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Just Another Sunday

We can barely keep our hands away from each other, as we make our way towards my apartment. We keep giggling like silly, horny teenagers. We rush up the stairs so fast that we actually miss my floor, and we have to go back down. 1,905 more words


Women's body parts are biologically female and were in plain sight Saturday

One of the things I loved about the March and the signs was that a lot of the Trans definitions of womanhood got thrown right under the bus. 379 more words

Part 3 - Page 68

Confession time for Sekhmet.

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Wing Jones - Katherine Webber

No, I don’t dream about the accident. I dream, over and over again, that I’m running. Running like I’ve never run before. Running like Eliza Thompson. 419 more words

Books I've Finished

Pussy Power

Controlled as they are by radical lesbian feminazis dedicated to the proposition that all men are created evil and holding the opinion that no man will ever be allowed to come near their dried-up old vaginas, the feminist movement has managed to convince women that they have some sort of mystical pussy power derived from the fact that they possess a vagina. 1,597 more words


Someone published work by my gay ass

I got an opinion piece published. And got paid for it.

To some, this may not feel like a big deal. After all, I am part of the… 717 more words

Six Blocks

She was six blocks away.

She could apologize for this, couldn’t she? Even if it wasn’t her fault. Even if it wasn’t exactly fair. Even if it shouldn’t even have been her job to apologize. 998 more words