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A bird in the hand

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Another quick and simple task with minimal resources.

With my current group of teachers, a mixture of content teachers teaching through the medium of English and English language teachers, we have a “cultural curiosity” corner each class.  950 more words

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How long's a piece of string?

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Here’s a quick classroom task for upper primary, secondary, teens or adults. I’ve found it appeals most to younger teens. 814 more words

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Hello! My name is Ms. Jih (pronounced like the letter ‘G’) and I am currently a fifth grade teacher in California.  In my 2 years of teaching, I have loved educating, encouraging, and learning with my students.   64 more words

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How to set up stations in a secondary level language class

As a high school teacher, I have  heard from colleagues that they don’t know why I use stations in my classes. They tend to see stations as something that happens in elementary schools, but not at our level. 1,037 more words

A Great Need

“I love it when a plan comes together!” The words were echoed by George Peppard every time the old TV show, The A-Team, came to its predictable end. 206 more words


Giving a test? Give this first!

I’ve taught in multiple states, and I have found that one commonality among teacher evaluations is the focus on “student-driven” instruction.  For some teachers, this is frustrating.  613 more words

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Encouraging Passion

Have you ever come across a student who has a true passion? Something they not only just enjoy, but something they will put the time and effort into exploring and experiencing? 508 more words

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