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Sakha-my friend

My friend was upset and I asked her why. Where upon she told me how a common friend had hurt her. But isn’t that common. Each and every person hurts us at one or the other time. 360 more words


Lessons with Dr Seuss 

There will be times in your life when you will need to stop and take notice of the things you are feeling. Instead of just telling yourself to get over it, you may need to sit still for a while and take the time to really look at things from a completely different angle before you can ever get the perspective that you need to not only move on but move on in a way that is positive and productive for you. 582 more words


15 lessons from my creative writing class

1. The moment you have readers, your writing will improve.
2. Read your work out loud.
3. Do not over modify.
4. In poetry, lines are a unit of action i.e. 128 more words


Oprah, Miranda, My Sisters, and Me

It pains me to say it because I think it’s the height of narcissism to stick your face and name on anything and everything, but I have quite a weak spot for the Oprah Chai at Starbucks. 449 more words

On Being A Woman

My First Year

Last year, around this time, I had just made the decision to leave everyone I knew and move to a place 3000 miles away.  I had no idea that Boston would become my home, or that the friends I shared my first year of college with would become my family.   567 more words



A Course In Oneness Blog

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Let me remember I am one with God.


You have but to recall that Oneness remains true. 73 more words


The Moment You Knew...

The moment you realized no one really cared, even though you spent so long believing they did, can be the most devastating experience. You thought you had so many friends , so many people that were going to be “best friends forever”, ended up being the ones who had the knife in your back. 441 more words