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City of Greyscale

The bridge is a magic eye painting

striations cut the landscape

squeeze your eyes and be transported

steel rains in, between buildings

tilt your head into another dimension. 44 more words


The Hanged Man

the photo shows his
good looks clear as anything
— this is a surprise —
but, to me, the real shock
is the fact that I’m surprised… 498 more words

Scarily Specific Searches II - The Saga Continues, Unfortunately

More filler for you! That’s right, instead of writing about film as a person who writes about film should, I’ve opted for an inherently valueless cop out. 881 more words


Singapore Sling

“Have you ever been to Singapore, Austin?” The Devil asked, and caught me completely off guard as I entered the living room with six bottles of Snapple for the cooler. 1,080 more words


Don't Be So Cavalier With My Shillelagh

One of the worst things about Notre Dame having an afternoon game, Modern Philosophers, was that Maine’s lone Leprechaun was usually sober enough to cause a ruckus at The House on the Hill before kickoff. 532 more words


White Sox pitcher John Danks warmed up in a leprechaun suit because he lost a bet

The moral of this very short story: If you’re Chicago White Sox pitcher John Danks, don’t make a bet with broadcaster Ed Farmer if there’s a chance you could lose. 98 more words