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Procrastinating for my Midterm

So college is really stressful. For the third year in a row (I’m a junior), I have attempted to read a very long book during the school year. 774 more words

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Let’s round of the weekend with a musical number.

Who doesn’t love Les Mis, the bonnets, the sad faced children, the elephant?

It is good stuff although it does occasionally feel like being beaten over the head with a history book. 189 more words


On a Scale of 1-10...

…how obvious is it that I just watched Les Misérables? 10 being “you’re joking, right?” And 1 being “go to bed, Katy- you’re drunk and fashion-ing again”.
Goodnight, moon.



Aaaaand welcome back, people! Wow, are we already two episodes away from this season’s finale? That sure did seem to go by a lot faster than last season, huh? 1,547 more words

Grilo's Misadventures

The time my mother moved without telling me!

I am pretty happy with my part(s) in “Les Mis”.  I get to play the pimp, a thug and a convict.  Plus, I have a few mini-solos.   458 more words


Behold my something different!

I thought I might do something completely different today. Behold my something different.

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Anyone who’s ever watched Pretty Woman knows the basics of laying a table. As the lovely hotel manager calmly tells the beautiful down-on-her-luck prostitute how to pick up a spoon and count forks we see a sophisticated lady emerge from the seedy shell of night stalking and street walking. 296 more words