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Leprechauns have dream groups you know.

As Mariah walked home from dream group she thought she had created her own stiffness and there was not much she could do about it as it had been going on for a long time, bit by bit, piece by piece. 1,436 more words


Leprechaun and game of Bones

There was a party and Mariah and Uishneach went and sat at the table with the Bones games. This kind of activity brought them together. People, who were very nice and proper, had a chance to be pushy and competitive. 828 more words



To Lia,

To form a constellation, one connects dots with lines.
So too, then, are the stories of all time merely points,
Connected together through the threads of fate. 581 more words


The Leprechaun and the Bacon

There were two pieces of bacon left and she had her eye on one of the pieces, maybe more. She felt a little guilty she had eaten the rest of the side of bacon, quietly, deliberately, munchingly. 1,093 more words


Woefully Inadequate Preparation

This occurred while I was working as a quality control inspector at a steel coating plant near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was sitting at my desk filling out paperwork–paperwork that I’m sure was vital to the daily functioning of the plant, and not be interrupted–when the crane operator, Jim, burst into the office. 743 more words


The Leprechaun and Her Maker

Mariah, the Leprechaun, was adjusting to the freezing weather and was considering how to block off the four breezes that met in her kitchen. One breeze came from the attic, another from the basement and the other two from her two doors. 1,043 more words


The Leprechaun and her Ego

Mariah entertained a friend, Roisin Dearg,  who was visiting from out-of-town. They had a fine time going around together for a few weeks. Mariah wanted her to tell dreams but she kept them to herself. 1,109 more words