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Stitch in My Side

Like a stitch in your side.

You have to see passion through, until the end.

As the muscles will cramp and seize.

The suffering from comfort will not cease. 23 more words


Run, She Said

Okay, this is a “work in progress”. I’ll wait for Jesus to complete this. (Speaks to Jesus) Please, come and take the wheels.

This is for everyone in relationships they do not want to be in.  2,092 more words


Be a superhero and say something nice

I’ve been having a rough go of it lately.

I either want to stay in bed with the covers pulled up over my head, or I want to run through the streets in my flannel-lined cape punching bad guys in the face and saving the world. 156 more words


Compassion dammit

I can’t sleep at night. I’m up worrying about what’s happening in my country. I keep reading tweets in my feed until there are no more new ones. 453 more words


No apologies

Tired of feeling unworthy

I ate an entire carton of blackberries

$3.99 a pop

In the middle of today

With no apologies

To you

Or anyone… 42 more words


Regrets and Hopes

“One day the river will overflow.

And there’d be no where for us to go.

And we would run wishing we had put out the fire.” 4,567 more words


A funny thing happened on the way to the march

W and I drove to Baltimore today. We are staying in Baltimore tonight and leaving for Washington, D.C., super early.

After we walked around the city for a bit, we went out to dinner at a nice Italian place. 455 more words