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Dublin, Ireland // January 2nd - 4th

On to 2016! We celebrated the New Year by watching fireworks and some of us put on a cocktail party. I was a bit ill though so I didn’t partake in the drinking.

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   It is finished (I think). I sped up the rainbow, removed a leprechaun frame, and colored the gold coins.

   Do you need animation for your website (or personalized e-greeting card, or television ad, or billboard, etc.)? 50 more words


Aw man, it’s late. Here is new and improved stuff. Good night.

Animational Experimentation

I got rid of that blue tint, and there are now 4 frames instead of 3. I learn something new every day!

Experimental Animation

Here is the latest incarnation of the Rainbow Animation project. This one consists of 3 frames instead of just 2. The goal is to achieve a smoother transition across the sky. 20 more words

Animation Experiment

   I’m hoping to put this on my Patreon page. I’m not sure if it will animate. Join me on my adventure.