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He's just an asshole, that's the answer

I need a guys (and girls) perspective. I think I know the answer already (see above title), but it seriously makes no sense to me. Maybe it’s guy thinking and you guys will be able to debunk it. 808 more words


Everything happens for a reason....

It has always been my view that everything happens for a reason- even the unexplained moments that leave you astonished, heartbroken, and in disbelief.

So, so, many times, time will turn, and in an unexplained circumstance you realize why that happened. 696 more words


Things I've Learned This Week

Welcome, dear readers, to the Friday Postcard from the land of Cobwebs, where you learn about the lessons life has taught me in the past week. 1,374 more words

Home Page

Coffees & Muffins #MFM2P #PBL

This is 2nd time blogging about this problem. 1st time-around post is here.


What do you notice (facts)? What do you wonder (questions)? 536 more words

Hopes and dreams

It’s beautiful tonight. All the doors to the house are open so the cool breeze can blow through, and the inside is melded with the outside. 844 more words


The KISS Method

I don’t know that my friends and family would describe me as a sentimental type of girl, in fact I think my mother and kids would pose a strong case for the opposite. 952 more words

The Whole Kit 'n Caboodle

Doctor in the house


Finally after 4 years of hardwork Mr Azman Abas is now Dr Azman Abas.

As wife i am  proud of him an you kids should be too. 170 more words