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Fishing in the lesbian internet dating goldfish bowl

I have done more internet dating than anybody should ever have to in their whole life.

I’ve gone with serious profiles (forget it), poems as profiles (lots of interest but rarely suitable) and funny but slightly obscure profiles (if they don’t get it, well, reality is we won’t get on anyway). 407 more words


What Fun Home taught me about being gay

When I was coming out 10 plus years ago, I was pretty sure I was doing it all wrong. Not so much the coming out part, but the being gay part. 324 more words


Coming out - the end of the beginning

They say coming out is a lifelong process. Unless you have I’m a lesbian tattooed on your forehead (and maybe even if you do) then people assume you’re straight. 679 more words


Something weird is going on and I need advice

Not sure what’s been going on with me lately. For the past 20 plus years I’ve identified as a lesbian but recently have been finding myself attracted to men too. 128 more words


Now is good enough for me

Before too long it’ll be a year since the penny dropped. That moment at four in the morning, when I thought:  you know, I wonder what would happen if I were just open to the idea that I might be attracted to women. 238 more words


Winner, winner, YOU are the biggest lesbian ever

You know you’re a humongous lesbian when you get engaged to your lady friend. And you happen to be a lady, too.  Plus, foam trucker caps. 101 more words


She has to be the best

Another thing about my fiancée: She has to be the best at everything she puts her mind to.

I had no conception of what it is like to be around someone like that. 986 more words

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