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on Pokémon Go and letting it go

Look, I’ma be straight with you here: when Pokémon Go was announced, I was the person whose eyes rolled out of her head and down the street. 440 more words

Single Mom

Letting It Go??

What does  “letting it go” mean? Many of us have been told by someone in our lives to just “let it go.” If you’re like me, the whole idea of “letting it go”is bothersome. 486 more words


When Folks Don’t Like Your Flavor

Some people love chocolate ice cream. Others prefer vanilla ice cream (though for the life of me, I cannot understand why LOL). And there are some who fancy either one, depending on their mood. 837 more words


When relationships feel like drowning at the bottom of the sea

It happens. It happens every day. People grow apart. Friends walk hand in hand until they find that their parts no longer intertwine.

Lovers kiss to notice that this kiss that once meant weak knees and beating hearts no longer tastes of sweet love but of bitter goodbye. 192 more words

Daily Inkings


I almost forget about this word EGO until I watched The Shift.

EGO – Edge God Out as what Dr Wayne Dyer would mention in the movie. 192 more words

Oh the lesbian drama. Secrets of the cheating kind. 

I was casually browsing social media today and realized I hadn’t seen posts from a specifically annoying “friend” lately. I decided to scroll my friends list to see what had changed. 981 more words