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Week 21 Artistic: Fantasy
Is this real life, or is this just fantasy… Your artistic inspiration this week is fantasy.
Dale’s hint: Composites are fine, just make sure you are using your own images for at least part of the image. 104 more words


Worst Tattoo #45

A cartoon about some jabroni who got too high and got a tattoo of a Leprechaun trying to escape from his bicep.  Too high = too creative.


8 weeks and 1 very special day

So yesterday I sent my friend Bleary McTavern* an email. 

Subject:  Are you up for this?

I don’t even know if I’m up for this but I’m feeling overzealous today. 281 more words



…Today I’m happy as a leprechaun. :)


9 botched Horror Movie Icon redesigns

The status of an icon is cemented by an idiosyncratic appearance and that also applies to horror movie icons. Sometimes the defining visual identity is already established in the first movie (Pinhead), sometimes it needs a few sequels to develop the final look (Jason Vorhees). 1,083 more words

A little touch up

So the fairy’s wings needed a little additional support.  I added some glue and microbeads on her back and let her dry.

Then I went on to work on the BJD’s clothing.   367 more words



Ah! Today is the day…

The fabulous Midnighter Faith McKay has begun this glorious tradition. Go visit the Keepin’ it #SpookyAllYear post and connect to other horror lovers and even write your own post, linking it to her blog. 285 more words