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Find Peace This Christmas!

As we celebrate Week 2 of Advent, let Christ bring Peace into your heart this Christmas season, by celebrating and remembering your Christmas’ Past…


Traffic Light Blues

Last night the traffic lights turned blue

The sky had a purple glow

Traffic light blues and

Purple sky storm agony

Dazzled by new blue lights… 31 more words


"Iimini ezimnandi az'xhonywa"

Said our 70-year-old neighbour at my brother’s and I’s birthday party a couple of years ago. This was probably the happiest day of my childhood and I remember it vividly. 428 more words



It’s December again and gradually, the year is coming to an end. It’s a privilege to be alive to see the end of this year. As I laid on my bed on the first day of December, reality dawned on me that the whole year is about to fold up. 1,005 more words


Letting Life Teach You Everyday

I’ve been pondering about how to write this for a while. How do I advise people on letting life teach them without sounding like some naive 20-something hipster child who believes that life is all about finding your inner spirit animal? 710 more words



It is the oldest story I know.

One day you are simply a child, exploring and finding things that interest you. Then without any kind of notice, today turns into yesterday. 276 more words