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Who am I?


My name is Cynthia, not  Jean Valjean. I’m 24 years old and a stay-at-home mom. So yes I will be talking about my kid a lot because that’s all I really have. 120 more words


Meaning of Being a Kid

Yesterday, I volunteered at my church’s weekday school with my mom. Even though the preschool ended, there was still lots of cleaning up to do. For me, I ended up putting together puzzles in order to see if there is a missing piece. 531 more words


Connection Between Les Mis and Stonehenge

I find an connection to Les Mis and Stonehenge in such a special way. But why do they feel connected?

As some may know, I went on a trip to England. 967 more words


Are the Negative Emotions in Musicals Highly Unpredictable?

Musicals are known to be emotional. Musicals are known for many home to positive and negative emotions in the score. The negative emotions started to be understood as early as middle school. 863 more words


Les Mis + June 1832 uprising map masterpost

All my June Uprising related map posts (so far)

(Well at least all the ones based mainly on Les Mis)

General events and locations:

Les Misérables: that one show that makes me happy

Every non-English speaking friend of mine who lives in London, sooner or later, comes to face one of life’s greatest dilemmas: ‘what show could possibly entertain my parents, who can’t even spell their own name in English?’. 843 more words


Is Marius and Cosette a Wonderful Couple?

Yesterday, I talked about why I am not bothered by “love at first sight” in a musical. Today, I will talk about a couple that falls in “love at first sight”. 882 more words