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Life is really getting in the way of making babies

It really is quite annoying that we can not pack the inseminator (also lovingly referred to as Dan) into our suitcases when we go away. Equally frustrating is that we also wont fit into his suitcase when he goes away. 471 more words


Orange is the new Awesome!

There are many reasons to love Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black”. It’s funny, touching, life affirming and at times even a bit scary; it is set in a prison after all. 310 more words


My Letter to Brittney Griner

Dear Brittney Griner,

I write this to you not out of judgment but out of respect and admiration. I see you. No one can comprehend what it feels like to be you, Brittney Yvette Griner. 1,257 more words


One Thousand One Hundred Sixteen Days

Time spent chain smoking on front porches staring at the sky and the seasons shifting. Time it took to fall in love, lose everything, and try to begin again. 144 more words



Why she wonder was she so attracted to her. Then she realized there were too many reasons to mention.

                 ~ Exposed Loving

Exposed Loving

Full Circle

I’ve come full circle..After more than a year, I saw “Caroline” again, my unrequited crush—the girl who inspired this blog.

She hugged me. She said my name. 163 more words

Chocolate Lips

Succulent lips match the wanton swaying of her hips. Beautiful dark chocolate melts in my mouth and on my fingers leaving no doubt of having a wonderful experience with her.

~ Exposed Loving

Exposed Loving