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Lesson Ideas: Schema Theory

The first step in teaching schema theory is getting students to comprehend the abstract concept of “schemas” in the first place. In my experience, takes a couple of lessons at least. 622 more words

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Lesson Idea: Origins of Conflict

Your Task

There are five resources below that you will need to complete this task. Working with your group, it’s a race to see who can answer this question first: 231 more words

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Lesson Idea: Acculturation Strategies

This activity is designed to help students understant Berry’s four different acculturation strategies. Read the summaries below of how these immigrants have adjusted to life in their new culture. 331 more words

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Lesson/Revision Idea: The Two Minute Drill

How it works…

  1. Put two minutes on a timer (I use a trusty kitchen timer)
  2. Project a possible exam question, maybe one for a topic that you’ve been working on or revising…
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Lesson Idea: Psychology in Popular Media

This would be a particularly good TOK lesson. 

Activity One: Watch a TED Talk

Watch this TED Talk by Molly Crockett, one of the researchers in the…

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Research Methods

Lesson Idea: Neuroplasticity

This activity is designed to accompany the Criminology lesson 2.7b: Childhood and Brain Development.

A good way to learn about neuroplasticity is to compare your performance on something you’re a master at, with something with which you’re a novice.

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Biological LOA

Working Memory Games

Before diving in to the study of Baddeley and Hitch’s working memory model, it’s important that you first comprehend what “working memory” is. I’ve found that playing some of these games is a fun way to comprehend the concept of working memory and it will make your it easier to understand your teacher’s explanations of things like the central executive, phonological loop, and visuospatial sketchpad. 44 more words

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