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Life is better… Pictureless


Its 5.00 am in the morning and I haven’t been able to catch any sleep at all. I am in Greece, in the beautiful Greece trying to write a different ending to a love story that begun 2 and a half years ago. 949 more words

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A Course In Oneness Blog

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Intro to Lessons 111 – 120


W-pI.119.1. (107) Truth will correct all errors in my mind. 109 more words


What uni taught me (so far)

Hola everyone.

As you all probably all know, I’m currently in my second semester of university – I study journalism and communication studies. I know, two semesters aren’t that much, but they’re enough to show me what the university life is like. 432 more words


30 weeks

Dear Molly,

After you’re born I plan to write some type of regular letter to you detailing the cute (and not-so-cute) things you’ve been doing and what’s going on in our lives. 584 more words


my first love was finite

I was a 14 year old girl who had a crush on a boy. He happened to like me back and it felt great; how time made us meet, how we got along so easily, how happy we felt when we were together. 900 more words


He Doesn't Know This But We Went Out on My 25th Birthday

So, the other night I was facetiming with my friend in Austin, and we were catching each other up on our love lives. Wait, what? Since, when do I have a love life? 406 more words

Promises Kept and Lessons Learned

I am keeping my promise for a new chapter before the end of April. The links today don’t seem to be working but it is up. 116 more words