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Hard Lesson #1

Yesterday was the first day we have driven the RV in rain.  We were a little nervous but everything went fine.  In fact we were pretty pleased that we were spending the cold (40’s) and rainy day driving because we certainly could not enjoy any outdoor activities.   724 more words


That's Okay

Mission Impossible theme plays. You sense the tension mounting. It’s only a matter of time. This thing is going to blow. Take cover!


Okay? That’s it? 242 more words


Tip #40: Let Them Learn the hard Way

By Peter Sessum

As parents we love our children and want to protect them from everything, but at a certain point it becomes overbearing. The best lessons are hard learned so sometimes it is good to let children learn the hard way. 1,082 more words


Outdoor Education

Spring has finally arrived which means tugging on our rubber boots and heading out for walks in the local “forest” after the morning drop-off at school. 453 more words


House Rules for a House Full of Boys

Nothing prepares you for being a parent of a house full of boys. You can read a multitude of online posts or buy all the parenting books you like, but… 696 more words


Lost, in the Momentary Weakness of Emotions

I was, lost, in the momentary weakness of emotions, when you came crawling, BACK my way.  Lost, in the momentary weakness of emotions, and I’d beaten myself over that already, and, it’s still not, QUITE enough, because each and every single time, you’d come crawling back, I’d gone soft, and let you back in once more, over, over, and over again… 158 more words


So Long as You’re in Love, You are Compatible

Another pair of star-crossed lovers, translated…

If I can do it all over again, I’d say, “Child, daddy wishes you all the happiness in the world.” In Uncle Wang’s tears, I knew, that this, is a story of love and loss. 699 more words

Properties Of Life