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Self Image

I’m a big girl. I’ve always had a little bit of chub, but in the past few years I’ve gained a lot of weight. I went from a nice size 12-14 to a…well, let’s just say I’m big. 992 more words


Her ball-gagged lover...

Her lips taste of cherries and wine
and a hint of rubber
Her eyes look at her mistress
demanding, submitting, willing

A silent love game between two touching souls…


Transit Sex

I am finding myself
with a desperate urge
to run my fingers
up the back of your legs
to just under the edge
of your o’ so short skirt… 20 more words

Lesbian Sex

Lesbian Fetish Dreams

It all started with that wretched 60’ties song
“…where do you go to my lovely – when you’re alone in your bed?…’
It kept on playing in her head and she could not sleep… 54 more words


Take a ride on the wild side!

Carla, suddenly bi-curious…
visiting my next door neighbour

And for the first time in her life
she was bound, gagged and fucked by another woman! 22 more words


Lesbian office tasks

It had been hard for her to find a new job, really hard
But she finally got one, with a finance company in one of the downtown high-rise offices… 39 more words