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For Such A Time As This: Reformed Campus Ministry and the Politics of Higher Education

“‘The truth is, the market for Greek philosophers has been very tight for 2,000 years.’ Rubio, speaking to abut 200 people in Urbandale on Wednesday, was making the point that more opportunities for vocation-oriented higher education.” 1,022 more words

A Community that Does Not Live for Itself

On Ascension Day this year, a fire broke out two buildings away from The Upper Room’s worship space. We were untouched, though the building¬†that caught fire was completely destroyed. 865 more words


Newbigin on Mission

In his book The Gospel in a Pluralist Society, Lesslie Newbigin notes that the advent of complete salvation in Christ precipitates a crisis for the world. 217 more words


mission begins with a kind of explosion of joy

“There has been a long tradition which sees the mission of the Church primarily as obedience to a command. It has been customary to speak of ‘the missionary mandate.’ This way of putting the matter is certainly not without justification, and yet it seems to me that it misses the point. 112 more words


“There will always be the need to point explicitly to the central reality by which the Church exists, to the central verities of the gospel, to Christ incarnate, crucified, risen, regnant at God’s right hand and to the promise of his coming to judge the living and the dead.

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Newbigin-ing at the Beginning (Super Serial Post #3)


It has been a while, hasn’t it?

Between my week on retreat and spring break, I’ve been away from the blog-realm for two whole weeks… 1,198 more words

Short Reads

"Teachings of Jesus" vs. "Teachings About Jesus"

As Christians, should we prioritize Jesus’ teachings, or teachings about Jesus himself? ¬†Some Christians (and some Unitarians who consider themselves followers of Jesus) suggest emphasizing the former: 411 more words