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On My Own performed by Isa Tristan

One My Own was performed by Isa Tristan during her roll as Eponine during the spring musical Les Miserables at St Genevieve High School.

Isa Tristan

Freshman sings I Dream a Dream

During Homecoming week, its a tradition to have many different event for an entire week.  Isa was honored to perform this song for the entire school as a new freshman.

Isa Tristan

What Les Miserables Taught Me about Mercy...

One of my favorite stories is of Victor Hugo’s, “Les Miserables”. I never really knew much of the book, or the story for that matter, until I watched the movie with some friends in 1998. 289 more words

Rex Hamilton

Film Confessions: Les Miserables (2012)

By Christian DiMartino

Since the Oscars are drawing near, I’m just gonna give it to you straight: They don’t always get it right. Let me just say that just because a movie seems like it should win Oscars, doesn’t mean it actually should. 594 more words

After Tolstoy, Andrew Davies wants to tackle Hugo

Now that there is an epic-sized hole in the Sunday night BBC 1 schedules following the final episode of War and Peace, how can it be filled? 366 more words


Should I read Les Miserables??

Alright folks, so I recently watched Les Miserables, and I really loved it.  I’d waited a long time to watch the film as I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it.   248 more words

My Life

Sewer films

When I first wrote about Brighton Rock (1947), the film made by the Boulting Brothers from the novel by Graham Greene, I had this to say: 768 more words