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The Ups and Downs of My Lesbian Libido

I like the word libido for a number of reasons. I also like the word mojo. Both of these words bring a smile to my face for several reasons. 684 more words

Lesbian Life

Here's Why Lesbian Porn Sucks, But True Girl-On-Girl Action Could Be The Best Sex You've Ever Had

I cannot watch lesbian porn.

I said it. I needed to get that off my chest. I hate it, and it honestly sort of freaks me out, which might seem weird considering I’m a bisexual woman. 628 more words

The Hotel - Chapter 4

Room 527

Alex sat at the bar thinking about the first time she had ever been there. It was three years ago, this weekend. She always returned on the anniversary, even though so much had changed over the last three years. 2,853 more words

How Much Sex Is "Normal"?: A "Dear Lesbian" Question

I just received an anonymous comment on my Lesbian Bed Death post, and since I think others may have the same questions/concerns, this comment will be the subject of today’s “ 563 more words

My Lesbian Cousin Wants to Eat My Girlfriend Out

I’ve jacked off three times since last night, thinking about this dirty, hot and fucked up situation.

I love my lesbian cousin to death. I don’t have any sexual feelings geared towards her whatsoever. 541 more words

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My Girlfriend Won't Have Sex With Me - What should I Do?

Dear Dr. Frankie:

My girlfriend and I have been together just over a year and living together for about 6 months. We were friends before we ever started dating and waited a while before we had sex for the first time.  460 more words


How to make her squirt

There are many steps which describe the process about how to make a girl squirt, but all is needed are fingers and oral job. The best advice is to try with exploration in different things, different numbers of fingers, different parts of her pussy and ass. 1,215 more words