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10 Things I only learned about motherhood after becoming a mother - Part 2

We are still waiting for my sister-in-law’s baby to be ready to meet this world. I was so sure he would be here this week, but that just once again shows the joy of being a parent – kids are quite unpredictable and will do what they need to do when they are ready. 1,048 more words


Heavy Snow

 A couple of weeks ago the country heard alarming news: ‘The snow is on its way!’ Apocalyptic visions, whipped up by the mainstream media triggered a great panic, despite the fact that snow in January should by no means be considered an anomaly. 357 more words

Diocese Of Gloucester

Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine Blue


Why does the Madonna traditionally wear blue?

In the Renaissance, blue was reserved for the mother of Jesus because it was the rarest color, more expensive than gold. 75 more words



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Intro to Part I


 I am determined to see.


The Reality of God (Oneness) is your birthright. 168 more words


Life Lessons of Gardening

So during this last week in my free time, I’ve been working on my spring garden. It’s the time of year you clean up the leaves, pull weeds, aerate the soil, fertilize, and plant your seeds. 572 more words

What's In It For Me?

One of my colleagues and I had breakfast this morning as a sort of “last meeting,” and, somehow, I don’t remember how, our conversation led to how people treat each other in relationships—romantic or otherwise. 981 more words


Say Yes

I wouldn’t say 2016 was a bad year, but definitely a tough one. I had some of my worst experiences leading up to 2016, which only made me think it was going to be a bad year, but somehow I also ended up having my best experiences ever. 392 more words