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Temporary People, Permanent Lessons

My imperfection is my strength and having acknowledged my weakness I have risen above the mess that others have widened their eyes at. I sat in my own beautiful debris and welcomed the stench of opportunities that pulled the corners of my mouth apart and released the barrier between my mind and my heart. 34 more words

Finding the lesson in everything

I have learned a new habit as I continue to change.

This is to learn from every situation that goes on in my life.
When something goes on in my life, I do my best to not play a victim. 256 more words

240. Cambodia is beautiful.

So here comes the biggest understatement of the century – Cambodia is incredibly beautiful. I’ve spent the last two years in Asia, I’ve seen some stunning places, done some brilliant things and I’ve only ever been moved by a country and its people in one other place besides Cambodia, the country which I now call my home – Taiwan. 361 more words



A kid told you to go
fuck yourself.
(Wait up.
He’s not a kid.
He is a man–
in age and height,
even by law. 121 more words


Thanksgiving đź’• & Friday Quotesđź’­

Hello friends,

Here are some inspired quotes I wish to share with each and everyone of you. I would really say, being a blogger for over 3 months I have met wonderful bloggers and friends I would call. 261 more words

Motivational Corner

Mandolin Lick of the Day #50

Today’s lick is a fun bluesy lick in the key of G. Cheers!

Want free TABS for the licks? Head over to http://www.mandolinsandbeer.com


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The Journey

I often think the rich have no problems, none whatsoever, up until I stumbled upon a gentleman on the bus.

I was in a hurry to reach my home. 375 more words