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truth—I knew she lied

truth—I knew she lied
an answer that was not an answer
no matter how many times we lay together
when it’s not love but a need… 65 more words


Lilly-Anne by James McEwan

When I heard the front door close I dashed to the window. From behind the lace curtain I watched Lilly-Anne skip down the steps onto the street. 2,379 more words

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Congratulations, You're Gay.

So there is a cute girl in your class, and you can’t tell if you want to be her or date her. You decide that… 205 more words


Dead Woman's Hollow

Title: Dead Woman’s Hollow

Release date: 2013

Country: United States

Rating: NR

Director: Libby McDermott

Producer: Libby McDermott

Run time: 106 minutes

Color: color

Summary: Two female students set off for a camping trip into the Pennsylvania woods, but they are hunted, shot, and left for dead by a mountain man after he discovers they are lesbians. 39 more words

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Zeus - Keeper of Cosmic Electricity

“Keeper of Cosmic Jealousy,” Zeus shouted out his wife’s true identity. “False names and life-forms shall not protect you,” he seethed. “If you break a Sacred Law of the Universe have the courage to do so in your own name. 504 more words

Goodnight My Love

Title: Goodnight My Love

Release date: 2012

Country: United States

Rating: NR

Director: Kellee Terrell

Screenwriter: Kellee Terrell

Producer: Elizabeth Brouillette

Run time: 11 minutes… 47 more words

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gone to meet a lover
outside the queen’s chamber
naked finger to her lips
whispers before the fire
as if there were no ghosts here… 11 more words