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My Weekly Spock: Leonard on Charlie Rose 1995

Here’s a WONDERFUL interview with Leonard on Charlie Rose from 1995!  This’ll make you smile! <3

Leonard Nimoy

Wideo Wednesday - Nimoy in Fairbanks Alaska 1972

I wish this was longer! Leonard on a campaign trip for Governor George McGovern in Fairbanks, Alaska in 1972!  He made a lot of these trips during that year, and I’ve been coming across many pics from this era.   23 more words

Leonard Nimoy

Didn't I?

Leonard Nimoy: Well, my work is done here.

Barney: What do you mean, your work is done? You didn’t do anything.

Leonard Nimoy: Didn’t I?

Leonard Nimoy 1974

Leonard Nimoy as Star Trek‘s Dr Spock in the Bravo Posters edition of May 1974.

(h/t www.bravo-archiv.de)


Happy Mother's Day!

For all our Mothers, here and above, our hearts are filled with your sweet love 6 more words

Leonard Nimoy