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Franklin Graham speaks


Franklin Graham

To all lesbians, gays, bisexuals, & transgenders—

There are many people who will tell you what you want to hear in this life. I hope you will give me an opportunity to tell you the truth here. 721 more words

as requested

You want to see yourself in this blog, but I’m not good at specifics when it comes to people.  I tell all my secrets, but only the ones that pertain strictly to me.  150 more words

Update on Family!

My mom met my sister-in-law and me at the Sears Outlet. She found a washer she liked that was in our price range. She decided she needed a washer more than a dryer. 96 more words


I do not believe it...

We did our second Beta(blood test) this morning. We have been waiting anxiously all morning…basically going crazy. I was positive it was a chemical pregnancy but needed the confirming news to move on. 329 more words

just a sleepy little update

This week has gone by swimmingly.  Ignoring certain aspects of it, that is.  But why focus on unpleasant parts when you can just ride the wave of fun?  127 more words

HPT Madness

That means home pregnancy test madness. These are dollar store test that I have been taking since 9dp5dt(9 days post 5 day transfer). Day 9 looked the darkest and then 10 morning and afternoon got super light, which was the day I did beta test(38). 200 more words