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James Bay And Ed Sheeran Team Up For "Let It Go"

Nothing gives you instant cred like teaming up with Ed Sheeran. Last night, singer-songwriter James Bay welcomed Ed Sheeran on stage in the UK to perform his hit single “Let It Go”! 57 more words


James Bay + Ed Sheeran 'Let It Go'

James Bay and Ed Sheeran are two of my favourite artists. I love their song writing abilities and the fact that they are true artists. They play instruments, they express themselves through music. 29 more words


Politics of Awareness

Easy eyes despise the lies and ignorance in those who refuse to see.

Sitting there with their minds wrapped up in the disease of what comes out of the mouths of the lesser known. 439 more words

Art With Words

Another TWW

So today, I went to church for the first time since Easter and man did it feel good. I just have to say like this whole trying to conceive thing is a huge headache, especially for a bonafide type A wishiwasntbutiam control freak. 156 more words


Low Tech Let It Go

Sometimes a little imagination is a lot more effective than expensive special effects—aptly demonstrated by the genius of the Star Wars 4,5,6 episodes vs the disappointing Star Wars 1,2,3. 15 more words

Cheeky Monday Mornings

Anxious? When We Create a Personal Apocalypse in Our Heads...

All of us have varying levels of anxiety that we manifest (keyword WE) in our lives which causes us to blow a situation entirely out of proportion.   1,517 more words


Restoration Brews

Restoration Brews

(for Dawniel Richards)

Journeys and paths taken

With failures along the way

Can overwhelm and push one down,

Yet never fear,

Never give up… 65 more words