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Speed Dating Discussion

Discussions are the cornerstone of my teaching style.  However, as much as students love having an open forum to share their thoughts, there are only so many “open discussions” we can have before the format gets bored and redundant.   573 more words

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Repurposing the writing process for beginning English learners

English Endeavors is a great resource for English language teachers.  Below is just one of many articles using the latest research findings on how to both hold students’ interest during lesson and “make them stick” given their value to helping students express what they want to say how they want to say it. 29 more words


Writing Workshop Series: Deciding What to Assign

A solid Writing Workshop is built around the assignments you choose.  As I stated in my earlier post, a Writing Workshop is NOT simply giving students two weeks to do a writing assignment, then moving on.   1,110 more words

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Language Arts Literacy Portfolio

In this literacy portfolio, I connect my own experiences and ideas with literacy learning to my emerging professional practice and philosophy as a Language Arts educator. 73 more words

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Diamante Poetry: Writing with Word Types

This form of poetry can be challenging, but once your students get the idea they will benefit from using the form to write about different topics.  375 more words


Virtual Field Trips in Russian Class!

AFLA is always looking for new ways to connect with and support language teachers in the diverse program models in our great state. To that end, we will be sharing activities, projects, and more that our language teachers are doing on this website in hopes that it will inspire other teachers in the state!  147 more words

Lesson Ideas

Children’s Literature in the Classroom

Children’s Literature

The following lesson ideas involve taking a single book and coming up with many different ways that it can be used in a classroom. 465 more words