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shitty heartfelt rambles via text 

she had left me with nothing more than a 
t-shirt and shitty heartfelt rambles via text. nothing to remember her by other than the burning taste of whiskey and cigarettes.

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::::The Pink Mile - Chapter 3::::


There she goes again. That was the fifth time that Naomi smacked Ashleigh’s ass today. Every time it has the same effect, her pussy instantly gets wet. 1,344 more words

Lust Series

The Pregnancy Test Wait - The Longest 14 Days Ever

I took it easy for the first couple of days after our insemination.  I really wasn’t sure how to feel.  Part of me wanted to be so sure that it had worked and that positive thinking could only increase my chances of pregnancy.   1,153 more words

The Other Mother Syndrome

I’m sitting here alone, watching South-East Queensland scramble to prepare for the flooding that’s coming as ex-tropical cyclone Debbie works her way down the coast. The state government has taken the unprecedented step of closing ALL schools across the SE today, so my seventeen-year-old and eleven-year-old daughters aren’t at school, but I’m still home alone. 625 more words