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5-Star Amazon Review of E&C

I recently came across a very positive five-star 2005 review of Leslie Dewart’s Evolution and Consciousness on amazon.co.uk by one Gregory Nixon. I am surprised I hadn’t seen it before, but for some reason my searches never turned up the UK site. 446 more words


What's With the Tag Line?

Being an exposition of the tag line of this blog: “Reflexions on Evolution and Consciousness, Pragmatic Dharma, and Recovery from Absent-Mindedness.”

First of all, Evolution and Consciousness… 937 more words


Topics and Questions to Explore

Welcome to Mastering the Skill of Consciousness! Rather than explaining what I am trying to do and why (which I am sure I will get to, in minute detail, in due course) please allow me to start simply by presenting a selection of the kinds of topics and questions that interest me, and which I hope to explore here: 522 more words


Viral Enlightenment?

Shinzen Young hopes that a way can be found to precipitate a mass dissemination of enlightenment, with hundreds of millions of stream-enterers, but he thinks it may yet take a hundred years or more. 99 more words


How Noting Works

Noting is a meditation technique that can get you enlightened. Here’s why: by dropping into systematic and intensive practice of non-thematic speech, the very mechanism that caused consciousness to emerge in the first place can be reactivated, generating an improved quality of conscious sense perception and healing absent-mindedness. 193 more words


What Problem Does Mindfulness Solve?

Mindfulness is on the upswing. Meditation is fast becoming mainstream, and research into the workings of the human mind is burgeoning. Most would agree that “mindfulness” is somehow good for one, even if they would be hard-pressed to define what it is or why. 105 more words