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Idiom of the Week: "At the drop of a hat"

Whenever I hear idioms; either on the television or on the radio, always make me laugh as I make a mental note and add them to the list here at… 102 more words


National Postal Museum: Inspiring Creativity with Stamps

Did you know there is a U.S. National Postal Museum? I didn’t. I’ve learned that the National Postal Museum is part of the Smithsonian and it is full of interesting things. 315 more words

Lesson Ideas

#28daysofwriting - #ililc5 Day 2

Another amazing day at Southampton University… Too many highlights to squeeze into 28 words, so there’ll be a longer blog to come. And maybe a wee sketchnote… *and sleeeeeep* ;) 16 more words


The Median's the Middle and Other Hit Songs

A friend recently shared this with me and I chuckled, thinking a few of the students in my graduate research courses might benefit from it. I considered sharing it with a middle school math teacher friend, but wasn’t sure if it would lead to learning or middle school hysteria. 237 more words

Lesson Ideas

Stonehenge Science

Cross-curricular ideas using Stonehenge as a focus.

Formative assessment of whether children can identify the correct shadow for and object. Large images of objects and shadows shown and pupils use response boards to feedback. 81 more words

Experiencing the function carnival

Today, students investigated distance-vs-time and height-vs-time graphs using a “function carnival” package created by the team over at Desmos.

We structured the lesson so that students drew their initial hypotheses about the graphs on paper, and then had time to test and revise their hypotheses using the technology.   103 more words


#28daysofwriting - "Twitter is my Google"

I believe @digitalmaverick may have coined the above phrase… and it came true *again* today, when a fantastic screencast by @ICTEvangelist about “Explain Everything” came to my aid… :)