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How to write.

Everytime I write its like I find not create.

Its feeling I initiate.

Its great to “just” thats all.

I do what I must, at least what I tell myself. 118 more words



Let me take that feedback aka constructed indication.

I will feed back, aka show my motivation.

Got my feet back I lucked it, aka some sensation. 397 more words


The New Norm. 20 Lessons on Our 20th Anniversary

As usual, I like to write marriage blog commemorating milestones and moments. And for today, our 20th anniversary, I wanted to address something that, I hope, will encourage and perhaps give some couples a feeling of liberty. 1,453 more words


Bars (sorry I was ill)

Bars, never intended them to be on par,

like a golf course you try to make it far,

Finish the course, but you ain’t a hole in one star, 342 more words


Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid!

By this title I mean something which will not affect the life of the person in front of you.

I know somewhere you people agree with me on the fact that yeah there are things that we hide from our close ones be it our partner, friends, parents or any other person. 415 more words


End of the Year Gemara Review

The end of the school year is a hard time to generate successful learning in the classroom. Everyone – teachers and students alike – struggle to stay focused and motivated in the last few days.  199 more words



How intrusive the world! So many phone calls on things I do not need nor asked for. Those poor Call Center employees. I am not much of a consumer. 489 more words