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To the end of the world

Lesotho, highest situated country in the world.

Pity that I didn’t know that before we packed our backpacks and decided to hitchhike through (I think) the most tortuous and steep boarding pass in the world at the beginning of SA winter. 694 more words



I walked through the door of the house that I was an assistant house mother for and I heard the yelling and screaming of my 13 kids. 551 more words

When The Going Gets Tough


I’ve been in South Africa for 4 days now, which for some reason seems like an eternity ago. Sadly, I haven’t written a post in almost two weeks. 430 more words



Peace Corps visited my site last month (they come 3 times in everyone’s service to check in). While they were here, they asked my principal why the area I live in, which includes my village and several others, is called Litsoetse. 181 more words

Moving premises!

Today an incredible team of volunteers helped us to move out of our old premises at OK Psychology and into our new space in The Barn at Pasadena High School. 16 more words


A few weeks back, everyone in my village was sitting outside, ears glued to their radios, listening to updates about the political situation in Lesotho. The Parliament had just reconvened, and they were in the process of taking a “vote of no confidence” against Prime Minister Mosisili of the DC (Democratic Congress) party. 468 more words