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Pseudoephedrine, How Do I Love Th ...

I love thee to the depth of my itchy ears where I am sorely tempted to stick knitting needles in them to alleviate my torture. 48 more words


Three Things ... (Because There Are Always Three)

So … let me begin by saying “hello.” If you’re reading this it’s most likely because you:

  • Are a huge fan of Women and Words and pop over to the site religiously to read the musings of their talented stable of writers;
  • 645 more words
Lesbian Fiction

Sneak Peek of new novel 'Jackboots & Jerrybags'.

Things have been pretty crazy here for a while now and I owe a good update. In the meantime though, I’m working hard on my latest novel, Jackboots & Jerrybags. 91 more words


Parse the Parcel ...

… is a new category I just invented for myself. When I come upon interwebz ‘stuff’ that catches my attention I’ll store everything in a big basket on my desk then post their gloriousness here. 136 more words


Feeling Snarly

I’m finally getting into my writing rhythm of four hours a day that I promised myself I would aspire to this year. I break it up into 30 minute bite-sized bits by setting a timer to go off every half hour so I can stand up, stretch my arthriticals, ablute, eat, do chores, ( 286 more words


Mrs Widds Bakes

But before we get to that, here’s some good news. In November I had my 1-year-later cancer scan, and everything was clear.


And … HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone … so glad to see we all made it, although it was a close call for some of us. 267 more words


New and Improved Holiday Memories

Well, here we are – two days and wake up for the brand new year!

I’ve barely gotten used to typing 2014 – and just realized this is my last post for it :) 729 more words