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Warning! Hot Post: Connecting to Your Partner

Although everything is connected it does not always seem or feel so. When it comes to love, it is a journey, rather it is a rollercoaster with exhilarating highs and suffocating lows. 726 more words


My momment (im not proud of it but it is what it is)

Clit is throbbing so violently,
Pussy begging to be touched,
Nipples so hard,
Tossing and turning because the discomfort is unbearable,
No ammount of self-touch will completely satisfy this thirst, 234 more words


craizy femmes

I’m talking to em butch girls……
Why do ya’ll date craizy-ass bitches with insane drama??!!.
It’s always something with some femmes…gadamn!!
Dont you just love peace, love and fun with no fucking drama. 136 more words



I swear i could crash someones head in-between my thighs. My clit is throbbing so hard i could bet its faster than my heart. 143 more words



As I lay here, missing her touch. Wondering when next I’ll see her, when next I’ll lay with her. Not knowing the answer frustrates me. 142 more words



Her hands interlock with your hair pulling you closer towards her as she gently bites down on your bottom lip. You are excited because you are finally going to fuck her. 466 more words

Baby Doll Diaries (Double Feature)

I picked this up the same time I picked up Candy Stripers Over the Edge (Double Feature) (Co-Feature Bridesmaids Over the Edge). It’s from the same studio, Retromedia, and much of the same production team of producer Charles Dexter, Director Roger Sales, Videographer Randall Silver, along with editor Micha Pierce, and music by Mack Franklin. 1,029 more words