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In one place

It is birthday eve for me as I turn 38 tomorrow! It is also a slow and quiet morning, my favorite. Bumpdate: we are now 15 weeks pregnant. 555 more words


13 Feels Lucky

We are still going strong. I’m thirteen weeks pregnant. Bring on the weird dreams, continual progesterone (the worst part of this, honestly), the food aversion and the maternity pants. 248 more words


Send Coffee

The 4 month sleep regression happens at 4 months right? That’s a couple of weeks away still. The Boy’s got time or so I very naively thought. 496 more words

What has it cost you?

When I look at our little boy and his perfect little features, 10 gorgeous toes and blossoming personality; I am thankful. I thank the universe every morning for allowing this amazing little person to be brought into our lives, for allowing me to grow from a person into a mother and more importantly taking my marriage to the next step and turning us into a family. 831 more words

You Didn't Want to Die

Nancy, after being diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer, leaning up against daughter Maia in 2013, less than a year before she died.

**This blog was written within a year of Nancy’s death, but I wasn’t ready to finish it until just now. 848 more words


Eventually after what felt like hours, we were allowed home from the hospital, with a human being to keep alive. WTF? Why did nobody stop us? 846 more words

26 weeks. we made it this far.

It’s been a few weeks

I’ve been in the hospital twice.

Once, at 23 weeks, for a few nights for

bleeding and a bladder infection. 690 more words

Lesbian Family