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What Makes a Musical Meaningful?

Meaningful musicals are an important part of who I am. But what exactly does makes a musical meaningful? To me, a musical becomes meaningful in so many ways. 925 more words


Les Mis in a Pot

Last night, my dorm had a pot party. We actually painted the pots. I decided to make my pot a Les Mis-themed plot. But what does my pot have to do with Les Mis? 187 more words


Characteristics I Look for in a Musical Character: Part Two

Yesterday’s post, I talked about characteristics I look for in a musical character. But as the day went on, I realized I left off a characteristic that is highly important to a wonderful musical character. 357 more words


REVIEW: Les Miserables, School Edition

Amateur theatre is important. Amateur youth theatre is even more so. It’s the place where young people can learn, grow in confidence, explore their potential, meet other like-minded individuals and create memories they can treasure for life. 777 more words


A to Z Musicals ~ ♬ "L" is for LES MISERABLES

Les Misérables, also known as Les Mis, or Les Miz, is a musical based on the same-titled book by Victor Hugo (1862). It premiered in Paris in 1980, has run continuously in London since 1985, and first opened as a pre-Broadway tryout in December 1986, eventually premiering on Broadway in March 1987. 140 more words

A To Z Challenge

Young Musical Love

Romance is quite a beautiful part of musicals. No theme has been greater than that. But what is so special about the young love that is presented? 435 more words


Can you see the children sing?

By John Lyle Belden

For sheer ambition alone, the children and teens of Agape Performing Arts Company should be commended for their production of the musical “Les Miserables.” And as is often the case with student theatre around Indy, you’ll enjoy this show even if you don’t know the kids involved. 329 more words