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How woman chased her five children out because of lesbianism [PHOTOS]

A Nigerian lady, Mrs Blessing Okoma, mother of five, at The Synagogue Church of All Nations, in Lagos, confessed her disreputable adventure into lesbianism and its detestable aftermath upon her young family. 738 more words


Photo: Police Arrest 12 Girls Over Lesbianism

The victim told the police that she was initiated last year through a friend who gave her some strange demands.

She said: “it was Tope who introduced me into lesbianism and cultism early last year. 705 more words


How a 16yrs old girl was initiated into cultism and lesbianism

Hell was let loose, last week, in Oto-Owori area, Ijanikin, Lagos State, after a 16-year-old member of the famous Abogun family, 832 more words


The Ugly Dance

With the recent surge of LGBT activism that has swept our nation, I have seen many people interact with and dialogue about the good and the bad things that come from it, but I haven’t seen too many people talk about what is  2,408 more words


Packed in a Trunk: The Lost Art of Edith Lake Wilkinson Debuts on HBO

It wasn’t easy living in America, circa 1924, if you were a woman with exceptional artistic talent, showed signs of emotional fragility and unorthodox sexual proclivities.   904 more words



There’s this crazy feeling I get when I compare the kids of today with kids in my own time…there is a humongous difference in the way kids now think, act or speak. 415 more words

NHW Tales

the gay science

Returning to the QDSF issue of LIGHTSPEED to tackle five reprint stories. (i looked at the original printings here.) We have three shorts and two longer stories from the 80s, and once again, an asterisk * indicates extra enjoyment. 799 more words

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