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No School Band for 12-Year-Old Trumpeter on Mercer Island

What do you do when you’re 12 years old, and you love trumpet, but you move from one school with a band to another school without a band? 181 more words


No Bake Oreo Truffles for Special Needs

For one of our holiday special needs classes we decided to make these easy three ingredient, no bake treats.

We made it classroom friendly by: 199 more words


The Start of a New Chapter

As an overthinker, I find myself constantly trying to come to terms with my emotions, and one thing I have found that has helped me to understand why I feel what I do is writing. 232 more words


Lesson#2: Making a table and learn SUM, AVERAGE, formatting table

We will learn how to make a table with a simple mark-sheet example and we will learn two very simple formulas, SUM and AVERAGE.

 This is a table I have made. 253 more words


D'une étudiante

Pour me détendre de mon travail, je vais faire de la plongée à IZU. Le Week-end je vais à Izu. J’aime bien la mer, le monde aquatique, la mer d’Okinawa, c’est très clair et extraordinaire! Les poissons sont colorés.

As we grow and rise

And bloom, life smiles at us

At different point, we stumble and frown and grin

But soon the stars shine bright… 30 more words


HOW TO SAY "I'm relieved" IN KOREAN

HOW TO SAY “I’m relieved” IN KOREAN

Learn Korean Phrase: 다행이다 means “I’m relieved. / What a relief. / It’s fortunate.”
Learn Korean Vocabulary: 다행 means luck, good fortune. 11 more words

Intermediate Level