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Intro to Lessons 141 – 150


My mind holds only what I think with God. 83 more words



Maybe the future is overrated.

Where are we going, and why are we trying to get there so quickly? Maybe it’s not about the future. Maybe it’s about right now. 123 more words

What I Have Learned From Our Four-legged Friends

I have been living with several dogs for the last twenty years and these are what I have learned from them.

Jump and wag your tail when you are happy… 504 more words


Lesson #304: Lessons on love (among other things)


Ladies and gents.

Just call me cupid, because I’ve been learning a freakish amount of lessons on love and lust lately.

And here’s what I learned today. 41 more words


When Enough Really Is Enough

Too much of any one thing is never very good. Too much eating leads to obesity, too much exercise leads to exhaustion, too much rain leads to flooding and the list goes on and on. 322 more words


Why in our house there is a "No Chore Policy"!

I hate chores! There I said it. Go ahead, preach to me about the importance of learning responsibility and the importance of hard work. Preach on. 1,097 more words


My investment lessons

With stocks, I started off with what most amateurs do. Day Trading – way back in 2004.

In short time, lost  quite a bit of money.   822 more words

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