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PRIDE.........Gays, Lesbians and Tranny's are all here............

The streets of New York are packed with people who have descended on the city…….ready to march in the PRIDE parade on Sunday.

The parade will have 25,000 marchers and 200,000 spectators lining Fifth Avenue.


Sexcapades: Episode 11 (Shade's POV) 

Hey Guys, we’ve almost gotten to the final episodes of Sexcapades. I really hope you enjoyed it. I’m currently working on other categories I know you would like.

643 more words

It's A Girl Boy Thing

If you were boy and I were girl
Then you could send my thoughts awhirl.
But as you’re girl and I am boy
You’ll have to draft a diff’rent ploy. 63 more words


Where Do Gay People Come From?

Once upon a time, eons ago, there was a colony of people that existed in a rainbow colored planet. There, they were free to love and to exist. 756 more words


USA is Safer since the FBI'S Gay Pride Summit

‘The FBI may not be able to detect and prevent left-wing violence directed at Republicans playing baseball. But it sure knows how to pander to and entertain the LGBTQ community with a full-blown conference featuring discussions about the oppressive “identity hierarchy.” 473 more words

A Silly Game

Definitely straight

Maybe bi

All those piercings? Definitely lesbian

I was on a window seat in the matatu waiting for it to fill up so we could leave. 803 more words


The LGBTQ Alphabet

“Equinox Fitness” released a short film titled “LGBTQ Alphabet: Six Letters Will Never Be Enough.”

Equinox ✔ @Equinox  Six letters will never be “enough” to spell out your truth. 689 more words