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What Need For Speed Taught Me

So I met a friend for coffee the other day. A friend I haven’t seen in a while. Life kind of got in the way of us getting together, well that and occasionally an ocean or two and a few thousand (give or take) miles. 564 more words

1st Grade Lesson 3: Counting

Counting I

Activity: Discuss the history of numbers.   Kids often feel empowered and smart when they learn that people didn’t always know as much math as they now know.  410 more words

1st Grade

Journey Into Solitude: What I Learned Listening to Steinbeck

Before Monday, I had only read one book by John Steinbeck.

It was The Pearl and it was long before I began to love prose. 534 more words


I Deserve Assyria

I bet you are thinking that is such a random thing to say. But it is so true. For the last 19 months, I have been studying through the Old Testament. 570 more words


Bitter or Better!

All your decisions belong to you! It all depends on what you do with what is/has happened to you. You can either be bitter or become better because of it. 47 more words

Not everyone is an asshole

My friend (and valued member of my crit group) Richard Parry has some thoughts on his blog about the state of things. About the way people interact, about the negative feedback loops we sometimes get caught up in ( 446 more words

Meditation & What It Does For Me.

People’s reluctance towards meditation really doesn’t surprise me. It’s synonymous with spirituality, and I could even go as far to say, flower-power and hippies. I find that the mere mention of meditation often brings unease and a touch of awkwardness to a conversation. 283 more words