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Mufflers - Essay on a Painting

Written in 1993 for a gallery show:

I have thought about the mufflers in my garage for a year or more – the refuse from my ex-husband’s desire for motorcycles. 253 more words


Art Class Prose

In figure – figger – drawrink class at JC Art Studio on 5th between Monmouth and Coles.

Large, warped wood parquet – PARKAY – floors, with planks 2″ wide, stained a medium chestnut-brown, bare a century of stains. 161 more words


Irish D. and the English Assignment

Dear Young Lesbian (me),

Why did you write one of your longest letters on record to a woman, which at that  point, you had only one date with? 2,335 more words


Michelle N. 1993

Buried in my art history notebook from 1993, between Matthias Grunewald and Sixteenth Century Italian Art, I penned a pact between Michelle N. and myself. We had become lovers over the winter – sometime between 1992 and 1993. 624 more words


The room of make believe

in a small room made of white besser brick walls with three rows of small white desks on either side of the floor, she looked out across the clear city night…what a magical place it is to be in this room of make believe..a small Polish teacher brimming with encouragement, sitting at the front of the room, her head just reaching the top of the desk shared a literary quote for every comment offerred..teacher reminded her ‘one can write what one desires in this class’ 166 more words

Thoughts And Feelings....