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Gays Are Not Scary

Our culture appears obsessed with whether homosexual acts are scary. In my book, Is Gay Good? I avoid that debate and examine the nonmoral aspect of the issue. 539 more words



Many porno lovers say she was too short, she had an ugly neck, a big butt….but for me she was one of the best pornstars I’ve ever seen: she’s got a terrific sexual energy and she seemed to love her job, making sex with passion and professionality. 210 more words

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Part 3 - Page 57

I guess Blitz’s peacefulness is kind of fading away.

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STRAIGHTBIANS in "Lesbian" Films

This short list of STRAIGHTBIANS in purported Lesbian films is a brief example of how STRAIGHTBIANS use/abuse and damage Lesbians, in film and in life. It is NOWHERE near the LONG list of STRAIGHTBIANS in film which date back to the beginning of film making. 9 more words

El Cheapo diaries continue 

Day 3

Canberra to Batemans Bay

A pretty uneventful drive back on the roads we had previously driven to get to Canberra, however, we had decided to pass through Batemans Bay and carry on a little further to a rest stop called Waldons Swamp. 465 more words

31 Horror Prompts – Response #17

First of all, hello everyone! It’s the 18th of October! We’re cruising right through the month, and right through these writing prompts. I have to say that I’ve really been enjoying them, and I especially love a good photo prompt. 1,918 more words

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