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We interrupt your programming to bring you some very important news: As I was sitting at my computer, catching up on facebook and enjoying my first cup of coffee this morning, a dark object flew over my head (please don’t let it have been… 311 more words

Getting alone with Him

Getting alone with Him daily begins the abandonment process; surrendering to Him daily enables you to maintain abandonment. 


DNC Reflections Part 2

Day 2 of the 2016 Democratic National Convention opened with a physical clash between Bernie Sanders supporters and the police, after Hillary Clinton was officially awarded the Democratic nomination. 432 more words

Archive Fever: New Jersey Lesbian Cat Poetry of the 1970s (and a brief election rant)

I hate everything about this election. I hate the candidacy of a garbage-monster fascist, and I hate that I’m related by blood to people who will vote for him. 810 more words

LGBT History

'Hot lesbians' ad bashing Saudi oil backfires on Canadian oilsands advocates

CALGARY — “In Canada lesbians are considered hot! In Saudi Arabia if you’re a lesbian you die!”

So reads the poster that rapidly made the rounds on Facebook and and Twitter Monday; it was greeted with groans, howls of indignation, tittering delight and flabbergasted silence. 733 more words


Trump Supporter's accountability

Lets surmise Trump has a  condition known as diarrhea of the mouth…poor fellow. As a result of his condition sadly, he can’t see the difference between speaking your mind and hurting people.   1,801 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Ice And Fire, Part III

This is rather lengthy so make sure you are in a comfortable spot and ready to disappear. I hope this was worth the wait.

Elsa came to in a jump start. 2,494 more words