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Les Mis in Pictures: Bring Him Home

To put it in a nutshell: while reading the letter, Valjean discovers that Cosette’s fallen in love behind his back and that the object of her devotion is at the barricades about to get his pretty rich-kid head blown off. 444 more words

Les Mis

Les Mis in pictures: The Letter/On my Own

Because what’s the first thing he does when she walks away? That’s right! He opens the letter…

Not cool, J.V., not cool at all. Though we understand that it’s a way to advance the plot of the story (the knowledge that your daughter is infatuated with a boy who’s about to put himself into grave danger makes you dash off to “save” him) but still, Snakey, honesty would’ve suited you better. 261 more words



Hi guys! A new video has been launched! This time it’s ‘On My Own’, another from Les Miserables.  Although it is performed usually by a female singer, I thought it would be good to cover it as it is a bit different and I think, as a male singer, I interpreted the lyrics slightly differently. 198 more words



get to know me: favorite movies ☰ les misérables.

The poor man shuddered, overflowed with an angelic joy; he declared in his transport that this would last through life; he said to himself that he really had not suffered enough to deserve such radiant happiness, and he thanked God, in the depths of his soul, for having permitted that he, a miserable man, should be so loved by this innocent being.

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7 Things I Want to See in the BBC Les Mis

As an eternal and enthusiastic Les Mis fan, I was EXTREMELY excited to hear of some news to liven up the fandom. They’re going to adapt the book into a miniseries for TV! 887 more words

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Highlights of this Summer

I have had a wonderful summer. Below is a list of highlights.

  1. Outing to Asheville
  2. Les Mis Party
  3. Vacation to Florida
  4. Crowders
  5. Newsies
  6. Reading Don Quixote…
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Les Mis in pictures: Runaway Cart/Fantine's Death

A terrified horse bolts, severing the reins tying it to its cart, and the cart rolls over some poor sap, pinning him down by the axle. 561 more words