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The Hustle of Studs, Stemmes, and Femmes (2): Studs

This one is for studs. (I heard the difference between “stud” and “butch” is race.) I assume you already know what it means to be stud or butch. 388 more words


Happy #butchappreciationday

I hope you have someone in your life who:

Likes to run her hands over your slick-as-velvet head after you get your hair cut real short. 187 more words


Hard to Hold

The heart.

Her heart.

Brings me home.

Just as sure as, a door shuts.

 And, a bag gets unpacked.

Always, reminiscent…

True love, is aware of the facts. 66 more words


The Hustle of Studs, Stemmes, and Femmes (1): Femmes

(If you are reading this, I assume you know what these words – stud, stemme, and femme – mean.)

Being femme is not just about appearance, it is behavioural, too. 489 more words


Tangled Ends

(This is a work in progress.)

You had gone to the salon that Sunday evening to let go of your weaves and wash your hair. You could have used a razor blade to cut the thread the hairdresser used to stitch the weaves to your hair while staring at the mirror in your bedroom. 1,678 more words


Clean Lines

I see our ghosts here

Standing under the cavernous ceiling of this huge room

Brown wood



That’s the spot, right there

Your piercing eyes, sweat, swirling spiral stairs… 110 more words


20 July Journal

Good evening folks it almost Friday, YAYAYAYAYA!!!!!! I am so ready to have a weekend off. I am also craving some TACO BUENO. Unless someone with a cheaper mode of transportation and wants to pay my Bueno craving will just be unfed. 118 more words