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My Letter to Brittney Griner

Dear Brittney Griner,

I write this to you not out of judgment but out of respect and admiration. I see you. No one can comprehend what it feels like to be you, Brittney Yvette Griner. 1,257 more words


Being Genuine

Being Genuine

I know it sounds easy and obvious but it’s harder then you think.

I say super sweet things to my gf all the time, I want to make sure she knows she’s loved and cared about. 260 more words


Petty Betty

I’ve had quite a week, remember when I said that getting over someone is a process? Well last week my ex contacted me, I wasn’t surprised; my girlfriend suspected that she will. 447 more words


Struggling a Bit today...

Both thoughts are so true for me. So so true. I wish I knew what I wanted. I thought I did. But maybe I don’t. Why can’t life be more clear cut?

Life (sometimes) has other plans

This week has gone by quite fast without PhD here. Mostly because I’ve been keeping myself busy I think. I did a lot of work in the apartment in preparation for my August sublet. 941 more words

Questions, but no answers

Feeling anxious about things. Especially things with PhD. I suppose we’ve really only been together (officially) for almost 6 months. Is it the 6 months jitters? 764 more words

Too much to expect...

I can’t help but think that if I had ended things with BG amicably, we could actually be friends. Her reaching out a couple days ago has really made me want to reach out to her again. 633 more words