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gone to meet a lover
outside the queen’s chamber
naked finger to her lips
whispers before the fire
as if there were no ghosts here… 11 more words


A girl with a guitar

A girl with a guitar written by Molly-Louise and performed by Ain’t Life

I’m going to find a girl with a guitar
And play her tune all night long… 96 more words


Break Ups and Healing

Man, oh man!

So… I finally ended things with Virgo. It’s tough because I ended things close to Valentine’s Day, and she already has ties with the ending of life with Valentine’s Day; it’s when her cousin past away last year, and she has just begun the mourning period now. 2,934 more words

One Full Year and a 21 Day Break

Wow, the last time I wrote anything on this page was on December 26th, 2017. Although I haven’t written anything on this blog, I have written some thoughts down here and there in my Google Docs and Memo, just to clear my mind. 2,550 more words


bare feet, slowly, soundless,
turn the doorknob inside
darkness, crying softly,
smells like clean skin

red hair, loose bun,
white tee, maroon scarf,
black jeans, doc martins, 31 more words


Breathe in

breathe in
breathe out
all the air you breathe
we breathe
because I need you
in my life
breathing life and energy

when you switched on to me… 16 more words


her name was summer

summer fills every part of me
moonlight silver in my eyes
shapes shimmer, twirling
music floats – my feet dance
like spirits of the air… 40 more words