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A Timely Shake up

Recently something went very wrong and very unexpectedly. It took me awhile to find a positive purpose.

I was biking along the Welland Canal with over two hours of free time ahead of me. 1,150 more words

Living With ABI

Advice to Future Juniors

Junior year is hard. You’ve heard it before, you’ll hear it again, and soon, you’ll be saying it yourself. I just came out of it alive, as a student at Westlake High. 1,069 more words


10 ways fastpitch softball can change your life

Guest post by Lily Jolie, www.baseballeagle.com

Most kids who start playing fastpitch softball do so because it looks like fun – and often it is. 1,109 more words

General Thoughts

Implementing Change Using Kanban- Part IX

This is the last install for the Kanban board. The project has ended. Lessons learned have been gathered. A new project has begun with its own board. 1,245 more words


5 Things Standing In The Way Of You Achieving Your Goals And What To Do About Them.

When I started my journey to lose more than 200 lbs – I knew that it would be challenging. I had tried many diet programs and had read many promises that I believed could come true, and yet even with small success on several of these programs, eventually I would fail and end up back where I started. 1,967 more words

Lessons Learned

Second chances

Gil finally confronts Ryan about the whole incident, and defends his actions completely by saying -“Next time… ” Why the hell not This time?? Next time may be too late. 73 more words

Gil Thorp

Enhance Option strategy to protect capital

Met a friend at an Option seminar organised by TDAmeritade, he was sharing of his naked put and covered-call strategy (P-C-P strategy).

Personally, I think the US market is overvalue and there is a need to protect one’s capital by using defined risk option strategies. 53 more words

Lessons Learned