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The death of Jesus as victory

“Christ died and rose again for this very purpose—to be Lord both of the living and of the dead.”

—Romans 14:9 NLT (cf. Rom 1:4, Matt 28:18, Acts 17:31, Rev 1:18)

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Lesslie Newbigin

History and the Mission of God

Around the turn of the New Year Lesslie Newbigin’s name came up a lot on this blog and even more so in my reflections. The first time I heard of him came from a staple name on this site, N.T. 3,384 more words

Biblical Metanarrative

Lesslie Newbigin on the gospel vs free market; and the Church's responsibility

“I think we have used the word “gospel” without giving as much attention as we need to the question of what exactly we mean by that word.

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The Logic of Election

Lesslie Newbigin, preminent missiologist of the 20th century, provides some profound insights on the perennial hot topic of election: 329 more words

Bible Study

Jesus did not write a book but formed a community

Last year I spoke at a weekend away for St Mary’s Church in Islington.  When I arrived in my room at the conference centre, there was an envelope on my bed with a card welcoming me. 618 more words

Theology & Church

Sign of the Kingdom in the Context of Today's Mission: book discussion, Part 4

“What we have now to seek are forms of Church and ministry which neither draw men and women out of the world into private society, nor seem to dominate the world through controlling centres of power, but enable men and women to function within the secular life of the world in ways which reflect the reality of Christ’s passion and thereby make the reality of Christ’s resurrection credible to the victims of the world’s wrong.” (58)

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