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Melody released
Senses exhale
Consuming sound
All around
Is this heaven?


Habitual Yes's and Habitual No's.

It’s pretty easy to see the current state of our collective and habitual yes’s. We don’t have to look far. Unfortunately, you’re probably even looking at it directly right now….the screen. 224 more words

Ashton Gustafson

The Chef Sessions No. 3 with Chef Dean Fearing


Creator of Fearing’s Restaurant and author of The Texas Food Bible, Chef Dean Fearing is known as a “Father of Southwestern Cuisine” and has spent his life cooking for people who love good food. 331 more words


Good words on repeat.

In our home we have mantras, sayings, and guiding beliefs.

They are our ladders, our telescopes, our magnifying glasses, our life vests, our candles, and our vehicles for hope and beauty. 59 more words

Ashton Gustafson

Can you feel the shift?

Contract work is being replaced with connection creation.

Logic is melting into love.

Mathematics is losing press to meaning.

Deals are becoming points of delight. 36 more words

Ashton Gustafson

Podcast 70: Mending the Divides with Jer Swigart


A modern-day peacemaker, Jer Swigart has found himself contending for restoration in beautifully bizarre corners of our global village. Whether in the tribes of northern Pakistan, the slums of India, the red-light districts of Southeast Asia, the violence of Israel and Palestine, or the racial injustice of his own neighborhood, Jer loves people in a way that disarms violence and dismantles divides. 25 more words

Ashton Gustafson

You've Got Some Kind of Love

The Killers – You’ve Got Some Kind of Love

You got the will of a wild, a wild bird

You got the faith of a child Before the world gets in… 65 more words