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Your very first French lesson !

There are three things people usually learn during their very first French lesson, or more accurately at the beginning of their very first lesson.

– First: how to greet someone. 105 more words


Lessons of The Day

Wisest lesson of the day: Forgive everyone, starting with yourself.

Hardest: You never forget the ones you truly loved, no matter how hard they hurt you. 81 more words


Gorilla men

When guy is handsome, he will get certain privileges. Women will notice him, he will have big choice and in the case of broken heart he will heal faster. 791 more words


Root Word: Iwan

Sa mga iniwan:

Sa salitang iniwan, halatang sinasadya niya

Masakit na nga yung salita, ginawa pa nya?

Pero sana okay ka lang

Kasi hindi naman sana mangyayari talaga yung iiwan ka niya… 213 more words


Mommy Monk

Do you know hard it is to write the truth of your self to the couple people that read this? Extremely difficult. It is one of the reasons I can’t seem to post that often. 505 more words



Instead of just telling your students about all the different conditionals and their uses, you can very easily let them discover them on their own and have them teach each other. 467 more words


Five things I've learnt doing business

don’t sell me clothes. Sell me sharp appearance, style, and attractiveness.
Don’t sell me insurance. Sell me peace of mind and a great future for my family and me. 517 more words