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Practicing Splits: What you should know

Yes i’ve said this a couple of times now and am gonna say it again, I love power poses. And how’s my splits going?

Mentally, I feel like a blast! 193 more words

Yoga Bohol


Whoop Whoop! There’s a NEW Category in the Round Table’s Town, and it’s called:

Let It Go!

In this category you’ll find all the things, from thoughts to words, which I believe have served us reasonably well in the past, but need to be let go, now.


A Tale of Loss

Years ago, when I first read ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ and last week when I re-read it, I realized this one feeling I had even then that no matter who you trust, however trustworthy and kind they seem, you’ll end up getting betrayed and hurt. 477 more words


❄️ Letting It Go ❄️

It’s been almost three years and I still get the song, “Let it go” from the movie Frozen stuck in my head at least once per week. 753 more words


Resale: Safety Tips for Sellers

If you’ve been holding onto stuff because it still holds value then why not sell it? Online sales bring more cash than garage sales if you know how to find the right buyer.   255 more words

Let It Go

Full moon release.

After doing readings on Sunday at a fayre, I noticed that many of the readings called for people to release under the full moon this week. 205 more words

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