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Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe

July 1st is already here. The summer is clipping along, and I don’t really want it to. Partly because I know that when summer ends, I’ll be back in a long distance relationship again. 752 more words

Looking Forward

I’m looking forward to falling for someone else! I’m looking forward to being infatuated, in love, loved, etc. I can picture this person, and they are soft, their aura is soft, their heart is soft. 478 more words

Mourning, Possibly

It was NY Gay Pride yesterday!!!! (I’m a NYer, if I didn’t mention that before). Yay!!

And I miss Garden. After the party a couple of my friends and I went to, I was tempted to text her. 403 more words

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Happy Pride everyone! Still trying to absorb the dramatic social change that has just happened this past week not only with SCOTUS’s decision on marriage equality but also on Obamacare. 593 more words

Ready For True Love

It’s unfortunate… But not a downfall…

I’m watching the Braxton Family Values and seeing how one of the sister’s, Tamar Braxton, interacts with her husband, Vincent Herbert,  no he is to her,  so living,  even within disagreements, knowing they love each other and are committed to do whatever it takes to stay together and keep their family together, just makes my heart smile and cry. 703 more words

I am still unable to speak about what has happened without feeling torn to pieces by the truth that you are there and I am here. 236 more words

Shouldn't the Cold War be over?

And so it goes. PhD made a comment last night that hit me hard. She said “sometimes talking to you is like talking to a wall”. 675 more words