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In the winter of my sickness as I lay my head to resting

In my dreaming I was carried to the places I had been… 637 more words



With a lot of time to myself here in Nevis, I’ve been doing some thinking about things and life in general. Half of those thoughts have been about how crazy my world has been within the past year alone. 900 more words

25 Things I've Learned in 2015

I finally got around to sitting down and thinking about the past 5 months. Here are a few of the things I’ve learned in 2015: 907 more words



The morning light comes shining in

Reminding me how to begin again

In this life of crash and burn

In my world of live and learn… 179 more words


Brooklyn monologue

Men’s monologue

Preface: Ron is 26 and in the hospital with his suicidal 31 year old sister named Brittany. She is in there for attempted suicide. 431 more words

Needing A Hand

She winced.

She was reaching up with her left arm to pull the shower curtain back. Dripping wet, all she wanted was to dry off like a normal person, like who she used to be. 408 more words


Don't get bitten in the ass (a personal tip).

So I’ve been taking sleeping tablets for the last few months. I tried them because I just couldn’t shut off my brain at night. Now, they’re organic so it’s not like I’ve got addicted to some crazy chemicals. 454 more words