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How Startups Land Big Brands: Align Your Visions

I get it. Both sides of the table, the brand and the startup, are in completely new territories and are figuring out their roadmap.  Both parties are terrified.   815 more words


What's this "Unlock The Big Ones" thing all about?

Sooo….not gonna brag, but my job is pretty damn awesome.  Somehow, in my marketing and brand-led career, I managed to snag one of most fun and rewarding new roles in the industry – … 436 more words


Is Existentialism Essentially Atheistic?

Belief and non-belief is commonly debated among many—including existentialism. For some, it is difficult to determine if the philosophy prohibits religion or if it may not necessarily be irreligious in nature. 671 more words


Unforgettable moments - capturing their value. 

Hi everyone I hope you are all well. So today I want to mention the value of unforgettable moments. They can be great for cheering us up when we’re feeling down, for helping us feel gratitude when it seems nothing is going our way, they can help us learn lessons and they can also be fab talking points. 421 more words


Easy You (Part II)

If I stood in front of a mirror, and was really honest with myself, I would have to admit a lot of the anguish, sadness, turmoil, and disappointment I suffer is my doing. 97 more words


It's Ok to say It's Not Ok

Confused yet?

Over the years we’ve taught Master C-J, and very soon Miss C, that after you’ve done something hurtful or harmful you say Sorry. It’s an age old lesson that you’d be very familiar with too, I hope. 891 more words