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Distracted to Death

Series Attention Funnel: Videos

Series Introduction:

  • Do you see what each of those videos are saying? They’re saying technology and specifically the smartphone is having an effect on our lives.
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My rabbit is red!

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A quick post. Not to bore you, I’m not sharing one of my daily moon faces again, but a piece I did in August. 144 more words

My Work

Someone is better at hiding it.

“Your life is so easy and happy !!”

People, people, people and humans, seriously ? Have you ever thought of that thing ? But anyway to be sure, I’ve seen somebody’s life being so easy like 0 obstacles but actually come to think again, thats just another obstacles for him/her to be grateful or not. 241 more words


Why we Love the Box Hotel.

We were feeling a bit down.  Having spent the day choking on a particularly suffocating batch of Hanoi pollution, we decided to relax in the Box Hotel reception/dining area with a beer and chat to our new Mexican pal, Carlos.  467 more words


What I realize after I became a K-pop and K-drama fan?

A lot of people still don’t get the point as to why we should listen to K-pop and K-drama . I mean I’m not pushing everyone to like it but at least give it a chance. 899 more words

Oneness with life

Week 8

Harmony and abundance are achieved when you realize that you are “one” with everything; spiritually and physically. You belong!! Every life is of equal value, it is our experiences, circumstances and relationships that make each of us unique. 142 more words

Law Of Attraction

4 Lessons About Love from Frozen (both right and wrong!)

The dust has settled, “Let It Go” is not stuck in our heads anymore, and “Frozen Mania” has finally come to a partial end. Now that we are all acting like rational adults again, is it ok if I say a few critical things about Frozen? 1,439 more words