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Coming out in the workplace

It has been a while since I have posted anything but I am wanting to raise a topic that I have always found interesting, and slightly scary. 389 more words

The Beginning of the Merging Process

I had an eventful weekend! I was in LA for a job fair on Friday (speed dating for teaching jobs, basically). This is the first of a few that I will be attending, however, this one was more fruitful than I could have imagined! 556 more words

Should I Just Date Myself?

It’s been mad city in my life lately, somewhat of a comparison to the summer, but a bit more calm because work has been demanding. … 1,009 more words

Can I just whisper my secrets instead?

I’ve spent the past six week working on my thesis for my creative writing class. I’ve touched on a lot of things, but admittedly they were mostly superficial…….. 479 more words


The Old Me vs. The New Me

Friday has rolled around yet again. It’s interesting how no matter what’s happening in life, whether one is going through good or bad times, days and weeks just continue marching by. 598 more words

Entering the world of Lesbian Literature

I’ve heard it called different things: Gay Literature, Queer Literature, LGBT Literature – but none of things came to mind as I started working on my thesis for my masters. 301 more words


Not now. Not ever.

Life’s been a bit busy recently.

And frankly, I don’t have much to write about.

PhD was visiting for almost two weeks. The time with her was pretty awesome as always. 630 more words