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Middle-age Butch looks like a celebrity

I’ve been getting sir’d a lot these days.

At Best Buy. At the pharmacy.

Pretty much everywhere.

I had been on a ma’am streak for awhile. 116 more words


St. Pauls and Goldfrapp

After Fizz left for work the next morning I crawled out of bed feeling as heavy as the blanketed grey clouds looked outside my window. I couldn’t bring myself to go to the library or to do anything other than dress in my fuzziest jumper and head out towards the north side of the Thames, where there was significantly less traffic and joviality than on the broad and busting Southbank. 2,077 more words


Do you really have a broken heart?

I am not sure how it is with straight couples, but in all my dating experience the relationships moved incredibly fast. The lesbian u-haul is a real thing.  582 more words


Lets Talk, Cas! A Few Changes...

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Lets Talk, Cas!

Today I would like to talk about the changes that will be happening on LLLRanting.

  1. I, Castiel, will no longer be publishing on WattPad – this is because their systems are horrific, their treatment to their authors are terrible and I have had enough of trying to compete to get into the top hundreds on specific categories with my work while the ‘WattPad Ambassadors’ are getting to the top and winning the Watty Awards.
  2. 231 more words
Castiel Gutierrez

My YouTube Channel go to's :D

So everyone has there favourite Youtube channels they go to here are some of mine. xo

It’s no secret I LOOOVE PLL and one of the PLL actresses has a brilliant page on youtube . 182 more words

Sign for Robert to stay

“Hundreds of people in Uganda’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community have fled the country to escape homophobia and persecution.” (BBC 10th November 2015). 309 more words


Just One of them Days

I’m currently experiencing my second sinus infection in one month. Sinus infections are the main reason I do not fully enjoy the Spring and Fall months. 347 more words