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Poland is Looking for Leopard 2 Tanks

Defence24, Jakub Palowski,  31 March 2017

Poland is examining potential chances of acquiring additional used Leopard 2 tanks, so that abilities of the armoured forces are maintained and expanded. 256 more words

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Below the Turret Ring: Leopard 2 Projects

The blog Below the Turret Ring has written a new post taking a look at some of the latest upgrade projects for the Leopard 2 MBT. 289 more words

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Below the Turret Ring

It’s time to check up on the blog “Below the Turret Ring” to see what they have been up to.  Since last time we checked, they have posted two lengthy pieces, one on the armor configuration of the early model M1 Abrams, and a follow-up to their post from last year on Leopard II tanks in Syria.   600 more words

Modern Vehicle News

1988 - Chain of command

Bergen-Hohne Germany 1988. Tank range exercise. I’m to the right (Lt). In the back my eskadron commander (Capt). Looking down the battalion commander (Col). Front left, 2 of my Leopard 2 tank gunners (Corp)

Black & White

Free Lion 1988 - Commanding my platoon

My tank platoon (2nd tkpel, B esk, 41 tkbat) during the Free Lion FTX of september 1988

Commanding on top of Bravo tank

FREE LION 88: Between August and November 1988, NATO conducted a total of 67 larger exercises. 99 more words


Battle of Leopards

So it seems, another battle of the same kits from two different producers is waiting for us. I spotted notifications about upcoming Leopard 2 kits on facebook sites of Hobby Boss and Tiger models in the past days. 183 more words