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Lesbians in a Car

Many great writers and artists have undertaken road trips. The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour, Jack Kerouac’s On the Road and Ernie the fastest milkman in the west but this really takes the Farleys! 145 more words

Literature Wales


May 23rd. The birthday of the person I thought I was going to spend my life with. She was on my mind all day today. I was thinking about how she was spending her day and I even thought about sending her a “happy birthday” text message or an email but not a phone call because that would involve too many emotions. 114 more words

Repairs Have Begun

The roofers came on Saturday and started replacing the roof. We have to have the planking under the shingles repaired, so it is no easy job. 162 more words


Whole 30: Fin.

25: A lot of people have asked along the way if I’m losing weight. For the duration, it was hard to tell. I felt good, but I wasn’t seeing any physical results, something I was equal parts frustrated and okay with. 1,397 more words

Wedding Setting

I keep saying we are going to post more, and I promise soon we will. Work has gotten crazy busy for me, which would be no problem except that we have a wedding to plan! 602 more words


After the Storm

Well! That was an adventure.

It’s not every day that we’re the #1 trending topic on Facebook.

Or written about by the Daily News, the Associated Press, three British newspapers (the  648 more words

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Do they want to make us happy or not, that's a question that came up, after interacting a bit with them. Usually, people smile when they see breasts. It's the best way to start peace and happiness.But what is their intention, that they do women only theater? We'll never know.

We Didn't Want to Write Our Vows, So We Wrote the Whole Ceremony Instead ... Hmm

We decided to go with a priest in part so we could also use a traditional service, and thus avoid writing our own vows. Even though we’re both writers, we were intimidated by the idea of putting our specific feelings into words and reading those words in public.  1,188 more words