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Black Earth

Black Earth – The Holocaust As History and Warning
By Timothy Snyder
The Bodley Head – £25.00

The Holocaust is not only history, but warning. 1,332 more words


Leon Wieseltier: We're Inebriated with Technology

Drew Gilpin Faust: You’ve said that we’re inebriated by technology. If we weren’t inebriated, what would we be doing instead?

Leon Wieseltier: We would be living more slowly to begin with. 688 more words


I can’t stand Bibi but he’s right on Iran, says eminent US intellectual

by Raphael Ahren
August 12, 2015

Leon Wieseltier talks tough on Netanyahu (‘dislike at first sight’), Obama being the first president to not have a special feeling for Israel, the dangers from Tehran, and presidential candidates ‘sucking up’ to America’s Jews… 149 more words

Israel & Middle East

The Iran Deal and the Rut of History

by Leon Wieseltier
July 27, 2015

Has the Obama administration’s pursuit of new beginnings blinded it to enduring enmities?

…The adversarial relationship between America and the regime in Tehran has been based on the fact that we are proper adversaries. 97 more words

Israel & Middle East

No, it isn't time for the Jews to leave Europe

“Is it time for the Jews to leave Europe?” is the title of the 11,000-word cover story in the latest issue of the Atlantic magazine written by the American Jewish journalist Jeffrey Goldberg. 391 more words


How I (Sort Of) Replaced Twitter With a Diary

Crusty intellectual types are fond of expressing disgust with what they see as social media’s corrosive effect on our culture of Letters. Recently, we heard about it from deposed… 1,244 more words


The Mental Odyssey of the Ordinary Citizen

The Mental Odyssey of the Ordinary Citizen

by Leon Wieseltier, New Republic, 2014 (part 3 of edition)

On the first reading, I thought this was a collection of good ideas, but on second reading I realized what a good, cohesive essay this was – filled with quotes I plan to use in the future. 51 more words