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LTMP Episode 13: Riffing On Mystery

LTMP Episode 13: Riffing On Mystery

This is a super short episode where we’re riffing on the beauty that unfolds with uncertainty, mystery, and Divinity. 166 more words

Ashton Gustafson

Alan Watts on Music and An Eternal Now

“You will simply become completely absorbed in sound, and therefore you will find yourself living in an eternal now, in which there is no past, and there is no future, it all becomes one, doing one happening. 59 more words


Why so fast?

Time, actually, is the rhythm of all things.

Alchemy is the waltz of all things.

Beauty is the melody of all things.

Whiskey, wine, nature, and Love have been trying to get our attention for centuries, but we’ve been too fast with them as well. 44 more words

Ashton Gustafson

Hiring and Firing

Hire the soul.

Fire the mind.

Poems > Algorithms

Ashton Gustafson

Muscles and Memory

If the memory is never made it will never be held.

May you simply be centered at the soul.

May you artistically do something with the muscles of your heart, mind, and hands. 39 more words

Ashton Gustafson

Full. Filled.

Growth, health, and good condition are the signposts that point the way towards fulfillment.

You can be full and not satisfied.

Some are filled, but their diet is a sham. 36 more words

Ashton Gustafson


The moment you stop wondering is precisely when you’ll start wandering.

Follow the glow.

Follow the music.

There you’ll have just enough to light to see and just enough rhythm to dance.

Ashton Gustafson