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Easter resources for your EFL classroom

Spring has arrived here in Oxford, and Easter is on the horizon – it’s a perfect time of year to bring some seasonal activities and worksheets into your language learning classroom. 55 more words

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Protests, Singing, and Creativity

Recently, thanks to a kind friend’s invitation, I had the chance to sing in “The Big Sing,” a one-weekend-a-year chorus of over 100 singers, gathered to sing songs associated with social justice. 633 more words

Lesson Ideas

Learn English through football

Ball ball ball, footie footie footie! I’m a bit obsessed with the beautiful game, and I’ve taught plenty of students who are too! You may have come across… 335 more words


Alliterative adjectives for first lessons

This activity, which has worked wonderfully for me as a GTKY activity with students from Pre-Intermediate upwards, is aimed at helping you and your students learn and remember each others’ names. 324 more words

Classroom Management

Assistant Assistance #4: 8 (Relatively) Low-Effort But Successful ESL Activities

Part of being a language assistant is running lessons and activities. But since you’re not a full teacher and you probably aren’t in the same classes regularly, it is good to have some lessons up for sleeve that you can use, and re-use.  855 more words

The Value of Asking Students to Re-Write Hamlet's To Be or Not To Be Soliloquy

The Value of Asking Students to Re-Write Hamlet’s Soliloquy

This year, when teaching Hamlet, I offered a choice for students: they could write a traditional homework exploration, or they could rewrite the To Be or Not to soliloquy in III.i and also write a reflection about the process of writing it. 455 more words

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