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Château de Clos Lucé

Okay, this one is exciting. You are now looking at the one of the windows of Château de Clos Lucé where Leonardo da Vinci spent the last three years of his life and died there eventually. 259 more words

Quote #15

It had long since come to my attention

That people rarely sat back and let things happen to them

They went out and happened to things

– Leonardo Da Vinci


Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was always curious. As a young man he studied metallurgy, drafting, mechanics and the creative arts. This wasn’t enough, so he expanded his inquiry to include science, nature and the world around him. 184 more words


Update: The $1.5M Painting Damaged in Boy's Fall May Be a Fake

Is it possible that a boy’s misstep in a Taipei Museum may have exposed a low-rent fake in a major exhibition?

The Taiwanese newspaper The Apple Daily is raising the issue that the supposed $1.5 million Paolo Porpova… 210 more words

Leonardo da Vinci, Banksy & Ashley Madison. Who knows the truth?

In Renaissance Florence of the Quattrocento, the city hall located in the Palazzo della Signoria (or Palazzo Vecchio) threatened from its outer wall with a fearsome mailbox where anybody who pleased and completely anonymously, could lodge a complaint of any kind and caliber against any citizen of the Tuscan city. 715 more words


Leonardo da Vinci, Banksy & Ashley Madison. ¿Quién sabe la verdad?

En la Florencia renacentista del Quattrocento, el ayuntamiento situado en el Palazzo della Signoria (ó Palazzo Vecchio) amenazaba desde su muro externo con un temible buzón donde quien le viniera en gana y en forma totalmente anónima, podía depositar una denuncia de cualquier índole y calibre contra cualquier ciudadano de la urbe toscana. 848 more words