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My life part 1.

I might as well begin about as far back as I can remember. Well… I’m only 13 so Really you would think I don’t have any life experiences, but that’s where you’re wrong. 363 more words

Harry Styles

It's Time To Take Your Life Back From What Broke You

Take your life back from your flaws. You are so much more than your mistakes, and the things you dislike about yourself. Tell me, who were you before you let your flaws define you? 545 more words

The cup is more than half full

I don’t think you can take too many stabs at optimism and gratitude.  Personally I believe the more I concentrate in these arenas, the more I am likely to experience what they provide. 639 more words

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

That Frustrating Tired-Muscle Moment

Well, I was tackling the Rocksmith Legato 101B (Bass) lesson again. Early in the practice, I’m always more sensible. I ran through it three or four times, and then I listened to my hand when it said ‘I’m going to do worse and worse at this until you get mad, unless you give me something else to do.’ 723 more words


NYC and Bittsweet Things

I’ve been in NYC a week now. I’ve been slammed with work, and I’ve had a couple of scary moments, but I’m handling it well. I’m in class 8 hours, then commute to my host and work another 4-5 hours on lesson plans, analyses, etc. 248 more words


‘Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My god, do you learn.’

-C. S. Lewis

8 Life Lessons Inspired By Mademoiselle Coco Chanel

I do not own a single item designed or produced by Chanel. Oftentimes, I’d steal a spray from my mother’s bottle of no. 5 but that’s about the limit of my knowledge of the company itself. 721 more words