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Lessons of Dog

The muse does not like broccoli.

The furry, four-legged highness when attacked by a floret will squish it around in her mouth, spit it out, squish, spit, squish, spit… you get the picture. 29 more words


How to develop a "Logic Tree" for problem-solving

This is an exercise in my problem-solving class at Yokohama National University in Japan.

Drawing a logic tree to show a whole picture of the stakeholders in the university, assuming that the diagram is used to make priority to implement an evacuation program for earthquake. 162 more words

Data Analysis For Daily Jobs

Book 18 Chapter 10 Ends Ft. Minesweeper

Some friends who are keeping grudges from you don’t instantly count as pretentious ones (or plastik). Sometimes, this kind of people can’t be transparent to you because they are just afraid of the worse things that might happen after they tell you what they actually feel. 532 more words


Day 14 - "Which one do you have?" "...I have to kill a bunch of people."

Today I taught a lesson about the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party.


In this lesson, I had students first learn the basics of each event by reading an online article (I read one aloud by myself, then we took turns for the second one) and then completing a little quiz on the website (Schoology).   448 more words

Lesson 3

Banyak orang yang mencari aku tetapi tidak menemukan, mungkin karena mereka masih mementingkan diri sendiri.

Banyak orang yang sebenarnya sudah memiliki aku tapi kemudian mereka kehilangan… 197 more words


Asking For Help Is Hard To Do.

Last week I mentioned to my sister in-law that I would be taking a taxi for an early morning flight out of our local airport. “I’ll drive you.” she said. 692 more words


An inconsistency is spotted...

…a rejected panel from the new comic. I’ve stuck a new one over the top but I took a picture of it first because I quite like it!

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