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Italian Renaissance Continued

We will continue our examination of the Italian Renaissance by looking at the key characteristics of the Renaissance. We will also look at the key artists and writers of the Italian Renaissance. 134 more words

Deal 1097: Stabbed

The hole was right in the center of the canvas. There was no conceivable way to cover it up, since it took out the face of the central figure. 695 more words

Daily Deal

The Renaissance

Thursday & Friday we will begin a study of the Renaissance. The Renaissance began in the 14th century in central & northern Italy with Florence being the most important city. 133 more words


'Danny da Vinci- The Secret of the Mona Lisa' by Rosie Smith and Bruce Whatley

Genre: Picture Book

A new venture for me, reviewing a picture book (although I don’t know why it’s taken me so long…I collect picture books!) This is another in the Danny da Vinci series with Rosie Smith and Bruce Whatley… 173 more words

Book Review

A Fiction Agreed Upon. Episode Seven: Rest in Pain. Part Two.

Leonardo rubbed distractedly at his eyes, blinking in the harsh light. He’d gone to his borrowed room after dinner, and the collective decision to try and leave Rain had been made. 842 more words

A Fiction Agreed Upon

Leonardo DiCaprio Will Play Leonardo da Vinci in Upcoming Biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio will finally play his namesake Leonardo da Vinci. Paramount has won the bidding war over the DiCaprio lead feature.

Paramount was in an intense battle with Universal over the rights to Walter Isaacson’s novel about Leonardo da Vinci. 337 more words


Paramount Wins 7-Figure Bidding War For A Leonardo da Vinci Biopic Starring... Leonardo DiCaprio

It’s the role this man has needed to do since he was born. Literally. The story goes that DiCaprio’s mother named him Leonardo after visiting Italy and admiring Da Vinci’s artwork in a museum and oh how it all comes full circle. 197 more words