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Fallen hero

I remember the first time I saw her.

I can still feel the excitement in my heart. The way it fluttered like a hummingbird’s wings inside my chest. 175 more words


MUSE BAR - HaHa Muse

This week I went to Muse Bar’s comedy night HAHA MUSE . I have to admit I was skeptical about going as I don’t usually like stand up comedy or live comedy at that, I’m more of a  Outnumbered/ Mighty Boosh or That 70s Show girl basically anything where I don’t have to be in the audience . 100 more words


Stupid Rumi

It’s been one of those days. Taxes are due, and there’s a complication with our filing. I’m dieting. I’m forced to ride the daily ebb and flow of a teenager’s moods like Michelle Rodriguez in… 243 more words


Woman’s Hour On Teenage Girls At Tavistock Clinic

Originally posted at Transgender Trend

1,398 children and adolescents have been referred to the Tavistock Clinic this year (compared to 697 last year) and of that number almost 1,000 are girls. 280 more words


Body Image

In this day and age we are filled with WIFI in nearly every room we go in, magazine, newspapers and even dvd’s and if you look carefully you’ll find somewhere along the line body image will come up even if its an advert on the screen. 460 more words

Mental Health

Pinterest, you just don't get this butch

Me and W in bed last night:

Me: Jeez, Pinterest doesn’t know me at all. It keeps sending me links to boards I’m not interested in. 117 more words


Cat of the Month

“Good man, Bodhi,” I say, petting him on the head. “You, sir, are changing the world one sock at a time.”

Give a big Flannel Files welcome to Bodhi, Cat of the Month. 143 more words