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Manfred Von Richthofen - The Red Baron

April 21st 2018 sees the 100 anniversary of the death of one of the most famous names not just in the history of air-combat but aviation generally. 1,404 more words


This day in history -- April 17, 2006 -- Latino Teen Beaten, Sexually Assaulted in Texas for Trying to Kiss White Girl

On April 22, 2006, David Ritcheson, a 16-year-old Latino boy, was attacked by two white teenagers, David Tuck and Keith Turner, at a house party in Spring, Texas. 388 more words

Lest We Forget

April 15th 1941: The Belfast Blitz, Brian Moore, and Errol Flynn's father

Around the time of the 2010 IMF/ECB/EC bailout, I remember hearing it described as “the worst day in Irish history.” This struck me as hyperbolic at the time. 556 more words

This day in history -- April 14, 1906 -- Horace Duncan and Fred Coker Lynched in Springfield, Illinois

Two innocent African American men, Horace Duncan and Fred Coker, were accused of sexual assault in April 1906 in Springfield, Missouri. Whites’ fears of interracial sex extended to any action by a black man that could be interpreted as seeking or desiring contact with a white woman, and whites’ allegations against black people were rarely subject to scrutiny during this era. 217 more words

Justice Chronicles

This day in history -- April 13, 1947 -- Civil Rights Activist Bayard Rustin Arrested in North Carolina

On June 3, 1946, the Supreme Court in Morgan v. Virginia declared unconstitutional state laws that segregated interstate passengers on motor carriers. Shortly thereafter, the decision was interpreted to apply to interstate train and bus travel. 316 more words

This day in history -- April 11, 1913 -- President Wilson Permits Segregation Within Federal Government

On April 11, 1913, recently inaugurated President Woodrow Wilson received Postmaster General Albert Burleson’s plan to segregate the Railway Mail Service. Burleson reported that he found it “intolerable” that white and black employees had to work together and share drinking glasses and washrooms. 306 more words