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Kindred Spirits

Two extraordinary creative minds, centuries apart, both united in their daring artistic visions. Leonardo da Vinci and Salvador Dalí may not immediately come to mind as the most likely of pairings, but… 493 more words


VINCENT in my happy tough Life

A bit sombre and mute, I walk through the street today and I saw everything that that freed my mind and gave it the tonic it so needed. 174 more words

Life Stories

#ArtWednesday: Leonardo da Vinci, Part 3 of 4

Leonardo da Vinci’s talents and gifts were so massive, so encompassing and his contribution to the world so great, Art Wednesday will spend the next 4 Wednesdays to do his works and him justice. 2,047 more words

street art in Florence

On a recent visit to Florence, I was taken with a few street art images.


Don’t you love the irreverence and ludicrousness of of this series.   7 more words

What's in a pancake?

Pancake is usually made with a mixture of flour, egg, milk, pinch of salt & oil and to fry till the batter solidified. This version is so simple: 1 ripe banana to 2 eggs, mash till smooth and then fry in a pan! 105 more words


Major Announcement

Hello Everybody fans,

GOAT here. Today is one of those days where, in years to come, people will be saying, “Where were you when…. ?” 268 more words


Chiuse e conche (restaurate) del Naviglio di S. Marco

In questi giorni presso la Conca dell’Incoronata a Milano, stanno ricollocando le chiuse leonardesche, che erano state rimosse per un laborioso restuaro. Chi fosse interessato può andare a visitare il cantiere, in fondo a Via S. 1,115 more words

La Milano Che Non Si Sa