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Learning Foreign Languages

What do most schoolchildren in Greece have in common? It’s the fact they don’t only learn Greek, but one or two foreign languages as well. 171 more words


The Quote Jar: Twenty Four

Following each Q&A session I post a separate entry including quotes from various sites and publications from the web. Clicking each of the links will open a new window containing the full article or video (if publicly accessible). 228 more words



Excerpt from my journal.

29 June 2016

Why does it feel like God was so much nearer there where
the stars shone clearer? As if their light cast out my doubts…
104 more words


27 Lessons

Yesterday was my birthday, honestly sometimes I forget how old am I really. Here’s an embarrassing confession, I sometimes use a calculator to remind myself what’s my age that year. 871 more words


Lessons from Scandinavia

A few nights ago I stood on a street corner near my apartment. It was a little before midnight. The air was crisp, the sky was bright, fir garlands twinkled with Christmas lights. 1,013 more words

From The Heart

150. Pick up the map in the right language - it'll be way more useful.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the ability to read, write and speak a language just from having visited the country where it is used? 18 more words


Guest Author - Dianne Noble: A love-affair with India

The first time I visited India I was ten years old, flying back to England with my parents and brothers after a three year tour in Singapore. 1,460 more words