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I Imagine...

I can’t help my mind wandering to the time when we’re together. If I were there when you got home today, I imagine I’d be waiting for you, wherever you had specified. 237 more words


The innocent young women 😡

I’ll never understand the full extent of being taken away by depression … But I get the inkling the unsettling feeling of possibly losing yourself in a very strange scary feeling where you have no Idea where you might end up?! 111 more words


Going Vegan. 

Today is Day 1 of my 14 day vegan challenge and I already tried to weasel my way into some Mexican food tonight that definitely has animal product in it. 138 more words


Anti-Mother's Day in Calgary

{Please join us for this week’s upcoming Beltline Gay History Jane’s Walk (May 7th at 10am) with special guest artist Bogdan Cheta performing!  – Kevin} 478 more words


Two Different Bodies, In Love

When I look at your body I see so much to love and I see much to be jealous of.

In all the places you expand and fill out, I am small, and in all the places where you curve, I am flat. 353 more words

I'll Miss You. 

Sometimes you find stronger love in animals than you ever did with a human being.

My dear Charlie. This cat is my everything. He let me hold him but no one else. 142 more words


I can't stop loving you

I can’t stop loving you,
even if I want to.
I have no control
over the beating
of my heart,
it beats
and will go on… 68 more words