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flesh tone

she wants more, more, more

i wonder why

is it to control the secrets she wishes to hide

when i delve into this hidden world. 28 more words


Fine Lines We Share

The fine lines we share…

Go everywhere, and no where, at once.

I ask her,

‘Will you love me, as I grow old?’

This is a questioning fable I have often told. 34 more words


The Hustle of Studs, Stemmes, and Femmes (3): Stemmes

Just when you thought the people of the world would not narrow your transcendent self via labels and labeling, they came up with “stemme”. First time I heard the word, I was like: 636 more words


With Love at the Table

If we were to meet along a deserted and silent Avenue?

What would be my due?

If Love walked in with visions of secretive beauty… 95 more words


Over and out (rebirth)

Brief: how to get the f**k over it, in response to Daphne Kapsali’s recent call for wisdom nuggets.

Almost a year ago, my girlfriend drank three pints then dumped me out of the blue, stating ‘this is boring’ and refusing to talk about it.  481 more words


A Heart by Night. By Day

How organic to yearn for love?

Then stand in its light.

Such as, searching for the sun five minutes after midnight.

More often than not, 23 more words


When I Become an Agony Aunt for Queer Women

The concept of being an agony aunt is delightful! Ah! Thinking of the bad advice I will dish out is making me tingly in the right, and wrong, places. 541 more words