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Early "Black Friday"

The cover of the pamphlet shown above speaks to an earlier – and, frankly, to a more logically negative – meaning associated with the term “Black Friday” than is typical in 2015. 460 more words


The Gargoyle: Stephane Dion on bureaucracy: "very important" to be impartial

Valletta, MALTA – Foreign Minister Stephane Dion says he didn’t recall employees at the Foreign Affairs building booing journalists a few weeks ago during a news conference, but insists it’s “very important for them to be impartial.” 205 more words


Ask Professor Popcorn: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

 The following note came on a burned piece of an old phone book from somewhere up north…

Dear Professor Popcorn,
Why doesn’t Piglet stand up for himself when Eeyore inexplicably gives away his house to Owl, and why does Owl so coldly take Piglet’s house away from him?

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Ask Professor Popcorn

Tomorrow, 19 October 2015



The Platform

Whether or not Justin Trudeau is elected Prime Minister of Canada, he has turned a page in the history of Canada. Throughout his campaign, Trudeau has focused on one issue: prosperity for Canadians, … 1,027 more words



You don’t hear much about mania anymore.  The word’s out of fashion although the phenomena isn’t.  People still go crazy for stuff.  For people.  Animals.  Things.  347 more words


From the National Observer: Stephen Harper, the worst Prime Minister in history.

Thank you to the National Observer for this excellent piece on the worst Prime Minister in the history of Canada.

Source: From the National Observer: Stephen Harper, the worst Prime Minister in history. 329 more words


Canada’s bloodless coup

Canada’s current government has been altered to the extent that parliamentarians from a few decades ago would barely recognize it. While it’s not the sudden nonviolent revolution seen in other countries, the transformation is significant. 501 more words