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guatemala, here i come!

i can’t believe this, but i am in the middle of packing my bags for guatemala.  GUATEMALA, BABY!!!

it is so surreal to me.  for the past few months, i have been absolutely terrified of this trip.   812 more words

Rhyme's...6 stories, 12 characters, one author...ME!

So I have been working on the book and I am excited to announce that I am nearing completion. And I know authors say that their book is an awesome book and everyone should buy it. 2,054 more words


I once had to break up with someone...that I still loved.

It was just never the right timing. We had a connection that was unreal. She new me and every time she touched me I shivered…I mean really shivered. 34 more words


Vanilla Sex is Out

Wow, it’s been about a month since I’ve posted anything. I didn’t realize it’s been that long. A ton has happened since the last time I posted. 678 more words


naked human to the world

tonglen is a practice where
in part
you breathe in your own joy
and then send it out to all beings.
and breathe in your own pain, cradling it like a beloved child in a warm heartspace… 219 more words


that thing when

That thing when you see her name in some random place, like the sidebar in facebook, and your hands suddenly have an erotic ache in the centre and the very centre of your chest gets tight. 192 more words



Unlace the corset around your heart
slowly loosening each lace
letting love profuse barren spaces
seep into channels
trickle slowly
be patient with a heart taking life and space into itself… 65 more words