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My Brother's Friend - Rumination

How are you so pretty and smart
and still so single?
I respond with a hearty laugh,
trying not to choke.
We are in public (on Facebook). 375 more words

Further Into Fire By HollyAnne Weaver


Kathleen Pope, firefighter turned EMT and now flying with the Minnesota Highway Patrol’s Flight Section, and her wife, Belladonna, a businesswoman who moved to St. 412 more words


Abstain from Sexual Sin

Consider this.

Jesus said, in Aramaic, that He valued those setting themselves aside for Temple service. Reading it as if it were Hebrew, it was translated to read… 402 more words

The Scent of Frustration

I blame his scent. If it wasn’t for that comforting and familiar smell of Old Spice, I wouldn’t be in this situation to begin with. I’m gay for God’s sake! 706 more words

She Chose me

She Chose me


Got me a real one

She been down

She chose me

And I’m so thankful she did

Got me making better future plans… 316 more words


Queen Status

Queen status


Queen status and not talking Nicki Minaj

But no shade to her

I’m just speaking on some one special to me

That Kelz and Yaz storyline… 130 more words


Cycle of Violence: This has to be known and understood

The cycle of violence if unknown, happens, if known happens. It is why we have a court system and full penitentiaries. A huge national budget for all of it. 408 more words

Wise Women And Beyond