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I'll Tell Him That He Didn't Fight These Last Few Years Alone

The smell of stale coffee always reminds me of a man I met on a flight bound for Seattle.

He wore a navy blue hoodie and dark framed glasses. 732 more words

Clearance: Releasing

May these ashes be of good use to someone…

I now know what it is to be an “undesirable.” An “undesirable” is a person that has a burning desire to be with or extend Love to another Being, yet the feeling isn’t mutual, not being fully received and/or rejected…therefore not appreciated. 158 more words


listen to the space between the words and there you'll find the truth

“there is a voice that doesn’t use words. listen.” – rumi

and as i listen to little odin, i can hear his voice.  he doesn’t use words, and so i listen with my heart.   122 more words

I Want All the Dogs

Ever go out somewhere and there is a dog and you do your best to make him love you the most? Whether that means ignoring other people, standing in front of March Madness because you don’t want to disrupted the sleeping beauty or completely secluding yourself from the group to another floor in the house- you’ll do anything to hang with the little monster! 818 more words

Lessons learned - the "in development" phase

I never tried writing a screenplay with someone before. It’s not that I’m not into collaboration, I just never knew anyone who would want to write something with me (or, like, at all). 589 more words


The Wizard Of Oz; Is it truly all pretend?

I have always loved the Wizard of Oz!! I loved the black and white version and I loved the Wiz too!! I loved the version that showcased Diana Ross and Michael Jackson and I love the new version with Stephanie Mills and Queen Latifa!! 352 more words

A Paradox of Plenty: Malawi

I was just a 19 year-old college sophomore when I read a book that completely changed my perspective on the world. It is titled The… 493 more words