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5 Ways I Thought Would Help Me Study But Actually Just Turned Into Distractions

This post was intended to be titled “5 Tops Tips for Studying” but as you can see, it took a slightly different path.

I have an essay due in 7 days. 337 more words

Life Lesson: Bookmark

When my sister and I are roaming around the city, this caught my attention on one of the stores we went into and bought it right away. 102 more words


The Power of a Thread

For dressmakers, a thread seems useful enough, but for others like us, it seems not beneficial at all. Last week I was reading Jane Eyre and the word thread was mentioned many times at the first quarter of the book. 610 more words


2016 -The Breakthrough Year

2016 was one of the worst years of my life. All jokes aside.

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely young but putting age aside, the trials and problems that I encountered throughout the year were a lot. 572 more words


Recommended Books: Tag Journal Lesson Ideas

#Books #eBooks #iOS Recommended Books: Tag Journal Lesson Ideas The Apps in the Classroom series was created by Apple to provide teachers with a few ideas on how to integrate apps into daily classroom instruction.

Topologi Jaringan

Topologi jaringan komputer adalah suatu konsep untuk menghubungkan beberapa atau banyak komputer sekaligus menjadi suatu jaringan yang saling terkoneksi.

Topologi jaringan di bagi menjadi 5 macam, yaitu: 350 more words


Jaringan Komputer

Pengertian :
Jaringan Komputer adalah suatu sistem yang didalamnya terdiri dari dua atau lebih perangkat komputer, serta perangkat – perangkat lainnya yang dibuat atau dirancang untuk dapat berkerja sama dengan tujuan agar dapat berkomunikasi, mengakses informasi, meminta serta memberikan layanan atau service antara komputer satu dengan yang lainnya. 76 more words