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Spock -v- Spock, 2106

My new diary (see previous post) fell open at a quote from the other Spock, that evil twin, Dr Benjamin. ‘Happiness,’ he says ‘is mostly a by-product of doing what makes us feel fulfilled.’ So far, so asinine. 587 more words

The Rattle Bag


This week that good old saying of Robert Burns comes to mind! I had imagined myself sat today eating my pancakes and reminising about skipping day in Scarborough. 753 more words


Star Trek

Beam me up Scotty. My Star Trek “Golden Throats” collection. Too bad James Doohan and DeForest Kelly didn’t release singing albums. The Enterprise could have had a nifty barber shop quartet.

Vinyl Records

My Weekly Spock: Rare Head Shot Restored

This week I’m featuring a rare head shot of Leonard that I bought from Historic Images.  I’ve seen a similar version from this session where he has a full smile, but in this one the smile is a little less broad.  174 more words

Leonard Nimoy

To be like Bilbo Baggins...

If you’ve never heard The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins, go to YouTube and watch it now. Do it! Possibly one of the best things ever to come from the late, great Leonard Nimoy. 466 more words

Nicotine Addiction 101 - Best piece I Have Read On Nicotine Dependency!

I’m sorry but there’s simply no nice way to say this. Nicotine dependency, like alcoholism, is a real mental illness and disease. While able to fully and comfortably arrest our chemical addiction, there is no cure. 101 more words


Trek 50: Part 5 - The Voyage Home

“May Fortune favor the foolish.”

“Are you sure it isn’t time for a colorful metaphor?”
-Spock 1,183 more words

DeForest Kelley