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A lesson that took me a few years to learn was, let go of those who don’t add to your success. I was caught up with making sure I was doing the right thing to please people for their sake and neglecting my own needs. 174 more words

Day: 98; Monday

Today I worked on chapter 1 and started on chapter 2 of the Lynda.com Dreamweaver CC 2017.5 course.

The first video I started off with today is a Chapter: 1 Lesson: 10. 688 more words


February Sharing Time - cherishing our bodies, treating them well

The February 2018 Sharing Time theme is “The Earth Was Created for Heavenly Father’s Children,” with week 3 being “I have been sent to earth to gain a body and to be tested.” It’s so important for children to know early on that their bodies are a special gift from Heavenly Father. 172 more words

Sharing Time

An Apparent Contradiction, or So They Say...

There are, perceived contradiction within the biblical text. But are they truly contradictions, or are they misunderstood & misinterpreted theological ideologies? Let us look at one such contradiction in a comparative manner. 1,214 more words


Don't do drugs!Ever!

I know 2 stories on this.

I’ve known this guy, lets call A. I’m not really close to him but I know a little bit about his issue. 440 more words