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You Didn't Want to Die

Nancy, after being diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer, leaning up against daughter Maia in 2013, less than a year before she died.

**This blog was written within a year of Nancy’s death, but I wasn’t ready to finish it until just now. 848 more words


Eventually after what felt like hours, we were allowed home from the hospital, with a human being to keep alive. WTF? Why did nobody stop us? 846 more words

26 weeks. we made it this far.

It’s been a few weeks

I’ve been in the hospital twice.

Once, at 23 weeks, for a few nights for

bleeding and a bladder infection. 690 more words

Lesbian Family

2 month update

Our baby is a huge 9 weeks old.  For 2 whole months we’ve managed to keep alive and relatively happy, I think, a human being. Nothing has been broken, he’s still in one piece and he seems to be doing all the things that a 9 week old baby should be doing according to the various apps that give me daily updates. 524 more words

growing a universe is hard work. growing two at once is downright overwhleming.

I am really not sure why I can’t stop crying today. I walk. I cry. I sit. I cry. I carry a towel around to blow my nose and wipe my face and I don’t understand exactly the reason. 987 more words

Lesbian Family

Child from two women

Genetic research is advancing to the day when gay couples could fulfill their dreams of having children related to them both.

I’ve helped many same-sex couples over the years have children of their own through assisted reproductive procedures. 726 more words

Lesbian Family

Birth is always on my mind.

Birth is always on my mind.

I saw the photos from my own birth when I was five or six. They were in this old album, stuck to the pages, that presented this story about how strong this seventeen-year-old girl was to push out this six pound and seven-ounce baby. 884 more words

Lesbian Family