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The Critical Importance of Skepticism

“Everything you hear is an opinion, not fact. Everything we see is perspective, not truth.” – Marcus Aurelius 

There’s an old tale about a King who gets the best tailors in the world to make him a new robe.  483 more words


When will I Write?

Should I write when I’m happy
Should I write when I’m sad
Can I write when nothing’s really in my mind?

Is a happy thought an inspiration… 125 more words

Life's Lesson

Being Brave and Accepting Help

A few weeks ago we celebrated my sister and her husband’s ten year wedding anniversary by spending a long weekend in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A little over ten years ago they eloped there in what was a beautiful church and we all decided to take the trip together to honor that event. 910 more words


5 Things I Learnt From My Parents Marriage

I can only remember a couple times in my childhood where God was spoken about in a loving context. I remember going to Church as a kid and kicking the backs of the pews because I was bored and I also remember reciting the Lords prayer before bed each night at my mum’s guidance. 697 more words


A humiliating lesson

When I was a baby, my mother wanted me to do well in school, so she taught me to read. I caught onto it quickly. Most of what I remember from my early childhood is Nanay (mom) taking me to the library, where I would borrow tons and tons of books. 647 more words

Tanka : A Life-Lesson for Human Race...

Soaring high in sky,
Cranes in white and orange
Laughed with contentment
Over profound unity ;
Pity over human race.



Love/Hate with letting go

Well it could have been a post titled without the strong word “hate”. But frankly, just the thought of letting go makes me feel terrible. Maybe I’m afraid of stepping out. 111 more words