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My stat connection

Have you taken a careful look
At your top five stats?
Take a look; and you may find,
Between them, a connection
You never knew exists at all; 97 more words


Here is a handmade pair of pails for Shio-Kumi practice. Thank you so much, Master Mei-Shu. That story features pretty sisters named 松風 and 村雨, who were involved in sea salt making at a small, remote village. 17 more words

The weight

I was watching a group of ants carrying a big piece of bread, probably to their anthill, and I couldn’t stop noticing one of them who was carrying a smaller piece and moved faster than the rest. 472 more words



“Your drama doesn’t entertain me; anymore.”

© 2015-2016 Kavita G. Khanvilkar. All Rights Reserved.


Me And Memes: Study

Time for a new segment of mine. I shall call it Me and Memes! Has a nice ring, don’t you think? The name says it all; this will be me giving my insight (or the lack of) and opinion towards memes. 222 more words


Mouth Sounds

People who open their mouth just because they think they sound smart are probably one of the worst kinds of people.

Then again, every time I open my mouth, I sound moronic. 11 more words


1, 2, 3 Closure

1, 2, 3, Closure is a fast and efficient way to provide closure to a lesson!

Every great lesson needs a good wrap up. It is fantastic when this closure comes straight from the students. 275 more words