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Happy Diamond Anniversary, Disneyland!

60 years ago this month, a man with a dream kicked the naysayers’ butts and built an amusement park that represented the inner workings of his creative mind. 51 more words

TV Time With Little Miss.

Letting your children have too much TV time has been something I’ve seen many people argue about. While it was great to have to have a spring baby, it’s not so great for it to be 90 degrees outside and have to keep Little Miss inside. 412 more words

Mom Life

Jealousy, Taylor Swifting, and Not Naming Names

If there’s one thing I have learned from Taylor Swift over the years, it would have to be the careful craft of writing down exactly how you feel, both in reference to the people that caused you to feel that way (but we stopped using their actual names…mostly) and the details of whatever emotion they caused you to experience. 755 more words


Cat Scratch Fever

Two down and six to go….maybe five. We had a kitten explosion this year at my house and tonight I gave away two. The little gray one put up a heck of a fight and not only scratched but bit my coworker who was taking her….the drew blood kind of bite. 353 more words


Confessions of a Control Freak as Life Spins Out of Control

Any day now.

While technically there is a lot more time than that, this pregnancy has been far from typical so I’m trying to mentally prepare myself that the birth of our little girl could happen at any time and we’d be in the more favorable timeframe for her arrival. 1,057 more words

Why Won't I Listen?

Been a busy morning, I am discovering that I am not a creature of impulse, open to whatever comes along. Rather I am a creature who very much likes order and predictability. 760 more words


If this is all we're living for, why are we doing it, doing it, doing it anymore?

Drunk and awake way too late for how early I’m required to clock in at work.

Thinking about what it means to start again in Kansas City; these familiar streets and bars and drinks. 108 more words