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Insects, Help From Nature, Natural Remedies

June 15, 2017 – Insects

Have you ever stood out in your yard or sat on your porch and watched the many insects around you? If I stand out on the porch during the day I am sure that I will see some butterflies, flies, wasps, ants and bees. 1,489 more words


A Stranger May Just Be A Future Friend

Once you open yourself up to others the possibilities are endless.


Do You Go Lone Ranger? Oy!

When you are coordinating just for your own gig, just you involved, you only have to coordinate with yourself and the heavens and no biggie.  If you have a pretty good idea what you want to coordinate, well you just do it, don’t dilly dally, you just do it. 574 more words


I Decided - The Power of the Mind

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I think this question should be abolished by law. Yes, I still cannot answer this question.

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Professor Good Baby's lesson on Monday:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on Monday: Monday is the day that most of the afternoon go back to work, and the schedule gets back to normal. 69 more words

God Does Not Make Junk

This truth came at me in several places the past few days and here it was again with this verse today.

How often we can all buy the lie that we are weak, not good enough, less than. 297 more words

Sign of New Beginnings

As I continue to process the MASSIVE change I am creating in my life,  I was getting out of my car, and noticed something moving in the grass. 231 more words