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5 Things You Should Never Say To A 40-Year-Old Pregnant Woman

It was Monday, March 9th. We were sitting on the sofa finalizing the playlist for our wedding on Saturday, March 14th. I was fidgety. He kept asking what was wrong and I asserted I was fine. 810 more words


Growing Up: The Hard Parts

I haven’t been writing much. I guess that’s because my head, heart and body are pretty full of everything right now. I’m busy with the task of building up different life scenarios in my head as I move into making one of the biggest and loneliest decisions of my life. 835 more words

Essay 2 Peer Review Exercise

Essay 2 Peer Review

  1. Re-state the thesis of this essay in 140 characters:
  1. What is the most interesting or provocative idea in this essay?
  1. Identify three sources, examples, or statistics that work well as evidence for the argument of this essay.
  2. 36 more words

The Profound Lessons Harry Potter

Like most millennials, the Harry Potter series more or less dominated my life from childhood through adolescence. More than being excellent books with wonderfully drawn characters, the universe that J.K. 633 more words


Lesson 49

Today is April 1. Let’s hope WordPress isn’t in the habit of making pranks.

This week, we’re talking about pushing through. It’s not always easy, I know. 255 more words

Writing Tips

Planetary Colors and Gemstones - Vedic Astrology

Planetary Colors and Gemstones:

The Sun rules pink, golden and orange colors.

Mercury rules the grass and dark green color.

The Moon rules silver besides the white. 323 more words



Colors of the planets

Sun is burnt orange
Moon is snow white
Mars is bright red
Mercury is yellow-green
Jupiter is saffron
Venus is prismatic/crystalline… 513 more words