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The Easter Bunny shook awake the sleeping leprechaun.

“Hey, you there! Eyes wide open! I’ve just heard some great news, Sean!

To take advantage of it, though, means that we have to jump. 432 more words

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See me

See me by Wendy Higgins

Plot: A girl had been in an arranged marriage her whole life with a boy she has never met. She dreams about what her husband to me, McHale will be like. 142 more words


Student Walks into Loyola Building Just to See What’s In There

Seattle University, Upper Mall – Early this week, Engineering Major Samantha Mantha had an hour to spare before her next class. Wondering what to do, she passed the quad, heading south. 123 more words

Seattle University

Far Darrig – Irish Mythology

A far darrig or fear dearg is a faerie of Irish mythology. The name far darrig is an Anglophone pronunciation of the Irish words fear dearg, meaning Red Man, as the far darrig is said to wear a red coat and cap. 62 more words

Irish History

The Hauntening Premium Character Questline: Leprechaun

We’ve struck gold!!!

No, wait! Sorry, the little leprechauns only gone and ran off with it, he’s one lucky little blighter. And what has he given us in exchange? 234 more words

Game Play

We’re 85% Sure There’s a Leprechaun Hiding on 5th Floor of the Library

There have been over 6 accounts of leprechaun interaction between students while spending time on the 5th floor of the Lemieux Library. One student reports to have caught a glimpse of a tiny green hat vanishing from sight behind a bookshelf. 121 more words

Seattle University

The Hauntening Premium Character Profile: Leprechaun

There’s a leprechaun on the loose and unfortunately he’s not looking to bring us luck.

I guess Ireland decided to exile this little bundle of loopy, and just look where he’s turned up, where else but in Quahog. 270 more words

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