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What I Learned From San Diego Comic Con

I was five years old when I heard about Comic Con.

   There was something magical in the way it was described to me. Children, teenagers, and, the most interesting at the time, adults dressing up as comic book characters for a weekend of fun. 664 more words


Goodbye For Now

I only really have one rule.

   It’s really simple and easy to follow. People who even hate me can follow this because it’s so simple. The rule is this: If you’re mad at me, be mad at me. 231 more words


A Lesson On Being Fair, Honest, And Realistic.

The desire to be a professional writer is fairly new for me.

I’ve only really had it for a couple of months. Before I used to want to go to film school so that I direct and, every so often, write movies that would be different than the majority of the garbage being released today. 1,031 more words

Lessons In Morality