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Make choices smartly

“The world is a drama, staged in a dream.”~ The Adi Granth 

In this life of yours, you will meet tonnes of people, some of them may stay and some will preach and some will just kiss goodbye, you won’t even remember faintly that you ever met them. 331 more words

Get to Learn Sphero!

Sphero SPRK  makes teachers, parents, and kids to learn math, robotics, and programming very easily.

If you have not seen Sphero, it’s a small hand-sized ball you can program easily to change colors, run a circuit, keep beat with a song, and many other fun ideas. 85 more words



This morning’s swim workout was an exercise in acceptance.

  1. I am currently not a distance swimmer
  2. Changing that requires time and practice
  3. It is okay to not be good at something instantly…
  4. 80 more words

Lessons Learned - Week 9

Through-out this course I have learned so much about creating a website. I had no idea how complicated and how much work it would take to create something that is catered to what I want. 232 more words


Into the Water

We lost.

Garrett won’t be the next governor of Maine in 2018 and that just sucks.

We all hurt, and everything seemed so dim like it all went to waste. 426 more words

Pretty Smile

Green is my new favourite colour,

Your name is my favourite two syllables.

Without you life gets a little duller,

But I can’t help but feel I am a fool… simply gullible. 159 more words

Dear Diary

More Than Entertainment

Speeches can be divided into two categories. Some speeches are given merely to entertain. When heard, they are in a sense consumed at that moment. Nothing lasting is expected from them. 441 more words