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365 sleeps

Sitting on the ever familiar barstool

looking at the familiar faces, empty chairs and empty glass in my case, my chair should be empty, too much whisky, body rebelled… 56 more words


That article though

There seems to be an exorbitant amount of articles out there recently of people lamenting past loves and relationships and missing exes and letting go. They fill up my Facebook feed day after day after day. 383 more words

On the trajectory to who knows where or what

Haven’t been posting much lately. Mostly because I don’t have much to say or share. Nothing’s really changed. I’m still on the trajectory of finishing school and moving out west. 476 more words

Funnel Clouds







formed a funnel cloud

these reactions, all mine

i hold on tight

not ready to realease the hatred

drink? No… 38 more words


Down the road

I had a dream about the ace last night. It wasn’t romantic at all. I seemed to be hanging out with her and a friend of hers. 479 more words

My mind has been occupied

Last time I wrote, it seems that I was in some emotional turmoil… I’m not sure why I made it sound so dramatic. I don’t feel like that now. 482 more words