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Your hands are the first thing I feel each day as you reach out to rub me and tell me good morning. It’s those same hands that make their way into mine as we go for a drive or take a walk in the park. 303 more words


A Little Afternoon Delight I

A Little Afternoon Delight I

Tomatoes blush
As I turn to welcome your kiss
Still a few more days, I say
Knowing how you love them… 181 more words


A Fascinating New Theory About Why Women Are Receptive to Same-Sex Hookups

During the last few months, a fair amount of research has been conducted on the subject of sex as it pertains to gender, with the latest examining why females are more open to same-sex hookups than men. 243 more words


I'm a virgin!?

Last week something really weird happened. I went to see an ob-gyn for the first time…too much information? Sorry, this is going to be that kind of story, so if it makes you uncomfortable, here’s your cue. 366 more words


Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

A new research study claims many straight millennial women are choosing to experiment with partners of the same sex, and half of those responded believe their gender is fluid. 140 more words


The Conclusion...

Part Three…

The warm walls of my wet slit clamp down on your fingers as they explore me from inside. Cries of ecstasy escape from me as you become more aggressive, pushing harder and deeper into my wetness. 743 more words


I Imagine, Part Two...

And the story continues…

Kissing you is beyond intoxicating and I’m mesmerized by the feel of your lips on mine. You pull away just enough to look me in the eyes while you place my hands over my head, squeezing my wrists and pushing them into the bed…There’s no need for cuffs today, I instinctively know not to move them. 287 more words