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My favourite thing about the Crown Hotel was definitely the view from above around the rooms.

Funny Story #1: 311 more words

Woven Workmanship

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge this week asks us to write a little poem about a cobweb – this is such a fun little challenge that I am going to try and participate each week, providing I have a photo to go along with it! 76 more words


An encounter with the great outdoors.

I went outside last week. If you know me, you’ve probably determined I’m quite comfortable inside, but the outdoors is a place I approach with some trepidation. 275 more words


Blind Grass

We have seen this pretty Blind Grass (Stypandra glauca) flowering in quite a few places recently. It grows in Western Australia, roughly southwest of a line from Geraldton to Esperance , and flowers from about August to November. 7 more words


Couch Honeypot

Banksias are strange looking plants, but this one is particularly odd. It is called Couch Honeypot (Banksia dallanneyi) and mostly grows as a low, spreading plant, though it can be a more upright shrub. 33 more words


Pink Rainbow

Everyone seems to have a soft spot for carnivorous plants. You’ll find quite a lot of them growing around Perth. This one is the prettily named Pink Rainbow (Drosera menziesii) which has pink flowers and sticky leaves to trap insects. 10 more words