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9 weeks!!

A lot has happened since my last update. Not soon after we had a little scare, I had a gradual loss of symptoms, bleeding and cramps. 635 more words

Gay Marriage is a Hate Crime

Gay/Lesbian marriage a hate crime. Before we start, you have to understand that this argument only applies to Christians (it might apply to other religions as well but I don’t try to speak to the non-Christian mind set). 590 more words


Leaving on a Jet plane

As we head stateside for the summer we mentally prepare ourselves for the good ole US of A, it’s funny how our years spent as expats have enriched our lives so much to the point we are anxious at the thought of “home”. 244 more words


Have you ever looked at someone and found them to be magnetic? When I first saw Ros, I immediately knew there was something about her that drew me to her. 615 more words


What It's Like To Hit On Chicks At A Gay Pride Parade

Last week marked a landmark moment for civil rights and America as a whole, as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of LGBTQ marriage. This is already having a tremendous effect on the way our country is perceived, and what the world generations to come will live in is like. 452 more words

This drives me absolutely batty!!

I’ve thought and thought about it, trying to figure out why women do it, but I can’t, for the life of me, figure it out. I’m hoping some of you might be able to answer this question for me. 110 more words


What to do?

My dad usually calls me for any summer type of holiday and invites the family over to swim. Sometimes we go, sometimes we don’t. It just depends on what we are doing, but I always get the phone call. 451 more words