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Not Sure What To Call This

I haven’t updated in a while.

Loads have been going on but not too much that cannot be handled. I’m still frequently hanging out with The Squad, we are even closer to one another. 863 more words

Little Moments

I had a moment of clarity today. A moment of brief reprieve from my going down the rabbit hole of being stupid and contacting her. I once wrote… 634 more words

If I don't...

The ace has still been hanging out in my thoughts. She’s been there in the forefront since I caught a glimpse of her this weekend. I was afraid this might happen. 354 more words

almost. and reckless.

I almost did something reckless today. Key word(s): almost. and reckless. I’ve decided to call the ex that my memories can’t seem to leave behind ‘the ace’. 518 more words

Some things never change...

Well, I went out as planned. I was hoping to drag my roommate along, but as always she was a party poop and went to bed. 373 more words

Put to rest in peace

This morning I woke up and found out Chyna, the WWE female wrestler from the 90s had died. Then sometime during the morning, news broke that Prince had also died. 576 more words

They've been knockin' me sideways...

Two songs always bring me back to memories of her.

One of them, Sideways by Citizen Cope, I can barely listen the whole way through because it makes me sad. 103 more words