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Coldness of the Days

The coldness of the days between
Measured by degrees
Equaled by the miles
Separating desires
One from the other
With the freezing of the hours… 48 more words


Blessings of Spring

It was winter in the summer,
As I walked,
Drowning in the frigid waters of regret,
Wondering what to do with a tethered soul
And all the things I wanted to know… 224 more words



In such blue,
I am baptized here
in her place of prayer,
she places communion
upon my tongue
in remembrance of ourselves,
a wholeness is promised… 36 more words


Resting in You

Resting here
within the green foliage
of this dew laden vine
wrapping round me
seems the sweetest thing
I may yet know.
Having found
what I sought not… 64 more words


Your Touch

at your touch all is erased
as if never touched before
every mark, every touch
matters not if fleeting or lasting
obliterated by you,
a power possessed… 45 more words


Non-meshing Moments

I’ve had this particular blog a year now. Another Thanksgiving is soon to be upon us. A lot has changed since last Thanksgiving. But some things haven’t. 643 more words

She Sings Transcending

She sings songs to me

Of living known

Of finding hope within fire

Of want and desire

Of the blessed intricacies

In soul and mind and heart braided… 61 more words