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Born Gay?

The link below is to an article that looks at whether people are born gay or not.

For more visit:


A Message to the LGBTQ Community

I have not been very active the past two months and as an apology and a comeback I have a very special guest blogger writing to a community dear to my heart. 527 more words

Sri Lanka

Bisexual Need Understanding

The exploration of sex in modern society is becoming more and more broad, and various sexual orientations appear in a time. Bi-curious woman are growing and they have a sexual needs, but they don’t know how to date someone with the same gender.Before you… 551 more words


Recognizing Abusive Communication can lead to finding Male victims Of sexual verbal and written abuse

I write sex stuff all the time, this started at 15 years old after I read my first romantic novel and got hooked. Was there abusive sex language in that novel? 455 more words

Wise Women And Beyond


The way I see it, I gave you everything.

Driving you around the city in my ’91 coupe
while you painted your nails, sipped tropical drinks. 558 more words


Learning and Unlearning Homophobia

The September 4th issue of Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times discusses the public caning of two Malaysian women who were caught trying to have sex together. 716 more words

We are Human

Waking this morning was fun, because I wanted to write about natural consequences and then thought about polyamory. Yes, polyamory, which is a loving closed relationship, for adults in the end it raises healthy loving children. 966 more words

Wise Women And Beyond