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the intensity of pregnancy dreams.

Ever since I was a very small child, I have had vivid, lucid dreams. They played a huge role in my ability to world build throughout my childhood and have helped my foundation as a storyteller. 672 more words

Lesbian Family

we're moving to the mountains.

i was going to write this long, elegant post about moving, stress, anxiety and how hard pregnancy is but it didn’t sound right. the words rolled around my mouth too much and, maybe its because i’m violently vomiting everything out of my body, but they simply didn’t come out right. 701 more words

Lesbian Family

Shit you guys.

It happened again. I went like a hundred days without writing a goddamn thing. It’s like I was busy getting married to the love of my life or something. 117 more words

I said I wouldn't...

But of course I did.

I’m supposedly 10dpo today… that could be up for debate, so I’m trying to remain realistic about it all.

I got a squinter of a positive at 9dpo, when I got pregnant with A. 136 more words

the results!

yesterday was emotional – to say the least. but my wife was extraordinary. she was brave. she was selfless. and she was beyond anything that i could have imagined. 169 more words


race will always play a part.

Choosing a donor is a very intimate, strategic process. It is different for everyone going through this process but the main similarity is that you want someone healthy. 1,138 more words


2 weeks/10 years

Rayne is 2 weeks old!! It’s the most surreal thing to look at her and while it’s only been 2 weeks i feel like I’ve known her face my entire life. 464 more words