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Would I Date Someone Who's HIV positive?

I guess for many of us this title may come as a surprise but for other it’s their reality. Just last night I was watching a movie on Netflix the title was “25 to life” it was about a little boy who lived most of his college life with the HIV virus.   481 more words


HIV In The Lesbian Community Can You Get Infected?

Don’t Let the Media fool you. We have all heard it in the past. Lesbian are at lower risk of contracting HIV,  Compared to any other sexual Contact.   771 more words


Can I use My Strap?

One thing is for sure dealing with women who are masculine in appearance has many disadvantages. At least, the ones whom I have grown accustomed to dating. 393 more words


Don't Wake Me Up.

Last night I had a Dream. For the life of me, I couldn’t even image having a dream such as this one, especially when I rarely remember them the next morning anyway, but I guess it’s clear that I have been single for so long that these days it seem as if this is the only thing that has clouded my mind for the past couple of month, I have been finding myself following a couple transgender female to male vlog  though my youtube channel. 343 more words


My hearts diction I compose

You body’s my devotion
And portions of my addiction
Baby no contradiction
My hearts diction I compose

I’m on a mission
Put you in positions… 35 more words


Sensual portion #7

Don’t tease me!
Just please me!

She loves the smell of her

Gentle kisses,
A gesture of love,
Hers only for the night, 13 more words


Exhibit this!

She says I’m an exhibitionist,
And I say,
I’ll exhibition this!

Aww sweety,
It’s the confidence.

Some call me fat!
Some plump,
Full figured,
Big, 98 more words