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Blue Is the Warmest Colour (Movie)

Earlier I had written reviews on two (Circumstance and Fire) films where the theme was lesbianism. This is the third in line and hope you would enjoy reading this (and watching the film subsequently.) Be prepared to experience unlimited excitement of 179 minutes. 486 more words


Why Lesbianism Has Grown Popular

Why has lesbianism grown popular? Why did it make the jump from porn to drama and superhero shows? It’s not a hard question to answer once you consider the target demographics. 237 more words

We are not "Queer"

I have come to detest the word queer and the way in which it blankets an incredibly diverse community with extremely different and usually oppositional view points. 227 more words


A Woman Who Loves Another Woman Is Forever Young

They say that a woman who loves another woman is forever young. Perhaps that’s why it feels like spring in your embrace, even as everything around us decays and rots. 415 more words

Listening to my Ex-Lovers Having Sex

I sit in the next room, John Oliver at full volume in my headphones, trying not to catch her cries of pleasure (which, honestly, often sound more like anguish than ecstasy). 1,181 more words

A sneaky peek at my new erotic novella - Secrets of the East Wing

I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the ‘Spicy Bites’ anthology, due out in August, which will contain my first foray into erotic writing – Serendipity.  This is a short story romance with graphic erotic scenes. 614 more words