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Three Things Codependents and Abuse Victims Do That Contribute to Crazymaking

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1. They see someone’s genuine, imagined or projected fear of abandonment as a valid reason for an abusive person to mistreat others, act erratically and live by a different set of rules than everyone else on the planet including those with less romantic phobias such as fear of snakes, flying, germs, dogs or holes. 712 more words


No Joke: Your Real Questions on Gaslighting Really Answered

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What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting in its simplest form, is lying. When someone is gaslighting you, they are lying to you, constantly. If you trust and rely on this person or are enmeshed with them, your perception of reality will become altered to their whim. 980 more words


Four Signs You Have a Trauma Bond With Your Partner

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1. You believe your “choice” to sacrifice all contact with the outside world, take a punch, survive a chokehold, walk away from brawls inside your home, endure humiliation and infidelity is a testament of your strength, loyalty, and undying love for your partner. 842 more words


An Impromptu Review and You Are What You Eat

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“Hey kid, I would put that down if I were you, you may ingest it and come to think that GREY depressing man is a good role model for you.” 536 more words


Tip #40: Let Them Learn the hard Way

By Peter Sessum

As parents we love our children and want to protect them from everything, but at a certain point it becomes overbearing. The best lessons are hard learned so sometimes it is good to let children learn the hard way. 1,082 more words


Three Common Beliefs That Make Abuse Innate to Our World

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1. Teasing my children or spouse and pointing out their flaws repeatedly  in jest makes them stronger. It toughens them up for the “real world” where people treat others like shit. 647 more words


Narcissists and the Sex Agenda

Sex and intimacy are important in any mutually loving relationship.  And while they are each separate elements to a successful connection with a partner, today’s focus will be on the subject of sex.  836 more words

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

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If you haven't already, you really should check out Kim's blog. Healthy, never experienced abuse? That is what most of us at one time or another insisted and yet, here we are, free at last. Kim will help educate you to how people how the narcissist uses more than 50 shades of sex so you can either recover from what has happened to you, identify what is happening to you or prevent it from happening to you all together. Sex is not about control and if it is, sex cools off really fast. Thanks again Kim! Love the new layout!