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fuck buddy

My first fuck buddy was a man. At the time I wasn’t familiar with the term “fuck buddy” but when I look back on that relationship that is exactly what he was and I’m fine with that. 647 more words

inching closer to the lamp post

In my chat group the subject of stds was brought up. Surprisingly by me. It sprung up from a comment I’d made about becoming¬†emotionally attached to¬†a fuck buddy being my second biggest fear. 216 more words

but I want her

I am confused.

Always confused.

There is a woman in my FWB group that I kind of sort of have a crush on. She’s always talking about women she’s set to meet always flake on her. 307 more words

Stone Butch, From A Femme Perspective

On the off-chance that there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know what the term “Stone Butch” means, here is how Dirt described it in a previous post… 1,608 more words

Sludge and Slime

The catfish died. WTF? I’ve been obsessively testing the water, gold stars every time. One went belly up yesterday afternoon. The second one died during the night. 777 more words

random thoughts: kik confusion

I started another kik group. I don’t know why I can’t stay away from that place. This group is for lesbian and bi women who are looking for fuck buddies. 367 more words

Women on Women Strap-On Sex, Lesbian Strap-On Sex Advice

Anonymous Reader: Hey, I’m actually a lesbian but I’m looking for advice on how to get my girlfriend interested in strap on sex. I know this is a pegging blog but there’s really not a whole lot of anything in regards to strap on sex for women with other women. 472 more words