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Connecting - Mystery Hangouts and Mystery Skype

The world has certainly shrunk with technology and it’s a true pity to miss the opportunity to allow our students to connect with it. Especially when learning a foreign language. 413 more words


Creative Nonfiction: Tell Your Stories Well

There is nothing like spending time in a bookstore. When I know exactly what I want, I love the convenience of ordering online, but despite websites’ best efforts to share what others “also ordered,” I rarely discover anything new and exciting that way. 566 more words

Lesson Ideas

Data Analysis Introduction and Classroom Expectations

This is an activity I plan to do with my 5th graders during my second technology class next week. I thought others may be able to use this or provide me with some valuable feedback: 157 more words

Lesson Brainstorming

Improving teaching so my students don't wish they went to Hogwarts.

Over the summer I worked my way through Daniel T Willingham’s book “why don’t students like school?”  It is an exceptionally readable book.  Willingham introduces the principle that underpins the chapter, developing it with explanations, examples and humour before applying it to the classroom.   604 more words

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Text appeal: finding online inspiration

In my last post I looked at how teachers and resource writers can find lesson inspiration from real life experiences.

What to do, however, when uneventful days and weeks pass? 964 more words

Resource Writing

Messing Around on the Monkey Bars

Recently a middle school friend sent me a text, “First day of school :( .”

I understand. While first-days-of-school can be filled with excitement, new school supplies, and the hope of better things, school routines can feel stifling after weeks of unfettered exploration. 372 more words

Lesson Ideas

Make Presentations Soar with Sway

With Office 365, Microsoft‘s online portal of products, a few new programs have been quietly introduced.  One such program is Sway.  In exploring this… 433 more words