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Leap Forward on your Goals

It’s not a leap year, but you can make a leap in your life at any time.

Maybe you’re stalled on a project or bogged down with unrelated things grasping for your time. 55 more words


Comparative Forms of Adjectives

In French, the comparative form of adjectives requires plus/moins before the regular form.

  • Cette rue est plus longue que l’autre.
  • This road is longer than the other.
  • 251 more words

everything i need to know i learned from my toddler

Toddlers have a particular kind of wisdom that is often overlooked by the fact that they’re highly emotionally unstable. If you take the time to really dissect the toddler behavior, however, you will see that there is much to learn from your tiny little mood machine… 278 more words

Deck Building and Concepts - Level 0

The building concept of Weiss Schwarz

  1. Understanding the basic rules of Weiss
  2. Finding the play style you like
  3. Deck Building
  4. What are a good cards?
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Deck Build

Mistakes and life 

I think we often forget how human we really are and everyone else around us quite often as harsh as we our on ourselves for the mistakes we make we often are harsh on others aswell once we see that mistakes are life and everyone makes them only then will we be at peace

From Seed to Flower

A flower will grow through the smallest crack in cement. It will flourish and persevere regardless of the environment because it must. It must do what it is destined to do. 738 more words