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10 Reasons Being a Lesbian Rocks

When I initially thought about writing this I’m not going to lie, I had a hard time thinking of 10 reasons. Because my brain was inundated with negatives. 1,402 more words

Getting Caught! Ekkk the first time......part 1 of 3

Have you ever been in a situation where you just don’t care who walks in, the timing is right,  the chemistry is right and the mood is set? 1,029 more words


Haruka and Michiru's Long Night

Haruka knew she was in trouble.

Michiru typically reserved her icy glare for Youma and anyone who interrupted her violin practices.

Tonight, however, the stare that could make even the most intimidating, tentacle-ridden monster cower in fear pierced Haruka’s heart. 1,001 more words

Domestic Discipline

Predator Unleashed At Last

The work day started off smoothly in the headquarters of GoodFellas magazine. Sitting behind the gold plated desk in my state-of-the-art office, I was online gazing at the portfolio of Florida model Monica Hershel. 3,429 more words

Black Erotica

Being a Lesbian Is NOT All About Sex

I have touched upon this topic before, but it deserves a specific post. Heck, it deserves multiple posts!

Due to the fact that being a Lesbian is labeled a SEXUAL orientation, people in general, including Lesbians, often equate Lesbian with SEX. 391 more words


Feign forever

Pretend for tonight

We’ll act like good lovers

Act like we got this for life

Knowing damn well this ends

There’s no such thing as forever… 39 more words


Stop and Look

I’m having one of my periodic relapses of my chronic illness so I’m likely to spend the next few weeks primarily in bed for boring resting reasons rather than hot sex and my libido will have booked itself a spa break elsewhere rather than be noticeable to me. 285 more words