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Love is...Serendipity

You never see it coming and the next thing you know unconditional love unconditional love; she ain’t looking for no diamonds and digging for no gold just somebody to love unconditional love…

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The setting sun

Looking at him; it hurt. Not in the painful, I’ve fallen over and scraped my knee type way, but in the, I feel so inhumanly small and fragile in the palm of his hand, and at any moment he could close his fist around me and crush me, kind of way. 743 more words


Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Learn how to play acoustic guitar with acoustic guitar lessons for beginners.com

Making Mistakes

It’s not easy to meet expectations, regardless of how low or high, all the time.

It’s incredibly easy to not follow through on one item or forget one small detail that could be something simple or something crucial to your work.   396 more words

Thoughts And Reflection

5 Signs She is falling for you

When you start dating someone it becomes really important to know what the other person expects out of you. Sometimes you may be into casual dating whereas the opposite person may get too serious about you or it could happen vice versa. 820 more words


The sifting

31 And the Lord said, “Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat.

Luke 22:31

“Whoa now!  There is no need for all of that.” 568 more words