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The Bowels of a Cruise Ship

My wife Holly and I just returned from a cruise to the Caribbean. I know, it seems like a pretty bourgeois activity, but this was a lesbian cruise with Olivia, a company that commandeers whole ships so lesbians can commune with each other, be ourselves and be out. 1,300 more words


Fire Rekindled Pt. 1

This was her first night off since we’d had our big talk. A lot of things were discussed that night, but most importantly, we talked about how to spice up our love life again. 1,266 more words



So She Soho has just turned 2 ! As its one of my favourite hangouts in town , I knew I had to do a piece on it. 177 more words

Black Like Love

Black girl standing there looking so down and blue
Red with anticipation
Sick with grief
Every other word a broken melody of some fool’s promises… 243 more words


Love and Happiness.

There is two things in this world in which we all strive for. Those two things are love and happiness.

Love..Its a 4 letter word with a whole lot of meaning behind in which if someone was to misuse this word it has an impact on someone else’s life. 276 more words

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