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Mocouncilor le Morena

In two years, I’ll be gone. I’m not going to live in this village forever. I will have a direct hand in the education of several hundred Basotho students, but no more. 662 more words

Maletsunyane Falls at Semonkong Lodge

Hike to Maletsunyane Falls: check!

I wasn’t sure if there was going to be any water in the falls this year, considering the severe drought that Lesotho and neighboring South Africa has been experiencing (with Free State South Africa breaking out in brush fires and Lesotho even breaking out in violence over water). 654 more words


What if

What if I wrote and wrote and only eight people ever read it?

My experiences were merely a speck and unrecognizable mixed with the entire collection? 158 more words


Photo Challenge Day #3

During a month long trip in South Africa, we visited the beautiful country of Lesotho for a day. We had the fortune of exploring the area, visiting a number of communities and seeing first hand some cave paintings from times gone by. 20 more words


Why what happens in South Africa matters

It is undeniable that South Africa is a power house in Africa. However, the ‘Rainbow nation’s’ natural lustre has begun to fade. South Africa has not had it easy over the last few years, with real GDP growth declining from… 1,179 more words


I am Basotho 🇱🇸

I have finally had my Basotho name – Thato which I was very excited about as that’s the Lesotho Dolen officer in Maseru so when she phoned I told her and apparently she was expecting that as I have a big bum like her! 489 more words


I don’t think I have ever seen my ‘M’e happier than when I asked her if we could go to church together. In fact, after I first breached the topic, she mentioned it every single morning: “Do you remember that we’re going to church this week? 1,075 more words