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Our story: First kiss

I had kissed men before. Kissed men who used me; men I used. I had never kissed with love or passion, or even the hope of love or passion. 254 more words


We have a daddy and first injection down

Things seem to be moving quickly now. After I called the clinic to say we’d both started in the pill we were asked to buy the sperm. 518 more words


My story: First date

I have a very good friend at the church I attended out West. She loves to talk about her genius sister, who has an advanced quantitative degree from an Ivy League university. 526 more words



I was watching TV today while folding the laundry.  That’s when I saw a promo for a new show.


Genius, I thought.

I didn’t even have to watch the clip to know what it was all about. 145 more words


My story: Coming out

When I turned 30, I had an immensely satisfying, tremendously successful, career.

There can be few vocations more satisfying than engineering. When I complete a job, there is… 275 more words