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The School in the Cloud: Learning Unleashed

What do we do when we can see that the best schools and teachers don’t exist in the places children most need good schools and teachers? 460 more words

Lesson Ideas

  Sticking to one Topic:  How can Writers Plan and Write a 1 Paragraph Response to a Question?

This is a mini-unit I wrote several years ago.  It is targeted to a small class of 8th and 9th graders with significant reading and writing challenges.   3,371 more words


Plant Lesson

Lesson Idea to show diversity around the world:

Students will grow two different plants, using a variety of resources to help them develop. One plant will represent the means of a first world country, while the other will represent a third world country. 77 more words

Lesson Ideas

Graphic Novel

In a previous post, I mentioned the online resource Pixton.com, which allows students to create their own comic book using different characters, background, etc. This resource can be incorporated into a lesson plan; combining traditional creative writing and technology. 52 more words

Lesson Ideas

Reading Comprehension Strategies for Non-readers

From my own experiences, what I’ve found most helpful with working with poor readers are the pre-reading strategies or preparatory work that we can do with students to really “hook” them into a piece of text.  909 more words


Vocabulary Work and Students With Behavioral Challenges

Vocabulary development is something I often go back and forth about—from thinking it’s very important, to thinking it’s only relatively important.  On the scale of what I do when I teach, formal vocabulary work is often toward the bottom; but I’m working with students who have achieved fairly little success in school, added to their difficulties with language to begin with.  434 more words


Animals and Habitats

These are so stinkin’ cute I can’t even deal.  I think this is my favorite art project of all time!  To get ready for this project, my students read some… 143 more words

Lesson Ideas