What we’re seeing today is that that system of checks and balances is now in total response to the Trump presidency and it’s coming from a lot of different directions — it’s coming from Congress, from people in the administration and others who are more openly rejecting what the president is doing,” said former defense secretary Leon Panetta, who was also White House chief of staff to President Bill Clinton. 1,789 more words

Democratic Government

White House Chaos tamed by NAFTA

Last week I borrowed Leon Panetta’s 2014 publication Worthy Fights from the library a second time. Reviewing it I read a characterization of the early President Clinton White House by then Chief of Staff Panetta who agreed that the new Clinton administration was  chaotic until the president saved the day by getting NAFTA into law.


One Year Ago -- Former CIA Director Leon Panetta: "Trump is not qualified to be POTUS"

“You have a presidential candidate who is, in fact, asking the Russians to engage in American politics. I think that’s beyond the pale… He is truly not qualified to be president of the United States.”

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One Year Ago -- Hollywood and the CIA: A peek behind the curtains

“I would regularly bump into a parade of Hollywood types, including Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck. I often wondered why these actors were allowed to walk around a top-secret facility.

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