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A visit from the butch patrol

The other day, someone left a comment on this blog’s “About This Butch” page. She informed me that it was impossible for me to be a butch because I had been married to a man and had had a child with him. 190 more words


Janet and Wendy -- by Chuck Teixeira

Under former United States Attorney General Janet Reno, the mission of the museum guards abruptly changed. They stopped protecting the public from art and began to protect the bathrooms from the public. 1,038 more words

Flash Fiction

(Ficton, Short Story) Uganze Chooses Death

Uganze decided to die on Friday, October 13th. Living had become a painful chore. Death was a much-needed relief, a release, from her lifelong sadness… 3,822 more words


How Do I Make My Crush Fall in Love with Me? (The Tried and Trusted Tips)

(This is for women who crush on women.)

Occasionally, there is that woman who piques your interest. You probably see her from a distance; you probably see her up-close. 679 more words


flesh tone

she wants more, more, more

i wonder why

is it to control the secrets she wishes to hide

when i delve into this hidden world. 28 more words


Fine Lines We Share

The fine lines we share…

Go everywhere, and no where, at once.

I ask her,

‘Will you love me, as I grow old?’

This is a questioning fable I have often told. 34 more words


The Hustle of Studs, Stemmes, and Femmes (3): Stemmes

Just when you thought the people of the world would not narrow your transcendent self via labels and labeling, they came up with “stemme”. First time I heard the word, I was like: 636 more words