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Trichosanthes cucumeroides

Master Mei-Shu had a sudden stomachache the other day. It made a lesson canceled on the way, while her mouth never stopped chatting. Mei-Shun takes it a duty of student to listen to, yet if Master starts to complain, she intends to wander in concentration looking aside. 29 more words

The Correction

Goodbye false pride
Lost you on the south side
Sometimes stars collide
Even when you don’t try

In the sheath, I honed my path
Drew the sword, gave it a slash… 132 more words


Monotony Mirror

The sheer monotony

in what I call life needs to

be shattered by you.


The Hunters: Preface

They come time and time again. Killing us and using our skin as decoration only to have no consequences whatsoever. We fight until our last breath and our last heart beat dies out. 137 more words


A Cynon Valley schoolboy made a poster about treating people equally and it could give the world a lesson

Part of Coby Reddy’s prize-winning poster

When schoolboy Coby Reddy was asked to do a project on ‘children in other countries’, he knew it was his chance to send out a special message. 396 more words


First lessons

Today, had my first lesson in Portuguese!! Not even 2 weeks after my arrival, I had to challenge myself and teach to someone with whom I didn’t share any languages! 236 more words



Skimpy outfit and a pound of makeup.

She stands in a queue for the buffet, smirking, as she notices the man behind gawking hungrily at her. 11 more words

Tiny Tales