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Wake up... Continued

Tuesday 1130am

You would think that after the thorough fucking I got this morning I wouldn’t still be craving more, but my body is telling me differently. 796 more words

Wake up!

September 12/13,2017

I couldn’t wait for my girl to go to work today to start on this story, I can definitely by far say that this has been the hottest thing I have seen and done in my life. 1,853 more words

A girl on girl encounter at the club

The music was pounding, the lights flashing hard and bright. Lilly’s feet hurt but she didn’t care. She’d been dancing with her girls Aliyah and Gina half the night, knocking back shots, downing drinks and relishing on cocktails. 1,798 more words

Erotic Stories

Haley and Lauren

“You wish I wasn’t straight?” The sound of Haley’s heart pounding was so loud in her ears she was sure Lauren must be able to hear it, too. 176 more words

Stephanie Kelly

The grey area of lesbian sex.

Just the other day I was talking to my best friend about what constitutes lesbian sex. Now, I hate when people ask me that, or comment on any of the following in fact: 207 more words


The After-Party

A Caucasian woman laid naked on her stomach on the coffee table in the middle of the room.

An African American woman laid on top of her, nude as well, grinding, moving her hips forward into her. 139 more words


I am Black Beauty

Akbar Amar Anthony (Akbar Amar Anthony) is a Punjabi movie released in 1978. There is no information on how the public responded to it so we can safely assume it was a flop. 1,098 more words

Rock And Disco