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Over and Under the Falls

The thing to do with giant tourist places like Niagara Falls is to plan ahead. We paid for our accommodation in advance, pre-booked a wine tour of the Niagara-on-the-Lake wineries, and got a wonderful two-day package of… 1,041 more words


On the Road to Niagara Falls

A strange thing happened as we neared the border between Manitoba and Ontario, the rolling canola fields ended and the Land of Many Lakes began. I don’t suppose Canada’s Drawers-of-Lines-that-Mark-Provincial-Borders did that on purpose, but even if they did, it was a nice surprise to drive right by lumps of earth and rock higher than a few meters. 793 more words


Winnipeg, Oh Winnipeg

Before I start, are there any Winnipegites (Winnipegians?) in the audience?

Well, the lighting isn’t that good in here, so I’m just going to go with it. 426 more words


Road Trip: A Few Stats and Our First Adventure

We’re baaaaack!


31 days

5 provinces. 1 state

10,000 kilometers

17 campsites

Mosquito bites: Me – 1,964,281 … Mrs Widds – 2

Roadworks – The entire length of Hyw 17 from the BC/Alberta border to the Manitoba/Ontario one. 381 more words


Procrastination OR Pick One Damn it

Like many other bloggers, I’ve had a hard time coming up with an idea for mine.

It seems each time it’s my turn, I put myself in the “slice of life” and “Where do you come UP with this stuff?” 322 more words

Chasing The Muse

Bungee cords and The Committee

Has it been a month already?  The time flies and all that :)

I’ve done some soul searching, you know – thinking about the stuff you’re supposed to after a heart attack. 677 more words

Bold Strokes Books

Still ...

Still … working on trip logistics.


Still … over 30° in the shade.


Still … waiting to pick up our trailer – we’re having a few renovations done. 89 more words