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Crime drama clichés abound in new ITV procedural

The set-up in Paranoid is not an unfamiliar one: a team of coppers conduct an investigation into the relatively simple murder of a female GP. All the police stereotypes are present; there’s the firm commanding one, the sarcastic no-nonsense one, the sparky youthful one and the jittery suspicious one. 262 more words


Naked (1993)


Few films have ever plumbed the ugliest depths of the human soul as deeply as Mike Leigh’s masterpiece. Naked is an ugly, vile, horrendous work, in the best possible sense, opening with the protagonist Johnny (David Thewlis in what is surely one of the all-time greatest screen performances) committing sexual assault, stealing a car and fleeing to an ex’s house in London. 137 more words

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47 Days of Doctor Who--Day #36: Best Scary Story

Welcome to Day 36 of my 47-day series about the revival version of Doctor Who (2005-present). I’ve come up with 47 topics / questions to answer, all of them basically positive and upbeat about the program. 441 more words

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Review: Paranoid (S1 E1/8), Thursday 23rd September, ITV

A lot has already been written about Paranoid, mostly negative, and I have to add my voice to that negativity. Not that I do that lightly, because getting something onto the screen is difficult, and it takes a herculean effort from a writer, a team of actors, and a team of technicians, who all work incredibly hard, to get it there. 414 more words

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ITV confirms transmission date for Paranoid

We’re in the middle of the start of the autumn season of new crime dramas, and there’s loads to watch at the moment. One thing that was on the horizon was ITV’s Paranoid, an eight-part drama starring the likes of Lesley Sharpe, Robert Glenister and Indira Varma. 128 more words

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Netflix becomes co-producer on ITV's Paranoid

One of the potential highlights of the autumn is ITV’s Paranoid, which is being set up to be a kind of Broadchurch-style event series. It’s due to drop in the autumn and has a good cast and a great, crime novel-like hook, and now the show has also gained an impressive co-producer, which is going to have a positive outcome when it comes to distribution in other, non-UK territories. 262 more words

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Filming starts on BBC's Rochdale sexual abuse drama

The BBC never shies away from the dramatisation of a harrowing true story (mind you, ITV doesn’t either). We know that there’s a Shannon Matthews drama (starring Sheridan Smith) on the way, and now the network has announced that filming has started on a drama that also explores a particularly shocking and awful true-life set of crime. 193 more words

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