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Ode to the OD’ERS. (Online Daters.)

To the online daters of the world, I salute you.

I know, I know, this is the way people are meeting these days but I just can’t seem to get with the times. 504 more words

Single Woman

Mistake: Failing to follow the plan

As you saw in the last post, I purchased Intel when the market was a little high.

Ben Graham spoke to this often, when investing we need to develop a plan and follow it.   224 more words

Automatic Trades

a new outlook on the kitchenette

when life hands you lemons, you make anything you can on the pizzaz pizza maker! it seems that you can make anything on this wonderful appliance, and though it cannot function nearly to the abilities of a full-on oven, it is making dinners a breeze. 225 more words

Lessons Learned

Being Productive

For some reason I’ve been pondering my “things to do” lists excessively this week. It’s been busy at work and at home. Band camp is wrapping up, and Hope and I will be sliding into the last week of summer “vacation” this weekend. 642 more words

Lessons Learned

5 things I learned during my first two years at college

With the summer between my sophomore and junior year in full swing I have started to think about the changes I have made in the last two years. 576 more words

Becoming Who You Are

What the Nonprofit Sector Could Learn from Belfast

I am one lucky gal! I recently had a chance to spend a week in Ireland, and I travelled all over the country. My favorite spot? 289 more words