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"Where Disney's Star Wars Went Wrong"

Whaddya know? I found another use for Catholic Wannabe Critic!

As its latest article’s, “Where Disney’s Star Wars Went Wrong”‘s, opening explains: “Catholic Wannabe Critic… 88 more words


My top 10 Musicalfilms

Musicals are a timeless phenomenon. Multiple old school musicals, the true classic ones, are getting a modern feeling every now and then. New actors and a new stage makes us want to go the theater over again… 975 more words


Broadway Review: 'Miss Saigon' Returns to New York

This is what people mean when they talk about “a Broadway show” — melodic songs, big, beautiful voices, a huge ensemble, full-scale pit orchestra, sumptuous production numbers, and the spectacle of lavish sets and special effects. 749 more words


The beauty of Victor Hugo (pt. 8)

In this section of the book, Valjean and Cosette move out of the Rue Plumet, the barricades are created and the fighting begins, and a young girl dies. 1,043 more words

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Les Miserables on the Path to Social Justice

In the 18th century, the ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau paved the way for the French Revolution to take place. Most of these ideas had to do with the “social contract”, the belief that government was given its power by the consent of the people, who voluntarily gave up some of their intrinsic rights in order to achieve harmony and protection. 902 more words

The beauty of Victor Hugo (pt. 7)

In this portion of the story, Cosette falls in love, two lovers meet, and Thénardier escapes jail.

Besides, what is danger in the presence of duty? 993 more words

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Medley #12: 3 Word Story and Music

“The only source of knowledge, is experience.” -Albert Einstein

She, loved, me…
‘On My Own’ – Les Miserables


There is a new writing competition, upon the topic of ‘Time’: the piece may be of any length, however it must be follow a poetic structure.

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