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Sugar Rush: Lesbehonest

Okay I promise im going to stop recommending shows that have been canceled or Lesbian shows to for that matter but this one is a- ma- zing and one of my all time favorite British TV shows. 507 more words


10 Straight People Tell Us What Turns On Their Gaydar The Most!

Dear Gay People,

In order to gain an insight into the gaydars of straight people, I asked 10 straight people what turned on their gaydars the most. 559 more words

Dear Straight People

Driving Across the USA: The Return to Vanessa

The decision to drive back to Los Angeles came after a month of being in the South with my family and a month of the deeper understanding sinking in that I could not realistically stay there. 2,159 more words


GUEST POST: Delayed Mail to Jo

Guest Blog Post of F. J. Ellerby


There was a pretty intense period of emailing and messaging before Jo and I actually met up. It created such a build up- such a sense of anticipation, that it felt like falling in love. 1,295 more words


Rusted Roots

**All the names of all the women in these blogs have been changed and again all of these events are based on true events but may not be entirely factual. 3,049 more words



Time doesn’t make things easier it just makes it all sink in. Those lies we tell ourselves to make life bearable fail us when we need them the most. 380 more words


What To Do When You Suspect That Your Friend Is Gay

Dear Straight People,

Does one of your friends make your gaydar go off? Do you ever get the feeling that he or she is keeping a very big secret from you? 608 more words

Dear Straight People