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Dreaming in Rainbow

Grew up in vivid red.

Amassed my mind from toe to head.

Not prison of gray.

Not a reprimand of black.

Only paint brushes filling in all that I lacked. 93 more words


Inaccurate Moments

I would stand in my darkest dawn.

To bring you home from your innermost prison.

The deepest desire to love you.

Love us.

Clarifies best… 35 more words



From the moment I saw you it was like God sent me a piece of heaven
Unearthed Sekmet’s tomb and put the ferocity of Nzingha in your eyes… 298 more words

Nykieria Chaney

I Dream In Color

I Dream In Color

It is deep within the closet
Behind the locked layers
Years of what should have, could have, if only we tried harder but I tried hard enough… 392 more words

Nykieria Chaney

Pride and reading diverse books

On Saturday morning, W and I were up early packing her SUV and getting ready to head to our local Pride festival.

“Why do we do this?” I asked as I rubbed sleep from my eyes and loaded another heavy object into the car. 716 more words


The power of story

While I was grocery shopping last week, a woman approached me.

“I know you,” she said. “You spoke at my church last year.”

“I remember you,” I said. 120 more words



So, your favorite butch blogger leaves in a few weeks for Seattle and then an Alaskan cruise.

I’m excited/terrified because …

Well, we’ve met.

Note to self: Pack extra flannel and those Superman socks that you wear when you’re feeling scared or nervous. 235 more words