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Leonard Hofstadter

Socionics: LII-Ne
Enneagram: 9w1
Instinctual Stacking: So/Sx
Tritype: 953, The Thinker


• Leonard is much “softer” and accepting than his friend Sheldon, resulting in him commonly being mistyped as ISFJ or similar. 238 more words

*Fictional Characters

Considering the Universe

(Once again I wrote this on Sunday, but forgot to post it on Monday)

When we are considering the Universe we are considering something that we are part of, and of which we share the characteristics, such as, for example, existence. 1,171 more words


3# 5 Facts About The Big Bang Theory

IMDB – The Big Bang Theory

Wie kent de serie ‘The Big Bang Theory’ niet? Het gaat over vier vrienden die dol op wiskunde en fysica zijn. 538 more words


RECAP THIS!: "The Big Bang Theory" (9x02: "The Separation Oscillation")

9×02: “The Separation Oscillation”
Original Airdate: Monday, September 21st, 2015

  • Leonard can’t sleep, and Penny comes over saying she can’t either.
  • 937 more words

Funny Scenes in The Big Bang Theory

It’s Write-it-out Wednesday on The Place for Joy! Here are my four favorite funny episodes from the CBS comedy/sitcom, (drumroll) The Big Bang Theory.

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Write-it-out Wednesday

The Case of the Big Bang Theory

All rise as a trial against a team that appeared eight years ago and made everyone love them. This is the TV-show that makes fun of geeks, nerds and so-called no-lifers along with the cool and normal people. 754 more words