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Let's Start With The Facts, M’am

(apologies to Joe Friday from Dragnet for mangling his line :) )

I recently read a review/opinion piece on one of the big tentpole movies out now in which the reviewer tore open several issues the movie dodged. 127 more words


Moar New Toys

Late last year my hearing aids turned up their toes, wandered out to the back paddock and shot themselves … thereby rendering me one of those annoying people who are constantly saying, “Eh?” when in civilised company. 209 more words


Happy Birth Day Sweet Sixteen

Twenty-sixteen that is!

Here we go! … brand new year full of brand new stuff from Widder Island … and musings and occasional visiting cat photos. 193 more words


Laughing at Animals

Lets get right to it, shall we?

Introducing the Comedy Wildlife Photo Competition as discovered by Widders via her just-about-favourite-est blog ever, io9.

See the winners … … 42 more words


In The Spirit Of ...

Heh, you thought I was going to say Star Wars, didn’t you? Nope, still avoiding all things spoilery there. Mrs Widds and I are planning to see it in the ‘tween’ time between Christmas and the new year. 28 more words


Curses! ... Foiled Again.

Tonight the Geminid Meteor Shower will be at it’s most meteor-y.

Guess what?

It’s raining. Again!

In fact I venture to say it hasn’t stopped raining since I wanted to see the… 11 more words


Dear Author

Mrs Wids is reading her way through our local library. Recently she came across a wonderful Australian murder/mystery series by Kerry Greenwood, The Phryne ( 329 more words