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Discussion Section: The Destruction of Brotherhood and the Resurrection of the Posse


In this week’s inaugural discussion section, we examine current events. These include the Drake Bell & Josh Peck feud, hygiene (featuring Bella Thorne and Scott Disick), Insta-stardom with an unwilling Hailey Baldwin, the Pussy Posse, and exclusive stories about Amanda Bynes and Miles Teller. 20 more words


Supermodel Miranda Kerr has given back £6.3m worth of jewellery to the US Justice department

Australian model Miranda Kerr is probably used to rich men showering her with expensive gifts in the hope of winning her affection.

But the ex-wife of Orlando Bloom has had to hand over £6.3m worth of jewellery to the US justice department because it’s reportedly stolen from a Malaysian development fund. 393 more words


Growing Pains

The Seaver house from the 1980s sitcom “Growing Pains” can be found in Burbank, California, but you won’t find it in just any neighborhood.  The house is actually part of the Warner Bros. 16 more words

TV Locations

Three Useless Things I Learned Last Week

One of the joys and perils of the internet is information overload. Along with all the important stuff — be it disasters, politics, business, etc. — comes a myriad of useless information. 270 more words


Inception: Explanation of the ending scene

Year 2010: Christopher Nolan new film, Inception, is released. The sci-fi thriller fascinated cinema fans just as much as it confused them. As if the plot wasn’t complex enough, the last scene left audiences wondering about its meaning. 792 more words


Inception (2010) Review 

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling”. This quote always resignates with me whenever I hear it and that’s mostly due to the context of it. 808 more words

Leonardo DiCaprio regresa Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio es obligado a regresar Oscar

El gobierno de los Estados Unidos le pidió a Leonardo DiCaprio el favor de regresar el Oscar que le perteneció a Marlon Brando dado a una investigación de lavado de dinero. 57 more words