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Leprechaun at the River

Next day Mariah put on her shoes with the upturned toes and a bell on top and every time it rang a little she said, “I am.” She was on the old river path on a lovely warm fall day. 1,234 more words


Leprechaun - Truth or Lie

Mariah had a few clan’s people who lived in the close vicinity to her. She was very close with Roisin Dubh prior to her union some years back. 926 more words


The Time I REALLY Told the Wrong Punchline

When my husband and I were dating, I decided that I was going to tell him a little joke…

I’m not going to tell you what the joke was, because honestly it was an inappropriate joke and I shouldn’t have been telling it in the first place. 143 more words

Embarrassing Stories

Leprechauns and their Auras

She went about her ways trying to polish up her aura as best she could. She knew her aura was that light that shone about her as she lived her life, getting darker with black moods and lighter with loving thoughts and meditation. 858 more words

5. Horror Movie Countdown 2017

27. Leprechaun (1993)

Sometimes the corniest movies become icon and a mainstay in pop culture.

“Leprechaun” is a fun series that has many enjoyable moments over the course of seven films. 117 more words


Entry 9 - A Leprechaun Ate My Food

Here’s what I’ve noticed. In between classes at my college, do you know what the main topic is among my fellow students? 469 more words

Writer's Writings

The Leprechauns and The Negalmankies.

The Leprechauns and The Negalmankies.

When Uisneach discovered Mariah had thrown out his Negalmankies, he was livid. He felt she had vandalized his place and had taken what was his. 1,022 more words