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Three Common Beliefs That Make Abuse Innate to Our World

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1. Teasing my children or spouse and pointing out their flaws repeatedly  in jest makes them stronger. It toughens them up for the “real world” where people treat others like shit. 647 more words


Narcissists and the Sex Agenda

Sex and intimacy are important in any mutually loving relationship.  And while they are each separate elements to a successful connection with a partner, today’s focus will be on the subject of sex.  836 more words

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

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If you haven't already, you really should check out Kim's blog. Healthy, never experienced abuse? That is what most of us at one time or another insisted and yet, here we are, free at last. Kim will help educate you to how people how the narcissist uses more than 50 shades of sex so you can either recover from what has happened to you, identify what is happening to you or prevent it from happening to you all together. Sex is not about control and if it is, sex cools off really fast. Thanks again Kim! Love the new layout!

Save Your Drama for Your Mama and Process Your Trauma

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I confess, I announced to my committee that we would have a drama free fundraiser and then proceeded to get into a public tiff with a Parisian hairstylist and “took it outside” all whilst on a twisted ankle produced when I fell off my 110 cm foolish heels at the check-in desk, so saying that you don’t do drama is not a great idea but getting off the drama triangle is, but I have to admit the party really was fabulous. 873 more words


Five Effective Habits of Highly Abusive People

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1. They move at a pace they alone dictate, they do not permit themselves to be rushed.

Like a heavily compensated NBA center in a high pressure game, abusers take control of the environment, mentally regroup and take control of every situation. 591 more words


Omega Level Mutants, Executive Function and Life Unfiltered

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It is tough to get a job with an outdated or non-existent resume and impossible to rise to the top of the corporate ladder when your executive function has been impaired. 892 more words


Your Knight in Shining Armor May Be Double Booked

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I like many people believed I could hide in and rely on a traditional gender role to keep me safe and provide stability for me and my family. 1,067 more words


That Other Reason You Are Being Controlled

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You have all the power, I love you so much I will give you enough rope to hang us both. You must be careful with me, with us, don’t hang us. 418 more words