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Lesson Idea: Understanding thematic analysis

The aim of the activities in this lesson is to help students understand the process and purpose of conducting a thematic analysis in qualitative research. 433 more words

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Lesson Idea: Understanding Reflexivity

Reflexivity is a difficult concept for students to grasp. Using the study below can be a good way to help students understand how and why reflexivity is used in qualitative studies.

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Lesson Idea: Analyzing a narrative interview

The narrative interview technique is one of the hardest for students to describe and explain because it’s so abstract. Using real studies can make the approach more concrete. 

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Lesson Idea: Analyzing Focus Group Interviews

Using real examples of qualitative studies is an effective way of teaching qualitative research methods and concepts. It also helps with developing students’ ability to apply their knowledge to stimulus material (i.e.

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Lesson Idea: Generalizability (External Validity)

The Task

  • Read the following fictional summaries of how people have applied results from psychological studies.
  • Identify one or more reasons why the application is misguided and might not work.
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Research Methods

Lesson Idea: Understanding Sampling Methods

Task: Read the following summaries of studies and how they got their samples. Identify the type of sampling method used. Was it:

(a) Random

(b) Self-selected/volunteer… 416 more words

Research Methods

Lesson Idea: Understanding Self-selected Sampling

This activity and lots of others are included in the student workbook in the Teacher Support Pack for Chapter 6: Quantitative Methods. 

  • Read the aims of the following proposed experiments.
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