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A little Irish fun

Just something different as the week and the month of April end. Just a few little ‘Irish’ hints for those that may visit Ireland in the future or wish they were actually Irish. 396 more words

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Leprechaun 4 Story

The Leprechaun went out on his travels again only to find himself blinded by a red mist. He was carrying a door on his back, as he felt sure he would open that door and find someone helpful there someday. 457 more words

Lep War Rattle

This silly haiku comes with a choose your own ending:

Leprechauns whittle
teeth to prepare for battle.

Tries human mettle.

War will be total. 28 more words


Snakes on an astral plane

So the Indo asked me to write a bit for Paddy’s Day. It was meant to be 17 signs you’re Irish, or alternatives way to mark the day, so I got confused and ended up with something between those two. 1,625 more words

Leprechaun Story 3 and the Fridge

The Leprechaun story Chapter three.

He asked his wife, Mariah, for a rope to help him get into the mine, where he felt sure he would find the gold.  654 more words


A bit late, but finally here!!

Hello, everybody!

First of all, sorry for the delay! We had some technical¬†issues and we couldn’t deliver on time, but… Here we are! Happy April!! 107 more words


St. Patricks Day Activities

My younger students worked on writing about what was important to them.

I asked them, “What is your pot of gold? What is important to you?” 33 more words