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Holographic Printing

This semester in Print class we were assigned to make 3 videos that had to do with some aspect of printing. All of us had to have different topics, none could repeat. 474 more words

motions without meaning. By S. Pearson 

I recently realized that I’d forgotten myself.  I’d forgotten to continue to dream. I’ve just been going through the motions of life.

I forgot that I have a spirit. 70 more words


From Tinder to Sambhar Lake via Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, Kota and...*Jaipur*

“Abhilasha, your water is boiling like hell”, my hostelmate Ruhi shouted from the groundfloor. I had just opened the playstore to update my apps and by listening to her I rushed to the gas keeping my phone in my pocket. 1,215 more words

The root that turned DARK


Yes you. The flower which no longer flourishes in the garden of my life.

The flower which turned into weed scavenging away the nectar of other flowers thriving happily in the garden. 278 more words


Are mistakes undervalued?

I was sitting on the cemented block beside the pavement, watching some guys play cricket. I live near to the beach and come here often to watch the sport; missing my own friends from hometown. 902 more words

Short Stories

We Crave Connection, So Let's Connect!

You are enough, you have everything it takes to survive in this world, including all of your issues. We are awesome like that.  But, when it feels like more than we can handle, when it feels daunting and scary, sad and lonely, we forget about our own resources, our own awesomeness, and when that happens, our world begins to shrink. 948 more words