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It's not about me

My new year’s resolution for last year was to get closer to myself and contribute to the society by means of filmmaking. This is my first film with an actual budget, where I for the first time invested my own earned money. 622 more words

Sea What I Am Thankful For - Day 3

Today I am going to keep it short but poignant.  I have food, shelter, a vehicle, clothes, and heat.  How often have I overlooked these basic necessities as blessings?   101 more words

Something To Sea


Garlic, what is it about garlic that can make it such a special plant, not everyone likes it, but many do, and those of us who appreciate… 467 more words


“I’m sorry I’m so sad all over again.”
“I’m sorry I messed it up, again.”
“I’m sorry that I’m whining again.”
“I’m sorry that I keep talking about him/her over the same shit again.” 61 more words


Lesson (114) The king and the foolish monkey

 Raza ghoror bandoijjar kissa

Agor zomanot meijje eggwa razaye bandor eggwa ghorot falaiye. Bandoijja maińcol loge ťaite ťaite maińcor adob khasolot dikkya gori sole.
Razaye bandoijjare gura kale hoite fail yedei hetella bici mohabot gore ar razar dorbarot meijje rakhito. 98 more words



I went for a wedding ceremony today and I learnt a lot of things. It was a great experience. I want to share my experience with you.

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