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Looking Glass Movie Review- Take A Peek At This!!

This thriller is for the voyeur in you. It stars Nicolas Cage and Robin Tunney. Both actors have given us far more memorable roles then… 279 more words


A Commenter Got Internet Mad At Me For Wanting To Learn More About The LGBTQ+ Community

Now I’ll be the first to say I am a fucking idiot. What I do all day is my day job and what I do all night and weekends is drink cheap beer and eat 5 star pizza and smoke weed and jerk off hoping next weekend I have sex with a woman’s vagina and/or mouth and butt. 530 more words


P is for Poetry #AtoZChallenge

“I came to work on my novel.” It was a total cliché at the time — everyone, it seemed, came to Martha’s Vineyard to work on a novel. 1,071 more words

Martha's Vineyard

Kissing girls

Original & © A. Shepherdson. (#humour :) )

(A free shout out to ‘Taylors of Oxford’ Deli!)

First off let me say I’m NOT homophobic, far from it, I’m a ‘live and let live’ kind of guy (as Long as no one gets hurt :) ) whatever makes you happy in life then that’s fine by me. 967 more words


Congratulations, You're Gay.

So there is a cute girl in your class, and you can’t tell if you want to be her or date her. You decide that… 205 more words


Celebrations (Part 2 - The Book Launch)

Yesterday was another great opportunity to celebrate, this time the release of Mag Merrilees’ new book Big Rough Stones. Mag has featured here before, at least once at… 411 more words

L is for Lesbian #AtoZChallenge

WARNING: The first several paragraphs of this post rely heavily on “Gay on MV,” a personal history that I posted here in June 2015. 990 more words

Martha's Vineyard