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[2016 Blogging Initiative] Week Four: A Lesson Introducing the Unit Circle

My Relationship with Textbooks: “It’s Complicated”

My first several years of teaching I avoided the math textbook as much as possible[0]. One year I even waited to hand out textbooks to students until the second quarter. 875 more words


Learning About Spain, Easy As ABC

I can’t believe in less than a week I will traveling around Spain! It feels like I have been talking about and planning for this trip forever, I can’t wait to get there! 1,028 more words

Fixing the Most Common Grammar Errors

Last year, the Wall Street Journal reported in two separate stories that Mets fans (MLB) and Redskins fans (NFL) are the worst at spelling and grammar. 245 more words

Lesson Ideas

Writting Biographies About Roald Dahl.

Youtube Video on Roald Dahls Life (with a short interview).

A useful like I found for teaching pupils about Roald Dahl. I used this as part of a carousel featuring various types of media to research about his life. 6 more words


Squeeze a Stress Ball for Divergent Thinking?

Can squeezing a soft ball help you generate more ideas? How about a hard ball? What would you predict?

Those are questions addressed by researcher JongHan Kim in a study titled, logically enough, “Physical Activity Benefits Creativity: Squeezing a Ball for Enhancing Creativity.” Studies in embodied cognition both fascinate and puzzle me. 273 more words

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Feedly? What's That?

Feedly, must be a site for recipes. Nope! When we were asked to download a RSS reader, Feedly was recommended to us.  Feedly allows me to save sources of education-related material, video game material, news articles, all in one site. 169 more words

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