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I plan to do more on this blog, moving forward, than I have in the past. Many of you have asked for tutorials on my felting processes. 110 more words


A Summer Barbaric of Shenanigans -pt16

A Summer Barbaric of Shenanigans

Chapter 15

It was a troubled night, taken early. None were present when Filly climbed into bed soon after dinner. She tossed and turned all night, dreaming of drowning in an ocean, trying to walk on waves, only to be dashed upon rocks at a cliff coast and sucked back into watery depths. 1,851 more words

Trevel Story-verse

La Livre Noire

At some points in our single lives, the word ‘regular’ does not really work much. Especially if you’re one hell of a horn bag, it is pretty much impossible to have a one stop shop that would be as convenient as a 24 hours shop, when it comes to your sex buddies. 629 more words



Leprechaun is a type of fairy commonly known in Irish traditions. The fairy leprechaun is usually disguised as an old man garbed in green or red coat and is a shenanigan. 242 more words


It’s crazy how this is true but I got to learn something about myself from two dates on Saturday. Yes, it was all about having fun and all that but there was a great old conversation between me and the two men I was with on Saturday. 646 more words


Strange 'Creature' Photographed During Full Moon?

A couple of photos taken during a recent full moon have left viewers perplexed due to what appears to be the presence of some kind of entity that suddenly appears in the second image. 197 more words

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