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Smoke. Rain. No mirrors

The donkey launched itself up onto the river bank and made its way to near the small circle of rocks that was our fireplace, where it stopped and awaited the unloading of the bundle of… 628 more words


standing on top of the world

Dropping more than half-a-mile in five distinct free-leaping cascades, Tugela Falls (948 meters) is Africa’s tallest waterfall, and second in the world only to Venezuela’s Angel Falls. 685 more words


Lesotho: Sometimes There Is a Void

In this somewhat amusing but overly long memoir, Zakes Mda recalls his teenage years as an exile in Lesotho (his family fled South Africa after the police targeted his father for speaking out against the apartheid regime), his growing involvement with various anti-apartheid political parties and his determination to fight the system with words rather than weapons, his success as a playwright, novelist and social critic, and, last but not least, his many tempestuous love affairs.       234 more words

World Literature

day-tripping in the kingdom in the sky

“There’s not much to do in Lesotho,” a South African friend told D, “except to look at it.” This struck D as reason enough to plan a brief visit to this, the highest country in the world. 520 more words


No longer a mukwerekwere?

N.B*: Mukwerekwere or Lekwerekwere (singular) or Makwerekwere (plural form), are slang terms which are used to describe foreigners who reside in parts of South Africa. The term is also used in countries such as Lesotho ( a mountain kingdom which is surrounded by South Africa). 850 more words

600. Sunday 1st April 2018. Commonwealth Games driving, a big surprise party and family all around...

Monday 26th March

Another day as driver for the Commonwealth Games. It seems that although most of the athletes and officials have not all arrived, the daily increases in security and road and lane closures are increasing. 1,170 more words