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Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do

Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do

By Paul Cameron, Ph.D.

Dr. Cameron is Chariman of the Family Research Institute of Colorado Springs, Colorado USA. Click here… 3,480 more words
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“lesbianism” clinical diagnosis

I am so mad about this right now! What the Actual Fuck! Why do we still have to participate in this stupid selfish Song and dance! 58 more words

"I miss you"

You say you miss me but your words are as hollow as your coffin.

You love so lively, while I feel so dead.
Every word I send makes me lose another breathe because my heart stops once more at the thought of you. 98 more words


How One Of my dear friend got into SWINGER COUPLE AND THREESOME SEX

I met my hubby from Afrointroductions dating site,he is from Austria and 48 years old.That’s was 2012.It has been a hell life for me but you know I have to cope because of papers and where I come from we are not that well off.We met and stay like two months chatting and then Andreas came to Nairobi to visit me and eventually his this kind of a guy well build and self employment meaning he got her own companies in Austria.When he was in Nairobi we clicked very well and deeply fall in love and here we were lover birds.Andreas had only came for 2weeks due to his businesses he had to go back to Austria and check on them but he promised me he wanted to marry me and make me his wife when he come second round.I was so excited and ready to marry him cos at that time he meant the world to me.I remember he came back on August the same year and we went to my parents and he paid dowry in full and here was our dream wedding, I mean beach dream wedding.After the wedding he didn’t have time for honeymoon because he had to go and look after his companies and there I understood him.He left me behind and I went to Austria embassy in Nairobi for visa ,its was processed within 3weeks I got my visa and I was ready to join my husband in Austria in Wien.I was so happy that soon I will be with the love of my life forever.The day came and I went to Austria.When i arrived in Wien airport on my way out after all the checks up I saw my husband standing there waiting for me with flowers on his hand little did I know that was the beginning of my night mares to sleep with different men and women for his sexually satisfaction. 770 more words

Rejected Be: Myself (did not submit anywhere)

Tampons From Hell

I was incredulous. “Wait, you won’t let me in the teen section at the library, but you’re sending me to an overnight summer camp?” I pushed the camp brochure back across the kitchen counter. 6,564 more words

I Thought I was a lesbian

Veekhy’s note: HelIo people. Here is another episode of #BeingReal where real people share real stories. Read to the end, share and be blessed. 

I prefer to be anonymous. 891 more words

Being Real

I Have Dream That Someday Our Love Won't Feel Like A Dirty Little Secret 

“I want to worship your skin, I want to pray between your knees. I’ll damn myself to have your hands all over me. God has no place here. 719 more words