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The Big Five-O

On my 50th birthday this year, on April 6th, I decided to do something that I hadn’t done in, easily, a decade; go to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. 2,489 more words

Fear - Impact of It (Part 1)

FEAR is something that I have lived with for more years than I care to count. Even though, I’ve finally let some of it go, it is difficult to overcome 25+ years of conditioned responses to things and people that light the fear-fire inside of me. 205 more words


How to get things done when you have a toddler; my tips for sanity

¬†Anyone who has a toddler will know how impossible it is to get almost anything done without it being undone right behind you, or having to stop what you are doing because you notice said toddler dancing on the dining room table and you have to rescue him (not that I know for experience…) 625 more words

The Pursuit of Happy-ness: A Cab Ride, Lucky Dube and a Major Life Lesson

The faded gold car I had seen earlier pulled up next to me.

‘Sister, where you dey go?’ the driver of the car said. He seemed to be in his late-thirties. 2,151 more words

Living & Inspiration

Thoughts on TLTR

” … [W]ords have lost their meaning, there is no basis for anything beyond the moment of nihilistic expression of power – each moment.” Andy Hollinger… 404 more words


(Mis)Adventures in Trans-global Travel

Leaving Mexico City was easy enough but actually getting to Amsterdam unscathed was another matter entirely. If you don’t already know, I am notoriously absent minded. 1,526 more words


You are the CEO of your life!

Hey Family!

I’m sitting here on this lovely day, I really need to be at a park this morning, we have some rainy days coming and I wanted to be near water on Belle Isle. 463 more words