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Lesbian Tools For Identifying a Straightbian

Note: This is a joint post with Dirt, originally posted here.

In recent posts, Mrs. Dirt and I have written individually and written together, slowly chipping away at centuries of Lesbian inaccuracies, revealing a dual picture of the oblique perception of Lesbian and the Women who have forged that skewed perception by co-opting Lesbian. 842 more words

All one can do

It’s been a week since I sucked the fat out of my stomach. Sounds pretty fucking gross when you say it like that, but that’s exactly what I did. 946 more words

Most of the time

most of the time
I can remember
the touch of summer legs
pressed against mine
softly as we slept,
distant memories
of a sweet impression… 29 more words


Valentine's Day.

I got to spend Valentine’s Day with the greatest person who makes me the most me I can be. She took me out for vegan burgers and put together the sweetest gifts for me. 36 more words


eternally lovesick

sweet lady with tender fingers
you made me melt
with love at first sight
spellbound circle of magic
sown with pleasure
with the touch of a lady’s hand… 18 more words


Where there's lesbians, there's drama

It’s been so long since I last wrote a post. I can’t even call this a New Year’s post anymore. It’s like 2017 has come and gone. 1,355 more words


Had an interesting weekend, I’ve seen my ex pretty much once a week since we broke up. There are times I feel absolutely broken, so many pieces to pick up. 200 more words