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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Tomorrow will make 6 months since I’ve had a cigarette. I will have also gained 20 pounds in those 6 months. I suppose I need to look on the positive side, which is I finally quit smoking after 15 years of it. 575 more words

One month in...

It’s week 4 of school now. It still feels like a new school year. We’ve had so many stops and starts. This will actually finally be our first full week (5 days of classes). 505 more words

What I've Learned about Relationships

Lately, I’ve been seeing these memes about relationship goals. Maybe it’s me, but I thought relationship goals shouldn’t be the obvious. Maybe society is too jaded that we haven’t figured out that what’s best for us individually is not what’s always promoted. 874 more words


A Slow News Day

I realized this weekend that this is the first weekend I’ve spent in the city for a long time. And I didn’t do much with it. 618 more words

Red-Eyes and School Days

Well, I’m currently writing this post on a red eye back to NYC. This is going to be my life this year. Working and living on the east coast while my heart and mind is on the west coast. 401 more words

“My dear Bess” - Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, and Lady Elizabeth Foster

Fifteen years after the publication of Amanda Foreman’s biography, Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, and five years after Saul Dibb’s movie, “The Duchess,” the documentary “Secrets of Chatsworth” granted us once again access to the most intimate details of the life of the Duchess of Devonshire. 2,038 more words


Stepping Back

I’m feeling sad and disappointed today. Sad because I finally had the balls to tell BG that I didn’t think it was a good idea for us to be friends because of my relationship with PhD. 524 more words