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Accepting Opportunity

When an opportunity is offered to you by someone that you don’t think you can achieve, say ‘yes’ anyways.



I need a dollar, a dollar, a dollar is what I need…..

  • US$ is the only currency that is accepted across the countries in Africa.
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Lessons from ICU. 2. Your name means nothing

“Attender for Battery Benz Car! Attender for Battery Benz Car! Please report immediately.” Where would you hear such an announcement? In a Mercedes-Benz manufacturing facility? Or in an Auto Expo Fair? 401 more words

Christian Life

On Naming Yourself: The Space Before Publication

A “writer” is one of those terms that doesn’t have a clear qualification.

In some contexts, being a writer can mean the poet who writes for hours a day at school or the author writing the third book in a trilogy before the deadline. 397 more words

Writer Life & Lessons

"Jack of all trades, master of none"

This might be the reason for why I’ll succeed in life, or why I’ll fail miserably. Not quite sure yet which to choose. 891 more words


Be Kind To One Another

I’ve written a post before about me volunteering at this elderly home (click here to read that post), but I’m going to write about it once again. 647 more words