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Redding Ca. Same-Sex Couple Nomination for Prom King and Queen

A California high school has rejected two female students’ plea to be eligible for prom king and queen, despite the fact that the couple was nominated by their peers.

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Stonewall Riots: From Liberation to Commemoration

It’s 1969 and you’re a closeted gay person. Homosexuality is still a dark and sinful thing, according to current public opinion that is. Because of this, the only places you feel safe to socialize in, the gay clubs and bars in the night scene, are constantly harassed by those authoritative men-in-blue with the black-as-night bully stick. 462 more words

A little more about me......

Growing up in deep rural Jamaica, being different meant that you had a disability, a mental illness or some type of disfigurement.

I didnt know or even thought that i would be “different” as an adult. 779 more words


Acceptance In The Queer Community

The US has made amazing strides in the recent past pertaining to gay acceptance. Gay marriage is legal in all states, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few months. 1,169 more words

My troubles with anxiety...

I have suffered from generalized anxiety from as long as i can remember. I was diagnosed on a visit to canada some years ago.I Have never spoken about it publicly with anyone outside of my immediate family. 131 more words


Trying to conceive. 

Hey readers, Becks and I have some exciting news which the title of this blog post gives away but never mind, we are officially trying to conceive! 632 more words


A Lesbian Scot tries to use the restroom

Back in the 80’s right after I had come home from a month in Britain, I went to hear the Royal Massed bands with the Gordon and Sutherland Highlanders at UCLA with my parents. 423 more words

Gay Rights