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When people don't meet our expectations, then what?

Today was an interesting day. Memorial Day, and I was home alone in the apartment that I shared with two other girls. We had known each other for three years. 486 more words


Calgary mayor loses Ducks-Flames bet, has to sing 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen'

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi placed a bet with Anaheim mayor Tom Tait over the playoff series between the Flames and the Ducks, and, as we all know, the Ducks won the series, knocking the Flames out of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  126 more words


Naheed Nenshi gives breathtaking rendition of 'Let It Go' to Calgary city council after losing playoff bet

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi made good on a bet with Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, singing “Let It Go” at the start of the day’s city council session. 218 more words


WATCH: Calgary Mayor Nenshi sings 'Let it Go' after losing playoff bet

WATCH: After losing a playoff bet with Anaheim’s mayor, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi had to sing the Disney song “Let It Go.” As Doug Vaessen reports he did it with a little help from his friends. 283 more words


#5: The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen

The gifs glow bright on the blog here tonight

Snarky jokes all on the screen. 

A kingdom of lit dissection

And it looks like she’s the queen. 3,781 more words

Book Reviews

Let's Appreciate: Frozen

Surprisingly sharp and funny where it needs to be, and very well made from a technical point of view. Disney hit the jackpot with their hypermarketable musical. 9 more words


Let it go!

But now we are sleeping at the edge,

Holding something we don’t need.

Oh, this delusion in our head,

Is going to bring us to our knees. 315 more words