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Buzz cut

So, I did this a few weeks ago. The annual warm weather purge of old hair.

The quiet, steady buzz of the razor, a no. 2, removing most of what was. 162 more words


(Short Story, Fiction) Run, She Wrote

            Nmesoma sucked in her lower lip to trap the sigh threatening to escape her mouth as her Khadija’s lips touched her ear in a feathery kiss. 4,338 more words


(Short Story, Fiction) Tangled Ends

You had gone to the salon that Sunday evening to let go of your weaves and wash your hair. You could have used a razor blade to cut the thread the hairdresser used to stitch the weaves to your hair while staring at the mirror in your bedroom. 4,350 more words



Ill constructed are the flowers…and, often prose.

An angst cloaks the dirt from my shivered window.

No comfort found when gazing from them…with bows in my hair. 73 more words


(Short Story) Of Women, Edges, and Parks

AS EXPECTED OF Saturday mornings, Freedom Park is almost deserted. Brown-coloured tattered leaves rustle on the ground as soft breeze sweeps them in an aimless, haphazard manner. 3,847 more words


Blueberry Mornings 7/30

Delicate has never been my style
I’m more the fences, ditches, running with the boys type
The only bushes I’ve played in has been between thick thighs and welcoming sighs… 133 more words

Nykieria Chaney

(PODCAST) The Idea of Homophobic Feminists

This poddie addresses the issue of feminists who are homophobic.

It is weird, that they do not realise that the same thing causes sexism and homophobia.