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The Top 10 Most Important Things I Learned by 24

Learning Curve

Today, I turn 24! Turning 24 means that I have officially spent a full 23 years on the planet. Although I’m officially 24, in reality,  I don’t believe I was born until I was 20.   1,574 more words


Impossible to define

​The thoughts gaze inside the heart,

As if the wonders are wonderful just apart,

The distance between two pairs of eyes,

Defines the drifted apart skyline, 112 more words

Blogs From Heart

Who Didn't Warn Me? 10 Things I Didn't Totally Realize Before We Got Marriage

I can’t say “nobody” told me about these things. But I can truthfully say that I may not have heard everything that was said to me in the barrage of life that was hitting. 1,118 more words


Jesus loves you and I don't feel so good myself

I was sitting at a stop light eating my Bojangles steak biscuit (must be experienced can’t be explained), sipping sweet tea through a straw and checking my email. 837 more words


“Forgiveness is the final form of love.” — Reinhold Niebuhr


£116.57 and a lens

So had this item donated to both Sasha and myself and we decided the best place to get the best price was via eBay. So we put it on fixed price auction for 30 days, it accumulated a few watchers and then 3 or so weeks in to the auction it sold. 352 more words


World Full of Lies

I am Lira and I am living in a world full of lies. Maybe, you saw me laughing, smiling and joking, but reality always lives in me. 233 more words

Life Facts