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I see it now.

I see what they have tried to tell me:

The things I wanted the most,

ultimately turned out to be

the ones that destroyed me.

Adulting || My First Day

Today was my first day working for my first post-graduate job. After discussing with my mother, I have determined that my first day experience clocks in at a 9/10. 301 more words


Super Victors

We in the first world are now deep in the playoffs to determine the champions for professional basketball and hockey. Soon the Tour de France… 260 more words


Dm Progress

So, with poetry ramblings aside, let’s get back to some music ramblings (and I’m aware I also have several nature pics I haven’t gotten around to/bothered to post here yet). 699 more words


The Only Reason You'll Never Be Ready to Reach Your Goals

“Victory through preparation”

It’s a simple, cool-sounding phrase, and my web site’s motto. In my line of work, however, it acts as a guiding tenet of success. 726 more words

Saving The World With Raury

And as I realize that I can’t save the world, I keep awareness of my purpose.

My purpose is to teach.

I was put on this world to make an impact in the lives of others. 234 more words

My Truth

Choose To Kiss

The line between passion and obsession is blurry, and for the most intense personalities it very quickly disappears with each passing moment. There comes a point where everything is surrendered in the name of achievement, of desperate success. 685 more words