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For that one person who feels grief right now. ..

​The Air That We Breathe

We know that the air we breathe has oxygen but we never give it another thought. But somewhere, some time ago, some scientist discovered there were other components to air, one of them being a gas called argon. 254 more words


Happy Sunday gorgeous lot

Hey…its 5.21am sunday morning. I figured if I got up now then I shouldn’t be tired for the rest of the day. Mother nature showed her face last night not that I’m fussed by this…I’ve been expecting her. 341 more words


It took just one step out of the closet...

I was born in March 1966, so yes I’ve just turned 50 (a prospect I wasn’t looking forward to if I’m being completely honest – but so far it’s been ok) thankfully it helps that I have inherited good genes and subsequently look a lot younger than I am. 2,169 more words

May Contain Rants

Love Blind by Christa Desir and Jolene Perry

Shit happens, but it’s how ones deal with it that matters. Take Kyle and Hailey. Kyle is excessively shy, literally unable to express himself aloud (although he’s great at putting his thoughts down in his journal). 398 more words


New Study Sheds Light On State Of LGBT Entrepreneurs In The U.S.

More than one in three LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) entrepreneurs funded or seeking funding are not “out” to investors

Startups founded by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) entrepreneurship community are at risk for discrimination, affecting where they locate their businesses, their ability to raise capital and how they build trust with investors, according to a new study from… 672 more words

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