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Turkey announces plans to install active protection systems on its MBTs

On the 27th February the Turkish Defence Minister, Nurettin Canikli, announced that from March Turkey would be installing an active protection onto its main battle tanks (MBT) and stated that “It’s a totally native system.  474 more words


Chasing the Dandelion (Chapter 8)

A full day and night had passed since Eric and Jia Wei had eaten a proper meal. The two men kept a routine cycle where at least one man will keep guard at the post, while the other will go search for food and water. 468 more words

Leopard 2

Chasing the Dandelion (Chapter 7)

“Left, right, left, right, left, right, left!”

Four men moving through the barren wasteland. One of them was being carried on a piggyback. Two other men were carrying a field pack and rifle each. 393 more words

Leopard 2

Chasing the Dandelion (Chapter 6)

The machine gun post was a peaceful place to be in. For the past two days, it had not seen any action at all. It was as if the enemy had chosen to ignore their presence and moved on. 421 more words

Leopard 2

Chasing the Dandelion (Chapter 5)

The explosion came too quickly. One moment I was driving along the narrow dirt path, trying to keep the tank on the centreline, and the next moment there was a bright flash of light. 856 more words

Leopard 2

Chasing the Dandelion (Chapter 4)

The two men huddled together behind the sandbags, busily sucking up the contents of the dark green retort pouches they were holding. Despite their unnaturally runny texture and repulsive taste, combat rations were the only lifeline of survival for soldiers trapped in the field. 916 more words

Leopard 2

Chasing the Dandelion (Chapter 3)

“We are never getting out of here,” The tank’s loader, Andrew whined. “We are never getting out of here, I knew it. I should have fled this goddamn country when I could. 749 more words

Leopard 2