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Radical Lesbian Foremothers

Longtime friends Angela Romagnoli and Lynn Stern were two of the foremothers of the Radical Lesbian movement. I sat down with them last November to record their story. 1,374 more words


Study time is over....

So my semester is over and most likely have failed two of my subjects. Starting to wonder if I was taking on too much going to uni… I’m not super smart and seemed to get behind with a new relationship and looking after a very active three year old. 120 more words


to Kiss a Rainbow

If I avoid her…the fist comes, tender, but…abrupt.

How dare the game to ask me to explain?

The fragility hangs loose on my lips.

The danger invokes my boxed up mind. 193 more words


How the Lesbians Invaded

We had been powerless tenants, evicted with no recourse, and then we became agents of displacement. There was no in between.

My collective household of four lesbians had found a place on Castro Street, one of those original Victorians with high ceilings and elaborate wood trim, an abandoned coal fireplace and a parlor whose big sliding doors opened to double the size of the room. 1,581 more words

Better Side

She has held on to the light…

When I can no longer see the sun.

My wife, my love, cares when none felt my need. 179 more words


American girls

I loved Tom Petty.

Loved his nasally voice, his scruffy look, his gorgeous lyrics about American girls. His songs about breaking up and making up and everything in between. 192 more words


Perceptions of You

Time is not relevant when I am with you.

As though,

a morning’s rush…

Had taken both my shoes.

Unusual or not…

I tread so lightly on the air. 57 more words