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Tearing down my fortress...

Hi everyone!  Boy I have been so busy lately.  My daughter has moved in with me after going through a divorce and it has been nonstop moving her in.  671 more words


Unidentifiable Emotions

I am currently on Day 35 of not smoking! It’s been over a month since I had my last cigarette. I am quite amazed that I have made it this far. 591 more words


in my heart

behind my ribs
between my breasts
where love-coloured warmth
forms the soft nest of my heart
a blue bird sits
curled, soft, feathers ruffling

I carry the joy of you
inside me.


Fading Words: Chapter 2

Denise was a middle school teacher and had made it clear outside of that, she was a rather busy person, but Simone couldn’t tell. She and Denise spent much of their following days exchanging playful banter with one another. 887 more words

Breakthroughs Galore

I’m happy to announce that I am on Day 13 of my no smoking campaign! It’s been a pretty easy quitting process except for one day, last week. 629 more words


It should be that simple right ?

im 32 years old the youngest of ten im lesbian with four sisters and five brothers I figured I should know what every female is thinking and planning to do because I got knowledge from both sides but I guess im wrong i just can’t figure her out this has become a challange I have had numerous but this young lady I can’t seem to figure out Its been ten years that’s a long time to figure someone out am I blind to something or over looking the signs. 135 more words


The State of My Life 2015

Usually I write a birthday post for myself. I realized about a week later that I haven’t done so for 2015 yet. So here it is. 432 more words