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Jedi Training: Let It Go

March 27th

Week Thirteen Day Two
of Jedi Training Begins.
This week’s focus?
Working Together.

Step Two:
Let it go,

Many times… 94 more words

Jedi Pup

Quote Of The Week

All too often I hear the simple question of what if? Mostly it has not been with enthusiasm, with the undercurrent of a dare to strive for more, but with regret. 121 more words


Knowing When to Let Go

I come from a long line of people who are afraid to or don’t otherwise know how to let things go. I’m talking material things, feelings, relationships, that ratty old sweatshirt that belonged to Eddie n’ them back in the day. 963 more words






I open one eye and look at the clock.

8:28 a.m.

He’s up.

Oh boy is he ever up.

Dude, it’s Sunday. Why can’t you just shelf the autism and sleep til noon like a typical 12 year old boy? 867 more words


The only way to let regret be of value is to let it go

“The message that we really want to hit hard here in a very clarifying way is never, ever, ever second-guess your decision to do something because regret is the most wasted emotion of all.“If I just hadn’t gone back in, then I wouldn’t have had to go in there, and then I wouldn’t have had to encounter the doctor, and then I wouldn’t have had to do that, and I wouldn’t have had to feel all of that.” And we say yeah, but so what? 45 more words

How To Allow

Four Words to Your 16-Year-Old Self

6/365: This evening at the dinner table we were telling tales of our younger son as a HS student, sharing stories with our d-i-love who did not know him then, and stories she had apparently not heard…our son feigned no knowledge of said stories, and said, laughingly, “It was 20 years ago, let it go!!”. 496 more words

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