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Lesbianism in the works of Dorothy L Sayers

What interests me is the way that DLS portrays lesbianism, where it occurs in her novels, as a social normality; not only that she did so, but that the popularity of her books suggests that this wasn’t shocking to her readers. 1,640 more words

From Lesbianism to Complementarianism

The link below is to an article that takes a look at one woman’s journey from lesbianism to complementarianism.

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Do you wanna touch...?

‘Do you wanna touch me, Dreamer? Do you wanna fuck?’

She turned my nipple as i said that and stared down at me. ‘Yeah, I wanna fuck you. 148 more words


Rock Bottom

I cringe whenever he brags about how “special” our first kiss was, at the fact that I recall no memory of it whatsoever. The thought that he described it as an opportunity he couldn’t let pass by sickens me to my stomach. 114 more words

Being Stereotyped Sucks.

Every person has stereotyped another person by making judgments. Labels are thrown across society almost every second whether it’s in schools, online, businesses, or homes. Being in a homosexual relationship makes being stereotyped harder! 464 more words


As Many as the Stars in the Sky...

When people ask me, “What is the cause of homosexuality,” I’ll tell them that the “causes” are as numerous as the stars in the sky.  Every person is different, and sexual orientation is a complex thing.  195 more words


Ask Matt: Can a Lesbian Date a Trans Man?

A reader writes: “I have been an out Lesbian for 24 years (I’m 44) and recently met and fell in love with a Trans guy. For obvious reasons, this was a little confusing at the start, and I am still curious about my changing ‘identity’ (which appears to have become a little more fluid and harder to define than previously!). 1,382 more words

Ask Matt

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