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I've Found My Tailbone!

Don’t worry I had never really lost my tailbone. It has been with me since birth situated right where it should be at the base of my spine. 570 more words


Home made Pizza!

So, we have been reducing our eating out over the past few months as we have chosen to spend money for things we truly care for. 292 more words


The First Time (We) Kissed

I remember the first time we kissed. You were still asleep on the sofa bed when I crept past you on my way to the bathroom. 829 more words


When Your Mind is Responsible For Fake News

I have discovered just how powerful the mind really is. It can be my greatest ally or my most dangerous enemy. It can talk me into believing nonsense and talk me out of doing something good for myself. 184 more words


Lesson in life

When you invest a lot of your time or being committed to something / someone who you knew will be the death of you (not literally), what you’re doing is simply a selfish act. 30 more words

Coping Through Mindfulness

It has been six days since I started my medication – my doctor prescribed me a daily dose of 5mg of Brintellix, which I’m to take every morning to help raise the low serotonin levels. 913 more words


Crochet Lessons

If you are local to the College Station, Texas region, I will happily join you for a crochet lesson.  From beginners to experienced stitchers.  If you are outside the area, please email me at emily.tony08@gmail.com. 277 more words