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Lest we forget: Newspapers

I visited the library yesterday, mostly to get out of the house while my wife was giving a music lesson.

In an attempt to save money and reduce clutter, I tend to read most of my magazines there, … 127 more words


Are you worried about your obituary?

Ralph Branca has died.

The former Brooklyn Dodger famously surrendered “the shot heard round the world,” Bobby Thomson’s magical home run that caused broadcaster Russ Hodges to yell, “The Giants win the pennant! 225 more words

Lest We Forget

Lest we Forget

“Lest we Forget” was one of the most moving and interesting events that I have ever been to. Jonathan Jones read poetry from the Great War, first from the perspective of the soldiers, and after the interval from the perspective of the women – wives, mothers and lovers left at home. 136 more words

St Mark's Church

The House Behind the Lines - Buglight Theatre

“Lest we forget”

“we will remember them”

A poignant piece of theatre, that was timely in its presentation. Whilst we will never forget the soldiers who have fallen as a result of the many wars we have seen in our lifetimes, the focus is for the majority on the men, but what about the women? 506 more words


We Are Free Thanks to Them.

It was Remembrance Day here on the 11th November and on Saturday the 12th Mummy and Daddy took me down to visit the Horsham War Memorial, so I could check it out and in turn pay my respects. 632 more words