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"A Work of Quiet Wisdom"

Read this smart, thoughtful review of my historical novel, The Ada Decades, in North Carolina’s LGBT newspaper, Q Notes! Torie Dominguez calls it “a work of quiet wisdom.”

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Sekhmet Reviews - Tyrant Webcomics by Chris Ryahn et al.

Ready for a sweet and quick review? Here’s one for you about Tyrant Webcomics by Chris Ryahn et al. It’s definitely…


This is a collection of short side stories focused on characters from other series. 408 more words


STIs and Love

I’ve been learning about HPV.  (Nice opener, right?)  T got a positive result for high risk HPV (but negative for 16 or 18, which are the most common to cause cervical cancer).  372 more words

The First Step.. 'The Chat'

So how is this suppose to be approached?!  The forward “This is what I want, you game?!” Or skirt around it and get the host of whether it’s an option or not?! 316 more words

April Newsletter

Welcome back! This newsletter comes a bit later than usual (it’s normally published on the 15th of each month), because I wanted to give a little room to… 498 more words


Chapter 1 - Cover

Ma’at is the Egyptian goddess of justice. Her symbol is the ostrich feather you can see in the cover.

According to Egyptian mythology, when a person died, s/he was judged in a very simple way: Anubis would put his/her heart (ib) on top of a scale, and then place the Ma’at feather on the other side. 80 more words


Sekhmet Interviews - David Lindholm (author of Voidchild)

Isn’t it awesome we have yet another interview? And this is going to full-blown…


Yes! A drunk interview with David Limdholm, author of… 950 more words