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Dressing up as Rizzo, Eponine, and Glinda

This year, I have had the wonderful opportunity to dress up as three musical characters. They are Rizzo from Grease, Eponine from Les Mis and Glinda from Wicked. 692 more words


Let it Snow!

I’ve spent a lot of this afternoon staring out of the window, hoping the few pathetic flakes in the air would soon become a flurry that would coat the ground in soft white snow. 260 more words

Life Lessons

My Favourite Musicals

aka why I keep in touch with friends at London unis ;)

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have a lot of work and I’m very stressed…so for this post I am pretty much just going to list a bunch of musicals and talk about why I like them. 843 more words


Romantic Male Characters of Musicals

These are characters who are male and romantic. These tend to be characters who fall in love throughout the course of the musical.

  1. Jack Kelly…
  2. 19 more words

Eponine and her Unrequited Love

This is my last unrequited love poem I am writing. I wasn’t going to not do a poem about Eponine due to her unrequited love. Whenever I think of unrequited love, I tend to think of Eponine. 174 more words


Unrequited Love in Musicals

I decided to do another poem, but this time about unrequited love in musicals. This one shall be a bit interesting due to how some operate and respond to this situation. 164 more words


Analysis of Little Shop of Horrors, Rent, and Les Mis

In 2017, I saw three musicals live. They are Little Shop of Horrors at Gardner Webb, Rent at Charlotte, and Les Mis in Greenville. Today I will take about each of them and what I thought about. 549 more words