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The State of My Life 2015

Usually I write a birthday post for myself. I realized about a week later that I haven’t done so for 2015 yet. So here it is. 432 more words


Love Always Finds Me

Love always finds me.
She bustles into the heart I am trying to clear
removing debris
with a bright blue kerchief on her head
helps me carry out the broken chair to the curb… 80 more words


We met on Brenda

I privately cringe at the thought of telling people that I met the love of my life on something that sounds like my grandma.

Yet I’ve always found lesbian clubs to be an overweight mix of estrogen and testosterone, so when Brenda came along, I was open to trying this new way of meeting women. 616 more words


I don't know...

Three little words, I don’t know…

Those three words can be so telling. Things with PhD quickly spiraled into the toilet last night, after she spent a week with me in the city. 487 more words


In defense of a lesbian U-haul

Saturday 7th March saw same-sex love celebrated at Sydney Mardi Gras, with scores of supporters from all forms of persuasions declaring queer love just as valid as straight love. 1,031 more words


I thought about marriage once…

Okay maybe three times. The first one wasn’t really serious, it was with my first real boyfriend and we were 16 years old. There was the mention of a promise ring. 211 more words


Is an East Coast-West Coast romance possible?

I’m wrapping up a full week and a few days of time with PhD. I am spending my ENTIRE spring break with her, which now seems a bit much. 963 more words