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True Value of the Negative Musical Emotions

I already talked about on this blog about the importance of the negative emotions in the musical world. When I mean negative emotion, I am talking about the emotions found in the songs. 1,458 more words


Serious Side of Musicals

The serious side of musicals refers to any of the dark moments and those moments are usually represented by elements of tragedy. These moments exist in the happy musicals, those that are not even happy, but just not sad, and well obviously they exist in the sad and tragic musicals. 1,311 more words


Why I love Simple and Complex Musical Characters

The past two days, I talked about what makes a character simple and what makes a character complex. I do love characters that are both simple and complex. 819 more words


What Makes a Musical Character Complex?

Just like there are complex and simple musical plots, there are also simple and complex characters. But what exactly makes a character complex?

It was Wicked that made me start to understand the complexity and emotional side of musicals. 1,017 more words


Meaningful Musicals of 2012-2016

Today’s post will be dedicated to the meaningful musicals from 2012-2017. Those are the musical I refer to the college musicals. All of those musicals are still so fresh in my life. 1,113 more words


Analysis of the Finale (Do You Hear the People Sing Reprise)

During the past two days, I have been working on an watercolor art project with my dad. It was inspired 100% by me and I knew I wanted it to be Les Mis themed and I actually did do about 95% of the work when painting. 913 more words


'Les Mis' Turns 30, Idea of Resistance Remains the Same

By Ilana Bernstein

It’s been 30 years since the popular musical “Les Misérables” first hit Broadway. The musical, based on the book by Victor Hugo, follows Jean Valjean and his journey through life while running away from a police inspector who tirelessly fights to punish Valjean. 498 more words

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