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To the young adults,

Twenty Things I learned in Twenty Years

  1. Getting frustrated with your parents is normal… the same way apologizing is.
  2. It is okay to be afraid of love and to guard your heart from being hurt, but sometimes peeking out from underneath the curtains will show you that there is beauty hidden in the dark shadows.
  3. 451 more words

Love the power to say no.

We all have urges, we all get pier pressured into things. But recently, I’ve really enjoyed breaking out my ‘no’ card.

I love being able to say no to people, or situations. 182 more words




Wait right where you are.

There’s nothing you can do.

Free will?  Nope.

Freedom? Illusion.

This life? Not really happening.

Don’t move. Don’t choose. 138 more words


Queen - Keep Yourself Alive - Guitar Play Along with guitar tab

Queen Keep Yourself Alive

This video is a play along with the classic track from the Queen self titled debut album from 1973
On screen guitar tab to help with learning the track. 443 more words



Mike stepped down, toweling the podgoo out of his hair and smiled.  He laid a hand on the side of the ship and the smile became a grin.   784 more words

Anxiety II

Let’s call it anxiety. I’m not actually sure it is. Maybe it’s just being lonely. And/or tired. And/or hopeful. And/or disappointed. Whatever. Let’s call it anxiety. 269 more words


Laziness Bad for Life

When I was young I was lazy. It almost ruined my life. I suppose that might be a little overdramatic but unique to how my life progressed from I was a teen until now I can really say it obstructed my progress much.   309 more words