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The Shri of Wanderlust 2010.

“Remain true to yourselves, but move ever upward toward greater consciousness and great love! At the summit you will find yourselves united with all those who, from every direction have made the same ascent.

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Adventures In Hula Hooping

Esalen Yoga Festival, 5 Days 5 Deities for Personal Transformation

The sun is coming up over the mountain to the east, the hillside lush with a mist-fed green not of this world. Long, glittering columns of light like God’s fingers, chase sepia tones from the land – thick with sweet humanity, heavy with history. 155 more words

Lesson In Yoga

On Co-Creating Reality.

I can taste the essence of what’s to come and it scares me and excites me both. On the plane ride back from the Hoop Convergence… 218 more words

Adventures In Hula Hooping

On Beginning Anusara Teacher Training.

I took my first yoga class in a gym called Body Blast my junior year of High School.

It was an accident really – a spillover from the kick boxing class I attended beforehand. 131 more words

Lesson In Yoga

Hello Elephant.

I’m sitting in a small room on the third floor of my San Francisco apartment.

Sharing the ludicrously small desk I found on the street outside my house are my sewing machine and surger. 167 more words

Adventures In Hula Hooping

Amazing Grace

I drove up the coast on Highway 1 this morning from Santa Cruz where I taught an intermediate hoop workshop on intelligent technique.  The new morning sun coaxed rainbows out to play in the spray of each iridescent indigo wave – foaming white tips belied her inner calm. 1,321 more words

Adventures In Hula Hooping

Ansuara Yoga Immersion Part Two: Maha Shivaratri

The Bhava: Quiet, dark, sacred. All is trembling with the potential of creative power. Music is haunting, mystical flute and tabla, dampened light on the stage, candles. 1,003 more words

Adventures In Hula Hooping