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We Are All Different But Yet The Same

MDA (media development authority) decided to ban this Jolin Tsai (she is known to many as the Madonna of mandarin pop) song because the lyrics encourage the pursuit of equal rights of marriage for the LGBTI community, which conflicts with the laws in Singapore. 190 more words


My wet dream.

My wet dream is real. She’s the woman who made me admit 200% that I’m gay. I was 17 years old and working part time for a broadcasting organisation when I saw her for the first time. 468 more words


Gay Doctor coerced by Physician Health Program (PHP) into mandated 12-step treatment and monitoring for sex addiction: The slippery slope begins

State Physician Health Programs -coercion, control and abuse.

This anecdote concerning  a gay doctor’s revelation he liked his non monogamous lifestyle leading  to a forced acceptance of a “sex addiction”  diagnosis, mandatory inpatient treatment and indoctrination into 12-step recovery was just posted on the physician social network… 1,238 more words


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gay-friendly-doctorA legitimate interest in the private behavior of a doctor should be limited to behaviors that have a legitimate impact on that doctor's capacity to work. Though it is pretended that these programs are being maintained for the benefit of doctors and the public it is apparent that they only serve to injure both. The Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP) is following the same pattern they have with the “impaired” and “disruptive” physician constructs to discriminate and control with ignorance, bigotry, intolerance and stupidity. The targeting of gay, lesbian or transgender doctors for what they do in their private lives is predictable. One doctor told me that the state PHP told him that if he did not cooperate in addition to losing his medical license the state medical board would make his sexual history part of the public record. The civil and human rights violations remain hidden. The crimes remain hidden. So too will this. More sheep for the slaughter. It is an inevitable part of this well oiled slope of coercion, control, obedience and abuse. The import of this can not be overestimated.

Chicago vs. Miami..decisions decisions

What a beautiful Wednesday in the 305… in the words of our Mayor, Pitbull, “DALE!!!” ** he really isn’t the mayor, but he may as well be.. 546 more words


We are so close 

I’ve been rubbish at keeping this up to date so this might be a long one.

I really struggled on my injections. The dose was high to start and I had every side effect going with it. 503 more words

Problem solved

A few days ago, I read a blog post on the silly questions that straight people ask lesbians who are engaged. One of the questions was… 465 more words


One night..

Making love under the stars of a summers night.

Cool breeze, strong arms and wet lips, best combination.

Deserted area, no sounds heard apart from our moans. 10 more words