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Melodysheep - The Good Of The One - Spock Tribute

MelodysheepThe Good Of The One – Spock Tribute.

Excellent musical tribute by Melodysheep to the one and only Leonard Nimoy, famously known for his role as Spock in… 7 more words


My Weekly Spock: This Was a Happy Man

Reviewing pictures of Leonard — This was a happy man.  I mean, sure, we all have problems and can’t be happy all the time, but so often you can see the genuine joy Leonard possessed in many candids and portraits. 54 more words

Leonard Nimoy

Wideo Wednesday: Bill Stole Leonard's Bike!

Great video where the old pals recall the legend of how Bill stole Leonard’s bike on the Star Trek set.  It’s so lovely to see them laughing together – Bill’s a ham as usual, but Leonard is just delightful.  16 more words

Leonard Nimoy

Nimoy Interview in Films In Review (1984)

A good friend of mine gave me some of her old Films in Review magazines and to my delight, I found this interview with Leonard Nimoy in one of the issues!  70 more words

Leonard Nimoy

CBS trabaja en una nueva versión de 'Star Trek'

CBS anunció que unirá fuerzas con el productor Alex Kurtzman para crear una nueva versión de Star Trek. La cadena de TV reveló que esta nueva entrega llegaría a las pantallas en 2017. 284 more words


Is Dark Matter actually Anti-Matter?

There is very little anti-matter in the universe…and it puzzles scientists. Fact two: dark matter, only detectable by perturbations on regular matter, and in calculation, makes up 5/6ths of the mass in the universe. 73 more words